Troubleshooting - Getting Imported Videos to play

If you have a problem playing videos in Muvizu then I'd recommend you use XVid ( This will give you the best balance between video quality and file size.

Just go to Control Panel and then uninstall all the codecs you have, if you have XVid installed you will need to uninstall this and re-install it.

The problem comes from configuration on your computer. Every AVI files has an ID number for the codec that it uses, so when you import it to Muvizu we go to windows and say "I need this [ID Number] codec to play this video" and windows returns the codec for Muvizu to use. When you have a lot codecs installed you can end up with conflicts between different pieces of software that can decode that codec and usually windows returns one that doesn't work with Muvizu. So by uninstalling everything and only installing the one you know to work Windows can only return one result to Muvizu and then it all works.

A good tip is to re-encode your videos after they are created in Muvizu.

Download Virtual Dub

Then unzip to Program Files and make a shortcut to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\virtualdub\VirtualDub.exe"


  1. Open VirtualDub
  2. Open the video file, in this case, Dance.avi
  3. Go to Video menu and select Compression and select Xvid. You can configure Xvid if you like, but I find the defaults work really well.
  4. Go to Audio and select the No Audio option (Muvizu removes audio from videos on import anyway, so this will speed up the import slightly.)
  5. Go to File > Save as AVI and save the re-encoded video.

The reason to re-encode your videos is that Muvizu outputs AVI 1.0 which has limits and problems, but re-encoding gives you an AVI 2.0 file. There's more information here: Troubleshooting - Wonky Videos

Then import the video to the background.