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2016/9/24 20:22:46
Doris - The whole story ziggy72 wrote:
Awesome Ikes, once again I like how clean it all is, how sharply defined and 'direct', if you see what I mean. It's easy to get too fussy and add a ton of detail that's distracting, but you kept each scene 'on message' and that worked really well. The rain should have been moving past the car as it moved across the screen (10:43 on), and the cactus in the desert set is swaying, but that's nit picking. I was more interested in poor Doris and her plight than technical details, which is testament to how well it was all put together. And thanks for fixing the hand clipping in the motel room - a step back is all it takes. I also liked the subtle way Jimmy got more and more unhealthy looking as the withdrawal kicked in, and the final shot of his blood stained corpse was spot on. My favourite shot was at 6:16 - again, simple but highly effective, almost underdone in it's simplicity but it works so well. More than any technical highlights, the atmosphere was what made it work I think. Ten thumbs up (this is why I can't play piano).

Thank you very much Ziggy!
From now on I will pay extra attention on the clipping of characters, since I know how much you hate it I actually changed the gesture Jimmy made that was not clipping through Doris.
I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by the rain should have moved past the car. You mean it should move to the right together with the background?
Yeah, the swaying... They should turn it off as default.
Nice you noticed the declining health of Jimmy, that was exactly my intent.
2016/9/24 20:05:16
Doris - The whole story tonyob67 wrote:

Cleverly done, I love the toyota truck scene, and the one with the gun fires...ho, and how you do the moving backgrownd on the inside the car scenes?

The driving in the car are separate rendered layers. I keyframed a camera moving along the road, one straight back and one with an angle to the side. The car with the characters in it is transparent and overlayed over the moving background layer in hitfilm. The background is used multiple times after camera cuts, in the desert you can get away with that.
2016/9/24 19:26:52
Doris - The whole story tonyob67 wrote:

Great movie.....How did you hold, and then throw the news paper?, and how you pass from hands the wallet?, I have to watch this again SUPER!!!

Thanks very much Tony!
I did that with keyframing the visiblity of the newspaper. Both the one he is holding and the single paper which movement is also keyframed. The same with the wallet. I imported it into their hand and keyframed the visibility.
2016/9/24 19:24:11
Doris - The whole story Thanks very much Pat. I hoped you would notice all the little details and you did!

I will comment on some of your points:

- It's too bad that wearable items can't be placed in the scene by it self, so I couldn't let Doris pack her backpack. Instead she's packing Jimmy's suitcase, as he was getting a paper. You see them later walking in the desert with Jimmy holding the suitcase and Doris with backpack.

- It's too bad muvizu changed the rendering of the layers. Before the latest update frames were always transparent and rendered as whole. Now you have to check "cutout occluders" to make them transparent, but that also cuts out parts where the object in the layer is obscured. If you now want separate rendered characters you would need to render the whole scene per character.

- I transfered the wallet from Jimmy's hand to Doris's hand by keyframing the visibility of the wallet.

- I used the throwing action to let Jimmy hit the head of the old man, which looked the most convincing.

- As it is an old recording $20,- was of course more valuable back then, than now. I couldn't find a way to change the amount. Maybe I should have let that part out of it.

- I would have guessed that you would mention the light in the car when he opens the door to get out of the car. I liked the detail myself.

- The windshield wipers where not in the recording. Actually the whole scene of the drug scoring is not part of the story, I added it. It's done with keyframed images in hitfilm.

- The water droplets on the side window are a great effect from hitfilm. I finally found a useful scene for it.

- The brick throwing was done with keyframing the visibility and the path. The breaking glass I did in hitfilm with keyframed masks on a translucent gray plane.

- I made the drug store interior myself. Basically with backdrops. It was a lot of work though to fill the shelves. It's more than a few seconds as it is the place of the whole last scene.

- Jimmy's decline and fall after being shot is the poison choke action. The actions of actually being shot, like in the western category look much too exaggerated and strange how he jumps back.
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2016/9/24 13:26:30
Doris - The whole story Make yourself comfortable, this is the whole story about teenager Doris. I have removed part 1 and just made one movie out of the whole story.
At 6:14 min the story continues where part 1 ended.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think of it.


