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2016/3/26 4:21:09
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! Yeah, I am having problems getting poses out of Poser, lol. I need to figure that out ASAP. I do believe I could even animate something frame by frame using different models and just make then hidden, and keyframe their visibility off and on. It is sort of an 'expensive' way to do it though, but I think it would be the way to get the best actual results on Moviezu. If it were simple with just a limited number of frames, and if the payoff for the shot were big enough, it would be pretty decent way to do it.
2016/3/26 3:29:29
Beautyqueen hair OK, well, here's another one, these all may be particularly useful for the newer models that don't have many options, this is on Mei Mei from the Chinese History pack. The hair has subtle shading, you can open the image file and edit it as needed:
2016/3/26 3:03:40
Set keyframes before animating them Today I was animating a dragon flapping its wings and I found it much easier and more consistent to set a keyframe for each place I wanted an action, then go in and move the parts at the appropriate time afterwards, this way I was able to cut the amount of adjusting each frame to a minimum, and got more consistent results. I won't let myself forget this one, it was very handy.
2016/3/26 3:00:44
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! Well, I was working on this today:

Files for the dragon:
2016/3/26 2:59:07
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? I guess this is the time to ask for cycles for animations, let the user define a point when the animation on any channel starts repeating. And also being able to copy and paste keyframes would make this all simpler, and looping less necessary. If I were to pick a feature, it would be copy/paste, but looping still would be great too.
2016/3/26 2:55:55
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? ziggy72 wrote:
Tried chopping it up so I could possibly animate the wings separately, but it didn't quite work. Back to the research lab...

I have it chopped up a bit, there are three FBX files for the static dragon and his wings, and the blend file has all the bits on separate layers. Show all layers at once and select everything before scaling anything or you'll hate your life.

I tried animating, and I'd like to share a tip: go through and make a keyframe for every up and down beat in the up position, then when you scrub through it will look like nothing happens, because it hasn't. Then go to every other keyframe and change the position there. That way you can get a decent cycle without fighting too much with Muvizu's way less than precise positioning tools.

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2016/3/25 11:40:34
Beautyqueen hair Right click and download it. I think that will work.

And it will fit Heroine, just it needs to be reduced to the smallest size, rotated and moved into place.

2016/3/25 7:28:53
Beautyqueen hair

This should work for any character I do believe. This is from Poser's library, I have a game dev license so it is free to distribute. I like it.
2016/3/25 4:59:31
Free low poly cemetery Thanks for this, the model isn't available now, wish I had seen this earlier, but I grabbed a few cool little freebies, these actually are perfect for Muvizu.

Ert, well, be careful buying anything from the site that you want to use directly in Muvizu, the banner freebie on their site won't load. I guess it has animation, I'll try opening in Poser instead.
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2016/3/25 3:59:18
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Ziggy, here's a rigged FBX in case you need it. And whoever does use the dragon, be sure to check the original link and follow whatever the license is, if any. I'm pretty sure it is abandonware, and it is a copy of a video game character from what my son tells me, so it was never a commercial product, but still, if they need credit, please give it
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2016/3/25 1:37:53
Integrating Muvizu characters into existing video! I loved the tree falling.
2016/3/25 1:35:21
The 2nd Trailer to Empire tries to Kick their Butt I can't wait to see the at-at animation. Great stuff!
2016/3/25 1:17:06
Mountain range in Muvizu Super-quick screen test, and a link. You want to load this in before anything else to avoid collision issues, it should be OK, I loaded it over the top of lots of stuff, the collision box is in the very center floor so as long as you are aware of it, you should be OK. BUt it does completely fill the whole dome adjust for height as necessary.

2016/3/25 0:15:36
Some new animated foilage? How about Muvizu releasing some foliage that is more realistic and that is animated. We can add our own trees, but we can't make them sway like the stock props. Thanks!
2016/3/25 0:12:20
More camera tracking experimentation Really great, though I would reduce the camera movement overall, I don't think it helps the scene to be too jerky. I just finally figured out the basic motion tracking in HitFilm two days ago, I have to get cracking, you are my inspiration.
2016/3/24 23:46:42
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! This isn't great, but here's a static cartoon dragon prop, it could be useful if you do interesting things with the camera. Also mess with the textures for skin color, if you want to do it right, edit the files externally, just open in an image editor and play with the hue would do it. It isn't fancy, but it is something.

This is the original prop:

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2016/3/24 23:09:42
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I forget how to turn on transparent AVIs, could it be that the old settings were reset?

mrmuviz wrote:
Found another bug(for me at least) old .avi's that worked as textures before don't seem to work anymore.
Anyone else find this problem?

2016/3/24 20:18:57
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? What would be really cool is if Muvizu allowed us to export static OBJ files from the active frame for a particular character. I know this is highly unlikely if not impossible, but if I could get static props of Muvizu poses, they could stand in in cases like this where using another 3d program is necessary. Maybe it would be easier for Muvizu to introduce some sort of wave system, it is using physics already, I am guessing that would be more possible.

EDIT: Meh: I just tried it, I can't properly output the wave animation to FBX, and trying to import an FBX with multiple frames crashes Muvizu. I guess I better plan my shots in a way that I can get some of the sweeping epicness of moving waves with compositing in Hitfilm with masks, just the moving boat part makes that a challenge, I don't want the people to look like they are floating around.
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2016/3/24 20:10:09
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Well, it is really simple, I just took the default floor plane in Poser, subdivided it a couple time to get some polys, then used a wave modifier to create the waves, put in a basic water texture that seemed appropriate, adjusted the specular and reflection a bit, created the tiny cube UCX item, and exported as FBX. Same can be done in slightly different ways in other apps obviously. I still can't get what I want for all scenes though, I wish I could import an FBX with animation, then shots like this would be easy. I have no idea how to approach getting a similar shot in Muvizu, and I'm a little clueless how to get the sort of motion tracking with masks that would allow Muvizu content to look right in the Poser scene and vice versa, so I can't have my Muvizu hero riding the bow on a cresting wave:

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2016/3/24 12:19:48
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? OK, so I have made some progress and have something to share:

It is a rippled water plane, you need to use the camera and backdrop method to animate the texture, once the plane is loaded, you'll be able to select it for the backdrop. Use the backdrop camera's color controls to fine tune the texture to your needs, or replace the texture with something else.

Here's a screentest video, I do think this is the best method I can come up with for water. Please let me know what you think

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