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2019/12/20 1:08:35
New Characters and Sets Hey everyone, I just upadted my site store with new Characters and sets, so yaw head on over to DigiFactor!
2019/12/18 12:34:24
Added more set to my sight Here is the new site! https://www.digifactor.cf/
2019/12/7 23:23:07
Idea Trailer Not really sure if I'll make this or not, just an idea that was brought up while talking about fravorite movies with a friend, but this gave me a chance to experiment !

give me your thoughts!

2019/12/6 22:14:47
To Meshmellow Ok the not secure is gone, but for some other reason we are still not able to upload any videos, does anyone else still have this problem?
2019/12/5 1:33:01
This what you can do with Key Framing! Hey Everyone I know you have already seen this in my clayster post, but this shows you what you can accomplish with the Key Framing Expansion Pack!

plus later on I will show you how easy it is to animated yoda in another tutorial, but as a tip to everyone if you want more animation capabilities with muvizu then click on the link below and grab a copy of the Key-Framing Expansion Pack!

2019/11/23 13:51:34

Website: https://digifactor-animation.my.cam/#
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPFBLmEQMeYyIFk0qV-aig?view_as=subscriber
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