Resources for Audio Editing

A great start to any animation is having great audio. Here is a collection of tools and resources to help you perfect your audio ready for production.


AudacityAudacity is an open-source recording and audio editing tool - it's simple, easy, and most importantly, it works. Just record your audio, make the edits on playback to make sure it's perfect, and then save it as a WAV file. Hey presto! Good quality, flowing audio with no mistakes - just the way you want it!
UJAM Music MakerSimple and easy to use online Music maker, create a backing track for your animation!
BFXRSimple audio generator
XMedia RecodeNice little program to transform MP3 files into .WAV files.
Royalty Free and Public Domain Sounds/Music Libraries

  1. Incompetech Royalty Free Music
  2. Seabreeze Royalty Free Music Listing
  3. Machinamasound Royalty Free Music
  4. Internet Archive Royalty Free Music
  5. CCMixer Free Audio Mixing
  6. Fish & Wildlife; great for animal audio
  7. Freesound; great for sound effects
  8. Sectionz Free Electronic Music
  9. MobyGratis Free Music
  10. FindSounds
  11. Librivox Public Domain Audiobooks