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2020/3/3 13:32:50
Problems with the room cuts psicomia wrote:
The problem is that my muvizu works alone with a camera, it doesn't cut me, it doesn't record them at all. Work only with a camera. I hope you understand from the video.

Ok are you trying to move the camera, or are you wanting to switch from one camera to another? to move the camera you can do that by the Key-frame if you have it, Now if you want to switch from one camera to the other then you need to have more then one camera in order to do camera cuts, just go to the create button at the top left and look for camera and click on it, once you do that you should notice that you now have a new camera and two camera views, you have to have a camera for every area that you want to cut to, so create a camera and place them in the areas you want, you can create up to 9, and then watch my camera cut tutorial again up above and see if you can do the same!

Let me know if you understand and if you get it to work.
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2020/3/2 23:52:58
Problems with the room cuts psicomia wrote:
= DigiFactor wrote:

Spero che questo aiuti!

Eseguo gli stessi passaggi del video, ma non continua a registrare l'intero video dall'ultima telecamera "in uso".

Ok when you have all of your camera cuts into place just remember to make sure that you give enough Timeline for the last camera to
record what's going on in the last camera cut, so extend the timeline enough to finish the video from the last camera cut.
2020/3/2 23:43:01
Problems with the room cuts swakd wrote:
May I know your Computer Configration. My Muvizu Crash a Lot

64 bit operating system
Intel(R)Core(TM) i5-9600k CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
Nividia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
24.0 Ram
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2020/3/2 5:50:19
Problems with the room cuts psicomia wrote:
I finished the first video with Muvizu plus, recently purchased. I wanted to take different shots from different rooms but it won't let me do it. He recorded my room movements from the 6 rooms I set up but he doesn't change my room when I request it. In the timeline I do not load the words camera1, camera2, etc. How can I solve it?

Hope this Helps!

2020/2/21 14:10:40
How to put Flipside Characters into Muvizu
2020/2/20 11:08:04
Activation Problems I really do hope that they are Ok!šŸ˜”
2020/2/20 11:06:27
Activation Problems Well it my be because Meshmellows servers may be down because of the virus crisis in china, they have contacted me once since then and they cant go to their office to work, hopefully the crisis will go away and everyone at meshmellow is ok and well!
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2020/2/20 10:56:53
Flipside Characters into Muvizu! Iā€™ll do a tutorial soon, but it requires a Vr Headset!
2020/2/19 6:49:34
Flipside Characters into Muvizu! Hello everyone, here is a video of me testing a video intergreating Flipside to Muvizu to use it's Characters for Muvizu!
2020/2/17 2:57:46
How to Hang your Character upside down in a Tree
2020/2/12 1:15:51
Alien Character Now available! Ok everyone the Alien Character is now available!

You can get him on digifactor now!

2020/2/11 13:37:36
New Character coming soon!
2020/2/9 1:28:12
DigiFactor's Force Pack #1 now available!
2020/2/4 1:05:34
Michael Myers Michael Myers from Halloween is now available in the Digi Store on the DigiFactor website!

2020/2/2 8:52:10
Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger I just added Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on elm Street to the Digi Store, Get while he's Hot...Lol!


2020/1/24 0:36:33

The Character is available on the DigiFactor website

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2020/1/21 0:57:51
Predator Young Blood Update

Young Blood is a big update to the muvizu Predator character that now gives you the option to remove the face Mask and animate the mouth all with just using the key frame, now you can make that predator video you always wanted!

Get the new update!
I added the video to the store page!
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2020/1/19 23:26:00
Star Wars Kevin Eddy Production Announcment! Announcing the production of Kevin Eddy Episode III!

Production has finally started and the Opening scene is halfway finished, this episode will demonstrate how the Key-Frame Expansion Pack can be used to fully animated your own made characters without using the default characters in muvizu along with animating scenes and backgrounds, I tell you this because there will be a lot of scenes where there will be droids, Creatures, and animated ships and props, so once the episode is finished and released I hope it will inspire everyone to use more of the key_frame expansion to get more and the best of muvizu!
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2020/1/15 8:44:07
ZuTrek Sci-Fi set 360 tour Here is a 360 video of the ZuTrek sci-Fi set now in the Digi Store!

Here is the link
2020/1/11 23:12:17
ZuTrek Sci-Fi set trent-ozon wrote:
DigiFactor wrote:
trent-ozon wrote:
Hey great job as all ways heres the list of characters you asked me to do up for you.
freddy krueger
jason voorhees
michael myers
alien (from the movie alien)

Predator (no mask)
dreadlocks (long hair tied back)
.set with asteroid crashing in ground from sky
i will pay you if you can do this thanks love your work.

Ok Iā€™ll see what I can do for ya, do keep in mind that character I make I usually like to add to my store unless they are of a character of your own creations, and the set well that will be a separate thing that will be only sold to you!

That's fine no problem at all thanks. i would love to learn how you make the objects you have any tuts on it?

I will soon!
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