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Welcome to the Muvizu wiki.

Here you can find, add and edit articles to help and advise using Muvizu:Play

New to Muvizu? Check the essential Kit page for what the software that will help you become the next Disney or Pixar

Having trouble running Muvizu? Check out the troubleshooting page for solutions to common problems.

Need a prop that isn’t in the Muvizu:Play library? Check out this guide to make your own props in Sketchup and export them to Muvizu

Hints and Tips

Creative Inspiration Essential Kit Getting Multiple Dialogue Tracks into Muvizu Importing Custom Objects Importing to Muvizu from Sketchup Supported File Types Time and Video Size Limits Tutorials Useful Tools

Troubleshooting and Technical Help

Download Managers Drivers and Other System Software Muvizu on Mac Recommended Computer Specifications Silent Install Troubleshooting Video Output

General Information

Account Types Contacting Muvizu Feature Requests Muvizu App Release History