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2016/5/4 14:44:19
Work around for the dialog system ukBerty wrote:
So which bit of the dialogue system do you not like. I use it all the time and it seems fine to me.....

Well, the fact that you can not move around the blocks to change the timing and that all the dialogue needs to be in one audio file.
2016/5/4 9:12:05
my first short animation Hi,

I have found a work around for the dialogue system. check this post for a video tutorial.

2016/5/4 9:09:16
Work around for the dialog system Hey guys,

As many of you users of muvizu know, the dialogue system is a pain in the ass. Maybe it will change in the future. But as for now I will show you a trick to make it easier to work with.

I hope you understand the process and if you have any questions, i'm happy to answer them, if I can.


(some of the pull down menu's in the video did not show up in the screen recorder, but it is still understandable.)
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2016/5/2 10:56:42
my first short animation Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for all the positive replies I'm glad you liked it.

And PatMarrNC. thanks for all the points you made. I will comment on that.

1. I did intended the double text to emphasize the drunkenness. Glad you noticed it.
2. Yep, I did made the set myself, also to experience the importing of custom objects.
3. The footsteps and depth of field makes the icing on the cake and gives a more natural feel to it. I am a little perfectionist about details.
4. The big "problem" with all these animations is a good story. This joke I could quite easily visualize to test out the possibilities of muvizu.
5. The bottle he looses after he falls, is also part of the level of detail. Good you noticed that too!
6. I was a little afraid it would be too dark, but it is a night scene. I always turn out the light when I leave, so it just felt naturally to me that Mike did this too.
7. The low camera view emphasized him searching. I do filming myself now and then and had been reading about the importance of camera positions and switchings.
8. I did put a environmental noise in the background, but without a lot of noises like cars and dogs and all, because it is night and then it's much more quite on the streets. Actually the noise is a sound file of "nightly silence" witch I found on the Internet.

Well, thanks again for all the positive vibe. It encourages me to do more. I hope to find the time (and good stories) to make more videos. I like the easiness of muvizu, but it also has a lot of restrictions. Especially the character actions. I also do not like the dialog system where you have to put that into one file. I would really like to see you can attach sounds to a character and move it around on a timeline like the sound effects.

Regards, Ikes
2016/5/1 21:49:52
my first short animation Hi,
I finally finished my animation that I had started a while ago. I've made it to test out muvizu and to find out about the workflow. The story is based on an old joke about a drunk guy who lost his keys. The voices are made with Text To Speech and some audioclips, because I can't really do good voices. The final edit was done with hitfilm.

Enjoy the movie and please let me know if you like it, or not.

Regards, Ikes

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