Mysterious machinations at Muvizu HQ

by Muvizu_Admin in News

Good news everybody! We’ve been quiet for a while but we’ve been busy bumble bees here at Muvizu HQ getting things sorted like a boss. It’s all kicking off again in a big way - we’ve got tons of news to fill you in on so grab your tea (or coffee), settle in and enjoy the blast.

We’ve been beavering away making some pretty impressive under-the-hood upgrades to Muvizu that’ll make it just that bit lovelier to use. Our intrepid team have been working hard and have done a whole lot of fiddling about and tinkering (to use the technical terms) and have improved the following:
  • Performance issues fixed! Performance thus enhanced splendidly
  • Memory issues and leaks plugged! Muvizu’s memory is like an elephant now. True story
  • DirectX 11 compatibility is now available
  • Improvements to moving lights, cameras and objects
  • Backwards compatibility has been improved
  • A bajillion-and-one bugs have now been fixed, some of which have been lurking around for a while clogging up the smooth running of Muvizu

In other news, we launched our beta tester programme with a bunch of the craziest users. This mad band of Muvizu miscreants has been given an early release of our software updates and have been actively trying to break it. And break it they did. There is a semi-open forum thread where they can post issues with the early releases and discuss the new features. Our aim is to work closely with users to ensure that Muvizu runs as well and as hard as they expect. As it is a constant work-in-progress, we appreciate all the feedback we can get. So a big thanks to all our beta testers - who took the time and effort to help us out. As a reward, they now have snazzy badges attached to their profiles so it’s easier to know who the cool kids are.

Plans are also afoot to make our site more interesting, informative and a great place to share and learn. These features, big and small, will be slowly rolled out over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled. As always, we rely on your enthusiasm and interest to make it work so if you’d like to see something, or would like to be part of our efforts just ping me on here and I’ll sort you out.

And finally, we’ve been teasing you about this for months - our Heroes and Villains pack is nearly ready to ship. Team Muvizu have been working hard to make this one of the most impressive asset packs we’ve done to date, and it is nearly time for you all to get your hands on it. But not quite yet. To get your creativity going, here’s a wee teaser clip of what’s coming. Start getting your ideas down on paper now - we expect great things from you.

Don’t forget - with great power comes great responsibility.

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  1. Wabby Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Wabby - Over a year ago
    • Bravo ! You're doing a great job as usual ! Muvizu is really a good soft. It's a pleasure tu use (sorry for my bad english) !
  2. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • BOOOOOTS! That dude had boots on, not socks!! Brilliant, look forward to trying to break that version too :)
  3. skylike Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • skylike - Over a year ago
    • Want it much?? Hell yeah!!! U guys rule.
  4. WozToons Experimental user
    • WozToons - Over a year ago
    • With great power comes the ability to pass the buck. Looks great!
  5. Rockos
    • Rockos - Over a year ago
    • Can't wait for the Heroes and Villains pack.