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2015/12/6 20:36:30
installing MUVIZU to a USB drive... But couldn't you just ask for more uses for the licence key,I mean I bought the software, and there has been a time to where I ask for more uses on my licence key when I ran out, but it seems like we should get Unlimited uses, or do we have to have to buy the software again?
2015/12/5 5:59:30
new problem MrDrWho13 wrote:
Johan wrote:
Hi Guys,

Today it happened twice I lost several hours of work because my scene is NOT re-loaded !! I can not open it again! PFFfff

Muvizu says:

"There was an error loading the scene. Failed to load the object from the file."

End quote

BUT WHICH file is missing, it does not say !!

This is not funny and I never encountered this before.

What to do? Because I restarted today, and don`t want to do the same work again and loose it for the third time.


Technically your work should still be there, but you won't be able to access it before a patch is released. I suspect a patch will be coming in the next two weeks.
Sorry about that.

I'm having the same problem, tried everything that my computer smarts knew how to do, I'm like 65% done with "The Empire Tries to kick Their butts on Hoth" but it seems I'm going to have to put a hold on finishing it until a patch is done, darn I hate delays, but I faith in our muvizu programmers, they will over come this, and when they I'm adding a thanks in the ending credits!
2015/12/1 14:35:49
Please allow keyframing for Depth of Field Yea it works real good, I'm glad yaw added this feature, using it now for E.T.K.B.H.
2015/12/1 14:21:45
Publishing leads to black screen True that, I use Sony Vegas and after effects, if you make your videos too long you will get a black or a white screen, just find a good point in the video to split it in half using the Time line, then you will have a good picture.
2015/12/1 14:02:00
Publishing leads to black screen Yea that's what I do, for some reason it works better,and for windows 10, my brother and I have it, but when he downgraded back to 8.1, all of the same problems I have are nol.longer a problem, I'm thinking of doing the same after I finish my next video.
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2015/12/1 7:37:10
Coming Soon... 0%_______________________100%

2015/11/16 15:56:04
A Good Time At Jabba's ( Vader : Gandum Style). ziggy72 wrote:
Good job on the characters and attachments! Less said about that awful song the better...

Yea I know, Vader didn't like that song either, but it was the only one that he knew the words to, oh well go!

All of the song I just pick random to use for the karoake scenes for each character to sing, I didn't pick any favorites, kind of wanted to keep it swinging so it wouldn't be a boring party, Good Time at Jabba's is a big party video that I'm breaking down into smaller videos of each character to sing, sort of like music videos that I will post once a month or whenever I'm ready to post upon finishing, maybe the next song will be better, oh and the attachments I made using 3D Studio Max, made each peace at time from looking at picture to get the characters looking like those from Star Wars, I'm glad you liked them.

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2015/11/16 4:24:46
A Good Time At Jabba's ( Vader : Gandum Style). Thanks SnooPL, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
2015/11/15 23:55:01
Lying down before rising from grave Yea just use the fall into grave action, anything after that point, it will stay in that position until you use another action, I use this a lot!

2015/11/15 4:10:24
A Good Time At Jabba's ( Vader : Gandum Style). Hey everyone, been a while since I released anything, still working on The Empire Tries to Kick Their Butts on Hoth, so I decided take a karoake scene from my other video I'm working on called "A Good Time at Jabba's, It's Darth Vader singing Gandum Style, figured I needed to test it out anyway so I can have a new release, I'm not too good with music videos but what dose it hurt, just express yourself right, anyways enjoy and laugh all you want!

2015/11/14 3:36:38
Issue with Direct Camera Cuts Til then the best thing to do is to go back to the previous version, This is what I'm doing so I can continue my new video, Jamie is there anyway you could post news on the fixed update or email us?, because using the previous version I'm skipping the update message, Just need to know when to install it.

