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Muvizu:Play Release History

VERSION 0.1a RELEASE DATE: 8th May 2009 NOTES: Internal

VERSION 0.2a RELEASE DATE: 12th June 2009 NOTES: Internal

VERSION 0.3a RELEASE DATE: N/A NOTES: Missing in action

VERSION 0.4a BUILD:: 2009.09.14.02F RELEASE DATE: 14th September 2009 NOTES: First public release

VERSION 0.5a BUILD:: 2009.09.25.01F RELEASE DATE: 25th September 2009 NOTES: No news for this release

VERSION 0.6a BUILD:: 2009.11.05.01F RELEASE DATE: 5th November 2009 NOTES: No news for this release

VERSION 0.7a BUILD:: 2009.12.01.01F RELEASE DATE: 1st December 2009 NOTES: Patch update release

VERSION 0.8b BUILD:: 2010.02.15.02R RELEASE DATE: 15th Febuary 2010 NOTES: Second public BUILD:

VERSION 0.9b BUILD:: 2010.04.19.01R RELEASE DATE: 19th April 2010 NOTES: Bug fixes, new clothing system

VERSION 0.10b BUILD:: 2010.06.28.01R RELEASE DATE: 28th June 2010 NOTES: N/A

VERSION 0.11b BUILD:: 2010.07.27.01R RELEASE DATE: 27th July 2010 NOTES: Patch release (bugs+GDC)

VERSION 0.12b BUILD:: 2010.08.30.03R RELEASE DATE: 30th August 2010 NOTES: First release after Muvizu was featured on BBC Click; Object import feature released

VERSION 0.13b BUILD:: 2010.11.10.01R RELEASE DATE: 10th November 2010 NOTES: Bleed edge Beta

VERSION 0.14b BUILD:: 2010.11.29.01R RELEASE DATE: 29th November 2010 NOTES: Fixed Bleed-edge bugs.

VERSION 0.15b (32/64bit) BUILD:: 2011.05.25.01R RELEASE DATE: 25th May 2011        NOTES: First 64 bit VERSION

VERSION 0.16b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2011.07.18.02R RELEASE DATE: 18th July 2011        NOTES: First release with new UI

VERSION 0.17b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2011.09.05.01R RELEASE DATE: 5th September 2011        NOTES: New UI release; Possbly the last shader model 2.0 VERSION

VERSION 0.18b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2011.09.20.01R RELEASE DATE: 21st September 2011 NOTES: Patch update for object import

VERSION 0.19b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2012.01.10.01R RELEASE DATE: 10th January 2012 NOTES: Fixes in stability

VERSION 0.20b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2012.05.10.01R RELEASE DATE: 10th May 2012 NOTES First early public Beta BUILD:

VERSION 0.21b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2012.07.16.01R RELEASE DATE: 16th July 2012 NOTES: First content pack (Superheroes)

VERSION 0.22b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2012.09.11.01R RELEASE DATE: 11th September 2012 NOTES: Fixes in stability. New environment.

VERSION 0.23b (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2012.11.19.01R RELEASE DATE: 19th November 2012 NOTES: Fixes in stability. Lighting sets. Prison and Trainyard packs.

VERSION 1.0 (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2013.04.09.01R RELEASE DATE: 9th April 2013 NOTES: First version of Muvizu:Play, featuring paid-for watermark-free video. Overhauled user interface. Rosie character content pack. Costume Pack content pack.

VERSION 1.0 - PATCH 001 (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2013.04.10.01R RELEASE DATE: April 2013 NOTES: Fixed payment system issues.

VERSION 1.0 - PATCH 002 (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2013.04.12.01R RELEASE DATE: April 2013 NOTES: Fixed "Unknown error" whenever saving a scene.

VERSION 1.0 - PATCH 003 (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2013.04.18.01R RELEASE DATE: April 2013        NOTES: Fixed payment system issues; backwards compatibility with V0.23b SET files; Recent Sets not showing up in "New Scene" window. Hide All / Show All features added to Timeline Filters.

VERSION 1.0 - PATCH 004 (32/64 bit) BUILD:: 2013.04.23.01R RELEASE DATE: 30th April 2013 NOTES: Fixed crashes when using Muvizu:Play on non-English Windows systems; tiny head movements not being represented on the Timeline.