2016/9/20 22:20:39
PAT MARR'S CONTEST WINNERS AND REVIEWS I could download it, but there is an error in the link. It starts with "=https//". If you remove that, it shows the zip file.
2016/9/19 22:24:18
PAT MARR'S CONTEST WINNERS AND REVIEWS REALLY GREAT to be the winner! Thanks Pat for hosting this competition and reviewing every entry in such details. Hats off for that!

The fact that these competitions are held really encourage me to make these animations and with my latest Doris movie I learned a lot about character movement and interactions, while making it. I noticed about myself that I've stepped up a level just by experience with muvizu. I found that gestures and eye / head movement make your characters come more alive and look more natural.
Also lights / shadows and depth of field add more liveliness to the scene's. The basic light settings of muvizu makes the result very flat.

I recomment every one to use pre recorded radio stories to make into an animation, it trains your imagination how you would see it happen before you and try to translate that to a movie.

Thanks everybody for partitipating in this contest and good luck on the next one!

Part 2 of Doris is almost done. I estimate it will be finished this week. I am considering to change some details in certain scenes from part 1 that I don't like myself, but I had to finish it on time for the contest.


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2016/9/18 13:57:03
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. drewi wrote:
Very much appreciate your replies gentlemen but neither worked for me ...when i navigate to the temp directory i cant find the file..which flummoxes me.

Hi Drewi,

That's strange. I'm on windows 7, maybe you have something else? You should be able to find the location of the png file when it's open in paint, if you click save as... It then should open the location of the file you're editing.

You could also try out these steps to change the default program:
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2016/9/17 22:15:25
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 tonyob67 wrote:
Did you used the original radio play audio? and you just animate it?

Hi Tony,

I used the radio recordings as a base. I did add sounds like the city, barking dogs, car engine sounds, footsteps, music, etc.

2016/9/17 22:08:47
An unfinished Star wars spoof project. Hi Clay,

This must be something you did in the early days of muvizu I belief... It is worth to continue it, altough you might consider to do it all over again, with the knowledge and skills you have today.

I have a couple of suggestions if you don't mind. I'm critical...

  • There is a spelling mistake at the intro logo. It says persents instead of presents.
  • At the blue intro text there is 2 x be.
  • In the yellow text are some mistakes too. the the empire. bothe, and thier.
  • The intro go's on very long after the text flies into the distance. Maybe the original star wars is similar, but I would shorten it. As well as when that robot appears after it crashes.
  • I miss lights and shadows, or they are barely visible. That makes it very flat.
  • The part where they fly over the snowy mountains looks odd. You could have a look at outerra.com It's a 3d globe and you can fly all over the place over mountain tops and record that as a clip.
  • I don't get it when they fall out of the spaceship why there is a pause between them, they should fall together, don't they?
  • The part with the trooper holding a fishing rod with a chicken bone is funny, but you can do better than that now in real 3d and keyframe movement instead of a static drawing. Maybe the fart and flames can come sooner.
  • The commander in the AT AT cockpit intro takes a bit too long without something happening.
  • Darth vader's voice is a bit difficult to understand because of the effect I guess.
  • The last part in the rebel base sounds a bit like they are in a bathroom, I think the echo room is too small.

Well, I hope you appreciate my tips and if you do continue it, good luck.
2016/9/17 15:45:28
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. drewi wrote:
I create a boy and load a costume t shirt with an emblem on from the stock costumes and click edit, it defaults to the windows art package but when i save the alterations the .png transparency is lost. I was thinking be cool if i could choose what package do use say photo shop so i wouldn't lose the .png transparency then all of sudden when i clicked edit it did just that i.e. gave me an option of what prog i wanted to use..Brilliant! but the next time i tried it it defaulted back to the windows basic editor and i haven't been able to get that to happen again.
Anyone know how i can get control over this or whats going on?

Hi Drewi,

In windows config you can change the default program to edit png files. You can also, after you click edit in muvizu go to this folder in C:\users
\AppData\Local\Temp. There you will find the muvizu_0.png which still has the transparency intact. You can then edit this in photoshop and save it to a location on your drive. After that you import it back in muvizu with the transparency.
2016/9/16 21:02:52
I find that, now I always use image sequences, the standard image viewer in windows isn't enough, so I use Honeyview :


Good find! I just installed it and works flawless. Very useful for checking your sequences and transparencies.

