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2012/12/21 17:23:06
Missing sections from Sketchup to Muvizu Hi,

Thanks to you both for the quick answers. Seems that when I mirrored one piece it decided to drag it inside out at the same time and the nosecone was always a little messy.

The reverse faces option was simple enough to find on sketchup, like most things just right click on the object and it's on the options.

The model now transfers into Muvizu with all it's bits intact.

Next step... figure out how to make an ID texture and an AO texture.

Thanks again.

2012/12/20 20:23:28
Missing sections from Sketchup to Muvizu Hi everyone,

I'm sure this has been answered before, I've dug through the forums but the answer is either tucked away on page 9000 or it's there and I just haven't understood it.

When I export a model from Sketchup to Muvizu, parts of it appear see through, but they have a colour on the back. You can see through the model and see the inside as it is coloured. I'm sure this is some random occurence during creation but I have re-made the piece twice and it has no effect.

I am attempting a fairly basic spaceship type thing and the nosecone and parts of the wings suffer from this.

Also, if the answer involves textures, I would really appreciate pointing at a decent texture mapper.

Thanks in advance.

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