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2016/11/18 21:23:24
Where is all of the content? Hi,

You can look at this post:
2016/11/17 23:22:52
Apologize urbanlamb wrote:

so you think the 60 seconds you spend putting a cube in a model someone spent days or possibly even weeks creating is worth more then the person asking nothing for it?

What happens to the value of the paid model if 2 million people are giving it out for free on the internet?

What about the rights of the person who created the model and his wishes?

Do you walk into a store say "hey i like this" and walk out without paying even if there is no price tag in the items

If you go buy an item in a store and the price tag has fallen off does that mean its free?
edited by urbanlamb on 17/11/2016

If I give something away for free, the other can do with it what he wants, destroy it, paint it, sell it, or whatever he wants to do with it. I gave it away and I don't want anything in return, because if I do I ask for something in return.

I thought we were talking about selling a free model, not paid for models been given away for free.
2016/11/17 22:46:44
Apologize Well, I put up some free models, I don't get any cuts in the first place. No matter what the other does with it. If you want cuts for your work, then you shouldn't put it up for free in the first place. You do it because you don't want to keep it for yourself, but share it.

With digital models it's already something else then a phisical object. If you sell 1 or 100 of the same model you only spent time on once creating it, you already got your cut out of it multiple times. And it keeps coming in the more you sell of the same model without having to labor for it.
2016/11/17 22:33:50
Apologize urbanlamb wrote:

what about the guy that gave it out for free in the first place what does he get for his labour?

I am satisfied its time for me to pull all my free stuff off this site. Either that or charge the earth for it..

Anyone want to buy a door for 3 bucks? http://muvizu.com/3D/31554/The-Door-to-the-cottage-Country-Cottage-part-

how about some trucks? http://muvizu.com/Set/48202/Free-Trucks

http://muvizu.com/Set/33733/Yooks-n-Zooks-Bomb-Shelter-Master-Set 10 bucks for this one

any takers?
edited by urbanlamb on 17/11/2016

Well, what do you get if you give it out for free?
2016/11/17 22:27:05
Apologize fazz68 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

I just have to add I am having trouble fathoming why someone would think its okay to just download a car or a house from a site where anyone else can get it for 0.00 if they had the url slap a cube in it for collision and hit export and then put a 3 dollar price tag on it.

Doesn't this bother anyone?

It sure bothers me.

exactly !!!! do you all think this is reasonable behavior from anyone. selling people stuff you got for FREE.... im glad i dont live in your bubble....

Well, there is something to say about this. I think Clay also spent time on the models to get them in muvizu and that's also valuable work. It's not that you get very rich with it, because you mostly fill the vault of muvizu, since you only get a percentage of a sell.

Also there are a lot of users that don't have the skills to get a downloaded free model in muvizu. I believe they are glad other people make models available in muvizu they can buy for just a couple of buck's, which saves them the time the seller has spent on..
2016/11/17 21:22:26
Apologize It's indeed true that I had no intention to sell items here that I downloaded free elsewhere. If that was the case I would have put a lot more of them in the store. The fact that I had put a price on it, was because I had spent a lot of time on it inserting interiors and insides of the cars, adjusted the materials and getting it in muvizu. Just because there are so few cars for muvizu.

This was written in a text file included with the models:

Usage License:

Use however you like, credit would be appreciated. Coments and criticism welcomed.

Well, I asumed I could re-edit them without infringement of any rights.
2016/11/17 19:50:45
ikes wrote:
You can also make a screenshot and paste it here.

Ha ha! No I can't

You may not be a Mogul yet Ikes, but the software is able to calculate that, with your skills you should be. So it is carefully written to pre-empt that ascension (I am a former programmer - I have great faith in coders). It is also smart enough to know I never will be, hence no "Pastability" for me

haha, it's a conspiracy I think.

Or, it could be the browser you're using, I have firefox.
2016/11/17 19:40:38
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES You can also make a screenshot and paste it here.
2016/11/17 19:38:11
Two things I get from that.
Pat is the only one of you who can actually Paste an image straight in to a post and, when I click the HTML button I don't see any HTML, the text just changes format slightly. I just tried with Chrome and Opera, same thing. Makes me more suspicious that non-Mogul logins have different capabilities on the forum from us plebs

It's no biggie though, as I can't upload videos either because I don't use YouTube.

I just copy and pasted an image from my image editor and it works with me.

2016/11/17 17:23:24
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES This is the syntax in html:

2016/11/15 20:14:12
How too Tutorial video ? willteix wrote:
... "The foreground layer would be the animated character with chrome key?"...


Since muvizu introduced layers, you don't need chroma key anymore. If you render the video as a png sequence and put your characters on a separate layer than the background, you get a transparent image sequence which you can import as a movie in a video editor and overlay it on another video track.
2016/11/14 22:41:09
Can't find asa.png? Hi,

You could maybe create a png file with that name, or rename the incuded texture to asa.png.
If the fbx is in ascii format, you can edit it with a texteditor and look at the path of the texture.
2016/11/14 21:08:12
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Yeah, I was thinking about trying the trial, but I'm working on another old time radio play, which I like to finish before diving into something new.
The software I'm using now is quite ok, but if you say Silo is easy to work with...it also has more features than Hexagon.
2016/11/14 20:42:15
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Hi Pat,

I might explore Silo. I see it's now $109,- Do you have to purchase updates, or are the updates free after you buy the software? If you say they work on a next release, maybe wait for that.
2016/11/14 15:58:49
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store drewi wrote:

hi rod .....I'm getting this black area on my beach ...could be an oil spill.Any one else?....do i have to adjust anything to get rid of it?

Hi Drewi,

This has to do with a setting in the ini file under: ...\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini

change m_bStripVideoAlpha from true to false, that should do it.
2016/11/14 12:06:43
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Very nice waves and island Rod and thanks for sharing it with the rest!
2016/11/14 11:09:40
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store primaveranz wrote:
Can you give me a link to the thread where you explained how you got an FBX with a transparency to work?


I think you mean this link.


2016/11/13 20:41:49
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store With ase set to opacity mask and double sided you can use a transparent PNG UV-map. With the fbx models it becomes black. I don't think you can do this with fbx.

2016/11/13 14:11:38
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store PatMarrNC wrote:
don't forget to add collision to the blocks and provide the UVMaps so people can edit them !

Collision is working accordingly by itself. I didn't add it. The shapes are textured like in the example, so you can just edit them from within muvizu with the edit button.
2016/11/13 13:50:10
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store PatMarrNC wrote:
I like the way you think, Ikes! Great idea!


I've also made some shapes with UV maps, so you can choose what's easiest to use.
Should also be in the store this week for free.
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