Muvizu:Play+ Upgrade

This article with give you a general overview about the paid version of Muvizu - Muvizu:Play+

This version incorporates all the previous functionality, but also adds in some new fancy features that only paid customers will have.

The first feature lets paid users import FBX static mesh objects. FBX files are becoming quite common in the 3D animation industry, as such, we thought it important to cater for this when evolving the software. A nice free 3D modelling program for FBX files is 'Blender'. You can also use the much more professional 'Maya' 2012/2013 or later, but as this is a professional tool, does cost a bit of money. Blender is free and can be found here:

Click here for more on importing FBX into the new Muvizu:Play+

The second feature is the ability to attach things, such as FBX objects, to characters hands! This has been in the works for some time, but needed quite a few workarounds etc to get the functionality that we expected from it. We know a lot of people have been wanting this option to further enhance their videos and projects.

Click here for more information on attaching imported objects to characters

Another feature which will really give your videos that professional and commercial edge, we have increased the video render output size. You can now take things to the maximum with the potential render resolution of 1920x1080.

Select the resolution you want from the drop down box from the Options tab > Frame size.

Select the resolution you want

Finally, upgrading to Muvizu:Play+ allows unlimited watermark removal and full commercial rights. This lifts the previous commercial constraints of having the 'Muvizu' watermark logo in the bottom left corner of your videos, now making it easier to get your video noticed and picked up by broadcasters etc. Click here for all the benefits and details on how to upgrade to Muvizu:Play+