• 3 weeks ago
    • JCMarcoa
      My reference number is: 35771
      I bought a license, but it is not possible to remove the watermark "MUVIZU" when rendering. How do I remove the watermark?
      • 3 weeks ago by Muvizu_Admin
      • You should tick " remove watermark".
      • 3 weeks ago by jcmarcoa
      • It is not possible to check the "watermark" box. I click on the box and it is always unchecked and the watermark continues after rendering.
        Is there any other place to deselect ?.
      • 3 weeks ago by DigiFactor
      • Try running Muvizu as Administrator!
      • 3 weeks ago by jcmarcoa
      • Good afternoon,
        I am devastated, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the program as an administrator, I ran it as an administrator and there is no way to remove the watermark.
      • 3 weeks ago by jcmarcoa
      • Now, after so many attempts to solve this problem, when I activate the program it gives an error code "W2" and says "the license code has already been activated the maximum number of times".
      • 3 weeks ago by jcmarcoa
      • I would like to solve this situation because I bought PLAY + with the reference 35771 user jcmarcoa@gmail.com.
      • 2 weeks ago by Muvizu_Admin
      • Our support is contacting you.