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2015/9/10 20:45:52
Apologize to Lord Vader Here's a spoof I did on Darth Vader, I made it when i first Got Muvizu, at the time I was still learning how to work it, but now I have Play+, I decided to post it on the site, its not my best, didn't have any good audio equipment, needed a new a mice, so I used the built in mic on my touch screen, but Hey it works for now, Hope Yaw like it!

2015/8/26 18:19:33
Coming Soon... Wizaerd wrote:
I really like all of them... except Spider-Man. Spider-Man is my favorite character of all time, and seeing him so big and bulky is just wrong. He's small, wiry, and with the speed and agility of a Spider... Not the bulk of the Hulk...

I was waiting for someone to say that, yea your right about spider man, and I'm thinking of changing him, but the thing is, the Beefy character is the only one that uses the climbing action except for the women heros , and it was the only thing I could think of to get him to climb walls the way I want him to, maybe we should mention that they should add a slinder hero to the hero characters. also I don't like the standing idle for the small characters, the posture is way to wrong for spider man, they all have that sassy look when they stand that way, don't Spider Man would stand like that when he's talking to Mary, but I may change him to the small character, but gee's he's gona look funny!

2015/8/26 8:07:28
Coming Soon... Just to let every one know I decided to release the bat cave as an Set Asset, its on the Get asset page now, also I'm still producing my first Superguy Spoof video, and its coming along great, taking my time as I come up with some funny materials for the scripts, it's the first episode of many to come, and the title for the first video is "Throw of identity" how he finds out who he is, and I started the first spoof episode of The Dark Knight, called "You Missed in The Alley", something to do with the Penguin robbing some some poor ol sap,.
Ok I'm not finished just yet, to give you and Idea of all of the super heroes I'm planning on doing spoofs on, here is a picture of what I have plan.

This is just a few, more to come, the next in line is Spider man, here's a test shot, just seeing how good he looks to see if he will work.

ok now I'm finished.

Good Night Yaw!

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2015/8/9 18:01:13
Coming Soon... Hey everyone, ok as I progress with my batGuy the Dark Warrior videos, I'm setting up my sets the way I want them, but not sure if my lighting is that great, but I'm working on getting them right, also different camera angles are important to but that's not too much of a hassle, this is some screen shot of the BatCave, thought maybe yaw can give me some pointers on lighting.

image post

another angel

gifs upload

a shot of the Batmobile.

screenshot tool

And the Batwing.

image ru
sorry for too many screen shots, but I'm looking for some advice on Lighting, figure this wold give yaw an idea of what my set looks like.
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2015/8/8 4:57:38
Coming Soon... braj wrote:
It seems with Superman you'll need the always-present flying scene. How will you handle that? I do wish it were possible to pose characters manually. I was thinking if the developer doesn't want to include that sort of thing in Muvizu, possible they could make available whatever interface or code they use in creating the animation as an external application, use at your own risk or whatever wouldn't matter. Just something to go a little deeper than the default. I'm a total noob with this app so O don't know where they stand on issues like that. I can understand the arguments against it, but allowing it seems like they could capture more serious animator's interests./quote]

I agree, what I wished they would do is supply us with the skeletons for every character so we could animate them the way we need them, and more add on to the characters so we can add more armor to the Beefy guy like BatMan, and it would be nice to have a cape that flaps when flying when sup"s flies through the air, if their was a way to have some kind of wind physics, you know like have a fan model like the do for the lights, so you can place the fans in front of the characters to simulate the cape flapping, also would be crate to use in a storm scene to where the characters are blown i guess I'm just dreaming, but who knows maybe someday someone will figure it out
2015/8/8 1:24:42
Coming Soon... Cool Hey everyone, first all I'm still working my superdude spoof, but I'm also working on something els, for all you Batman fans, I'm working a Dark Night Spoof with BatGuy, I modifed his suit and added a new mask much like of the dark Night series, Not quite finished with the suit, still looking for textures to give that Dark Night look, here's a screen shot of what I have done so far, Oh and I also added the Batmobile.

screen shot

Anyways I hope yaw like!

2015/7/30 20:25:58
Coming Soon... Hi guys, yea I'm looking into creating ways to animate the cape, I'm a good figure outer so i'll come up with something and I'll post it, anyways here's another shot of Superdude in the fortress with the camera angels, I can adjust the brightness but only with the cameras, have to remember its a scene of the fortress and its all crystal, so it will seem kind of bright till I use the cameras.

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2015/7/30 11:48:06
Coming Soon... thanks MrDrWho13, yea its the snapshots, I remotely acsess my computer with my phone and opened up muvizu and took snapshots that way, I'm not at home right now, I can update them when I get back.
2015/7/30 11:34:26
Coming Soon... Hi clayster here, not new to muvizu, but my first time posting, just wanted
to share my idea of a series of Superdude spoofs Here's some screen shots of a few sets so for.

This is a set of Kirk Kent inside of his fortress of solitude.

and this one is a set of Jerpel in his lab back on planet Crapton before was destroyed. still working on this one.

This was a little difficult, using Hitfilm to make planet Crapton and its sun collied then exporting the video to muvizu as a texture for a backdrop, then scaling the ship to make it look like its coming toward the camera.

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2015/7/24 18:33:04
Underground Characters bug Ok I can't get to the characters to cut and paste, will not let me go past other objects without cut them, Its easy in a blank scene, but I can't do it in the scene I'm working on, Plus I just did another update this morning, I figured it was the fix to this problem, but it isn't, any ideas to with problem?
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2015/7/21 17:18:39
Underground Characters bug I just updated my Muvizu Play+ just 20 minutes ago, now All my Characters keep pop up underground, dose anyone haves this problem?
2013/12/16 6:22:29
Coming Soon... Spoofs Coming Soon

I'll be making spoofs of my version of superheros, seen this thread, figured i would share my idea, already made a superguy spoof, it was my first muvizu video, now I'm working on wonder Girl.

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2013/12/10 17:08:24
my superguy spoof, short and simple
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