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2010/11/24 21:11:16
edit environment Hi guys, juat wanna say well done on the new version lots of great new features and LOVE LOVE LOVE the instruments and band animations,I can now make a proper music video which is grat news so watch this space!

I'm using some sets I built using the last version and I'm having problems with the sky colour having changed,this is not too bad because you can tweak it but this seems more difficult than before,but the real problem I'm having is being unable to edit the ground colour? the menu boxs come up but nothing happens when you try change colour?

2010/10/3 14:10:08
point A to point B animation I had the same problem with moving a character initially.
The way I got round it was to keep doing it over and over again.You eventually get better with the mouse control on the movement and it becomes easier.
Its a bit like that one level on a video game that you just cant do,its just practise makes perfect!
good luck

Jasonh wrote:
I am trying to create an animation where two people walk together to a desk and stop at a particular point. They talk a little then walk off. For this situation it would be great if I could set a start point, then set a point B and maybe even a point C. Maybe a control to set the walk speed from point A to point B. It would also be cool if you could set the time that they leave and get to each point.

I have tried moving the person but find the steps using the arrows very staggered, and moving the character whilst recording is near impossible to make them stop at the correct place.

Any advice that could help me in the mean time?
2010/9/13 15:31:39
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Cant wait for the band animations,I'm working on a full lenght Muvizu music video and need the instruments and playing animations to make it work! Any idea of a timeline on when they might be ready?
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