by PatMarrNC
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NOTE: This set requires the South Asia pack due to the long dress that comes with the girl character in that set. If you haven't purchased that set, then this set will not open.

This set completes your ability to create entire families in your story. These girls have long dresses that can be colored and textured to your liking, as well as a modified bonnet which can also be colored or textured to match the dress.

While these dresses don't seem to be totally soft cloth, they are a LOT more forgiving than the adult women's dresses, and you should be able to use these characters for the full range of actions

Both characters in this set are actually the same character with different textures and colors applied, so you can see how easy it is to copy and modify the character to get a variety of different looks

civil war, daughters

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  1. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • top, skirt, bonnet, bonnet brim, belly/arms can all be textured independently of one another. The shoes automatically match the skirt,
  2. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • Hair is custom made for this character, and is part of the hat model, since the hair attachment was required to add a hat (which made the original hair disappear)
  3. joelventura
    • joelventura - Over a year ago
    • good Project mister friends
  4. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • I should probably add that the only thing I contributed to this set is the hat and hair. The editable outfit comes with the character. If you need long dresses, you should buy the South Asian character set, as it brings some unique apparel possibilities to your toolbox.