2015/10/28 17:46:48
Coming Soon... Hey everyone, it seems a few pictures of my new star wars spoof may have leaked out, so I'm go to go ahead and post those her, might as well, its not revealing too much anyways, but I can say this, this spoof is going to be bigger then I expected, I keep getting ideas that calls for more scenes and scripts, lol..having a hard time finding the ending, anyways enjoy these so called leaked screen!

here is a leaked screen shot of the two pilots in the cockpit of a snowspeeder

Another of a Rebel Soldier looking through a scanning Binocular..!

oh boy this is a part that I been working hard on, a complete scene of a captain of the At At Walker attack is talking to a hollogram of Vader, im sure I'll have a few more hard ones to do, oh well I enjoy!

thats it on the leaked screen shots, guess I'm going to have to put a lock on my one!
2015/10/27 1:45:45
Coming Soon... Thanks guys,may the funny side of the force be with you!
2015/10/16 5:23:00
My new Spoof Trailer THANKS, this is going to be another one of my big videos, so i'm taking my time with it, this time I'm doing all of the audio editing with sony vegas, and the green screening and effects is done with adobe after effects, most of everything els with yours truly Muvizu.
2015/10/15 19:39:34
My new Spoof Trailer ziggy72 wrote:
Clayster, I'm beginning to think you're not taking the whole Star Wars genre seriously... Big Grin

Oh I do, I'm a really big fan of Star Wars, and looking forward to seeing the New Ones, but sometimes I look at the funny side, not to make fun of Star Wars but to make people laugh at it in a good way, you see the funny side of the forces has a more stories to tell,and should be told, like lets take the scene where Solo is frozen in carbonite now there's a lot of funny things that could happen other then princess leia freeing him, we could put CP3O in that bounty hunter costume and he's thinking it's leia, use you imagination, I love Star Wars, but I also like to bring out the funny side of the force.

2015/10/15 6:32:10
My new Spoof Trailer Here is a quick trailer to my new spoof that I'm working on, I used actual peaces of a couple of scene from the spoof so I wouldn't have to make a whole new video.
enjoy the quick trailer!

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2015/10/6 17:59:06
Coming Soon... by mediaplayer"> quote=fazz68]

i can feel a kirk fight brewing..... Big Grin

@Farscaper thanks one day it will get made.... if i can stop starting things before other things are finished....
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Shoot I feel a party brewing here, As I come to the completion of the set, and already started the opening scene, Good time at Jabba's is going to be a wild and crazy time, invites will be sent out to those who loves booze, music, and a wild side of the force, but make sure you can handle your booze or Jabba will drop you into the! here is a few more shots of the set as Im still adding more props and characters.

this is a shot of the emperor,Darth Vader,and Captin Neda sitting at one of the tables getting smashed, the conversation will be funny to listen to, Im working on a better Emperor.

Here's another shot of the dance floor, as you can see I left the stage empty with the mic because I decided to make it a karaoke party, so who's ever turn it will be you will see in the video.

another shot of the dance floor, if you look, Jabba has a new girlfriend!

well that's it for the screen shot for now, But I'm wondering what characters would you like to see singing, and what songs would you like to hear them sing, I have a few already, I just need some ideas, and if I decide to use it, I may need ideas to where to find these songs, any help would be great!

2015/10/5 20:59:37
Jar Heads: Episode One (Call for Backup) Farscaper wrote:
I agree that it was really good. I laughed several times but also noticed the audio situation. The storm troopers was a great concept but I would have left out the Crusty the Clown hairdo on the one soldier since it added a secondary jump of conceptual reality if such a thing makes any sense. (Earth soldiers/Space troopers/Simpsons).
I can only hope to attain your level of skill, so please take it as an observation and not a critique.

Critazim only makes me do better,I understand about the audio, but I did all of the voices and sound with muvizu and it was hard to get it right, but next episode I'll be using a editor for all of the audio, so next time it will be better,

2015/10/4 2:36:12
Jar Heads: Episode One (Call for Backup) Yea I did all of the sound in muvizu, but I'm planning on buying the license for hit film express 3 , for effects perposes I heard it goes great with muvizu.
2015/10/3 17:50:10
Jar Heads: Episode One (Call for Backup) Ok I'll do that, thanks for your help.

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