Thanks for bringing it up!
2016/9/16 18:24:07
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Rocque wrote:
This is an epic contest. It is nice to see all the talent here stepping up for this. Pat and Ikes for Moguls!!! Definitely. Excellent work everyone for supporting this contest.

Thanks Rocque!
2016/9/16 18:23:04
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 clayster2012 wrote:
Very nice video ikes you did a really good job on putting it together and making it fit the radio play, I use do to that when I first started animating back in collage, we did a lot of projects based off radio plays and turning them into cartoons, after that we had to use our own ideas but still based them off radio plays and we would have to write our own stories and use our own voice actors, we we'r all assigned as teams of 4 people to make our projects, but seeing that muvizu can do the same thing here, makes me glad that we have a tool like muvizu helping people learn the same skills that I learned and it's easier to use, and seeing you use the same method I used back then just brought back memories, even though creating a cartoon from old recordings is still an effective way of story telling and I do recommend doing it this way for learning,anyways I loved your video ikes keep up the good work!

Thank you very much Clay! Nice to hear that what I'm doing compares to what you did at college. I have had no education in that field and learned everything myself basically. I totally agree that muvizu is a very handy tool for this kind of animations. Of course there are flaws and limits in muvizu, but I think you can make quicker progress with it than traditional animating softwares. In some cases you have to get creative to work around the limitations, but it's quite fun to do and you learn a lot from it.

Thanks again for your supporting comment. I also like your video's very much and they always look good.

2016/9/16 9:59:32
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 ziggy72 wrote:
If I was judging, I'd be biased towards Ikes because A. He is Awesome and B. Doris was really good - I can see your trajectory Ikes, and your emerging style, it's very cool. The shot when they pull up to the gas station was so nice, and the whole thing hangs together really well (except the hand clipping when they're too close to each other - sorry, I just hate clipping). I look forward to seeing where the (underage!) girl ends up in all this - by the sounds of it, it's not going to anywhere good...

The rest of the entries are good too, but I had to write about Doris. Getting around characters interacting with and travelling in vehicles is not easy at all, but it works here. Kudos!

Thank you very much Ziggy, nice to hear this from you! I hate the clipping hands also, but in order to hug each other they had to be quite close to each other and the movement of characters in muvizu is quite horrible to let them take small steps. Hopefully the future will give us more control over this.
Your feeling about how this is going to end, is indeed correct, it's not gonna be a happy ending...

Thanks again!

2016/9/16 9:47:26
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 PatMarrNC wrote:
1) Ikes, the six minute thing was intended as more of a recommendation than as a rule. ANY length is OK for this contest. I didn't want anybody to feel like they couldn't use their idea because it was too long or too short. The only reason I mentioned 6 minutes is because I had this scary vision of receiving 20 one-hour long videos to review at the same time!

Ah ok, thanks Pat. I then misunderstood that, but unfortunately I'm not gonna make it on time for the hole story. I'm half way now and this 6 minutes took me about a week to animate, render and edit.
2016/9/15 21:40:36
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 tonyob67 wrote:
OMG....Clayster and you should not be alowed on the contest....hahahaha bowrofl THIS IS OWESOME

Hahaha, thanks Tony.
2016/9/15 21:10:31
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Hi Pat,

Here's my entry for the competition.
I have started with a new animation based on an public domain old time radio play. The original duration of the play is 30 minutes, but I've reduced it to 12 minutes in total. I understood that the entries for the contest can be 6 minutes max, so I make it in 2 parts.

This entry is part one. I Hope to finish part two soon, but I will not finish it before sunday, when the contest ends. It sure is fun to use this old time radio plays for animations and I still learn new things on using tricks in certain situations.
Enjoy the movie and good luck to all participants!

2016/9/8 21:09:32
Jurassic pack idea Well, good luck Clay. I gave up on these workarounds for custom characters, because there is always issues. I'm waiting for a fully customizable character.
2016/9/8 21:01:53
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 ziggy72 wrote:
Loaded a previously made set and one of the characters had their glasses on the wrong way round and something has gone missing...

I don't get it how you fix one bug and then screw up something else that was working before...
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