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2016/11/12 20:56:26
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Rodrisilva wrote:

Simple and funcional.
Have they any UV map or not ?; if not, they will need seamless textures for sure !


They don't have an UV map. Every side is its own texture, but I get what you mean to fit the corners
2016/11/12 20:24:35
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Hi,

As Pat was saying, you can use the abstract primitive shapes from muvizu to texture them as buildings. Too bad they only have one texture slot for all sides, so I've made some primitive shapes with different slots for all sides, since not everyone is able to model and import shapes. I made every shape in three sizes, the biggest ones can be scaled to the size of a house. Will be in the store this week for free download.

2016/11/11 15:31:39
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store PatMarrNC wrote:
one thing about this kind of very low poly modelling
with detailed texture is that you can use the primitives
in muvizu to do the same thing... and they accept textures
very well. A block that is enlarged to its full extent, then
having a photo of a building applied to it will yield pretty much
the same results.

Hi Pat,

Only too bad all the sides of the primitives are one and the same texture, so you can't make a front, left, back, etc. You can however make yourself a box with 6 seperate textures for all sides. Then you can get something like this I was experimenting on...

2016/11/10 18:32:19
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store clayster2012 wrote:
Ikes you guessed right they are used in that game, I bought the Unity asset a few months ago for game project that i was doing for a client, so since I still had the asset I could use it to help me, I only use the buildings to help test the speed and lag for the 3D City backdrops when I added them to a whole set, yes I did remodel some of the buildings and used the textures, but let me make it clear that these models will not be included in the set, even though I am allowed to resell them But I will not include them, I tried to make that clear once throughout this topic when i stated that this was a test to show how better 3D City backdrops would look in a city scene, Im sorry for any confusion this may have caused, the other model such as those That I have re-model will be in the set because they are not the same as in the asset pack, after all spending almost $60 for the asset i couldn't let it go to waste so I used it for inspiration

Thanks, I understand now you don't resell it, which I find a good choice, even if you have the rights to do so. It's always more satisfying to sell your own stuff.
Well, you're doing a really good job on it and it is a very nice style for muvizu.

2016/11/10 13:08:04
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Rodrisilva wrote:
Yes, it's true! You can use it if you buy it at https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/17254

Aha, thanks for clearing that out Rodrigues! Can you directly import these fbx files in muvizu?
2016/11/10 11:56:08
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store mindiflyth wrote:
That really is such impressive work. Any chance we can get a short clip to see the city in action?

Ikes, I see some similarities in the cities, but they don't look the same to me. If you looked at the cartoon-y cities in a lot of CGI movies and shows, you might see some similarities.

Well. maybe not exactly the same indeed. I was specifically meaning the brown houses with rounded roofs in the back. I also see them in Rodrisilva's latest movie.
2016/11/10 10:38:52
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Hi Clay,

Your city looks really great, but I can't help noticing it looks very similar to this 3d parking game. Are those the same models as this game and if so, can you use that to sell the models? Or are you using it as inspiration?

2016/11/9 19:34:47
Make a video with a transparent background. Hi Ichilver,

I think you need to check "Cutout occluders" to make the layer transparent.
2016/10/31 16:51:24
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Results Congratulations Tony and all the others! Maybe next competition I will be in again also.
2016/10/27 11:31:02
what causes imported FBX files to look scrambled? PatMarrNC wrote:
I've spent several days trying to get a good FBX out of a car I'm making. It looks great in my modeling program, I can import it into other modeling programs and it looks good... but as soon as I make an FBX out of it and bring it into MUVIZUit looks like the car is made of spider webs. Is that too many polygons?

Hi Pat,

That is indeed the problem, I have got that result a lot with cars. Mostly because they are too smoothed.
2016/10/14 16:59:19
How do I place things inside a building? PatMarrNC wrote:
I modelled a house with collision minimized so I can put people inside... but I can't furnish the place because I can only get people past the house's collision. Is there a workaround for this? Or do I just need to model some furniture into the house?

I also notice that when you put a light inside an enclosed space, it doesn't work the way one might expect. I hoped it would light up the inside of the house and shine out through the windows. (but it doesn't)

I could embark on a long research project to see what works, but if anybody knows how to light up the inside of a building, please let me know

edited by PatMarrNC on 14/10/2016

Hi Pat,

You can bypass the collision if you add keyframe movement to the objects. Just place a keyframe of every object on frame 0 and possition them in the house.
The lights in muvizu work kind of strange, actually do not work at all in conjunction with objects, the light / shadows goes straight through the walls.
You can check a light to be interior under the shadow tab of the light, but it does not really improve it.
2016/10/9 12:12:20
Muvizu Hot Rod for the store Very nice car Clay, Good job!
2016/9/30 22:32:28
Help! Hena wrote:
Also, my cameras don't rotate on right click...

This could be the cause of enabled snapping. Look in the menu "Tools" if snapping is enabled and disable it, it's only for aligning objects.
2016/9/25 15:57:22
Doris - The whole story drewi wrote:
Endeavour, industry and skill laden output,....... inspiring!!! Congratulations.

Thank you Drewi, that's nice to hear!
2016/9/25 9:42:09
Doris - The whole story mindiflyth wrote:
Wow! I am very impressed.

Thank you mindiflyth!
2016/9/24 21:11:41
Doris - The whole story PatMarrNC wrote:
ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I not only totally missed that, but I can't find it now even armed with the knowledge that it's there! At what time marker is this found?

It's at 10:57, when he gets out for the drugs.

Oh, OK.. I was looking for it in the desert scene when the old man got out of the car.
Yes, VERY COOL! the fact that I didn't notice it is a testimony to the believability of the presentation. When you accept what's happening, you automatically stop watching for details and just follow the story!

hehe thanks, yeah it looks so naturally that you probably only would have noticed it when the light didn't happen to turn on.
2016/9/24 20:49:07
Doris - The whole story ziggy72 wrote:
Yes Ikes, I meant the rain would be moving to the right at the same pace as the background, unless they had a very localised rain cloud above the car

Yeah, I now know what you mean.
Well, maybe the wind was blowing the rain to the left at the same speed of the car haha.
2016/9/24 20:41:32
Doris - The whole story tonyob67 wrote:

What He Said

And yes...How you do to open the car doors?

Keyframes again. Almost every object that moves is a keyframe movement, because that's the easiest way.

The car door is a sepatate imported object.
edited by ikes on 24/09/2016
2016/9/24 20:38:18
Doris - The whole story PatMarrNC wrote:
I not only totally missed that, but I can't find it now even armed with the knowledge that it's there! At what time marker is this found?

It's at 10:57, when he gets out for the drugs.

I THINK I understand what you did here, but a little more of an explanation would be helpful. (Or not, your call.)

In hitfilm you can add a colored plane layer. With the mask tool you can place a freehand form of a glass shard. You can add multiple masks on a single plane layer. So every glass shard is a mask. These masks are made out of points, which you can keyframe and move around. When they are all on the ground I faded out the plane layer.

Hope this makes sense.
2016/9/24 20:25:33
Doris - The whole story PatMarrNC wrote:
if this exchange wasn't happening online, this would be the part where we all pick Ikes up and carry him around on our shoulders as we sing "for he's a jolly good fellow..."

Hahaha, I can see it before me...
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