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2021/7/16 0:33:16
Animating with Muvizu
2021/6/22 6:57:44
New Set!

Get it here!

2021/5/26 2:01:23
Animating with Muvizu
2021/5/23 13:45:09
Muvizu tutor wanted! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPFBLmEQMeYyIFk0qV-aig
2021/5/19 22:54:27
DigiFactor update
2021/4/29 22:36:23
New Character coming soon! BobbyCampbell95 wrote:
That is interesting! Is it came out?

Here's the Link!

2021/4/24 23:06:28
How to make a Helicopter with animated Propeller BobbyCampbell95 wrote:
Did you try it yourself? i was making it but it didn't work

When you made your propeller, did you export the animation as png files segments?

Also you may need to edit the DefaultGame.ini in order to have transparent video textures in Muvizu!

Here's how to do that!

go into your C Drive, and then to Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini (or Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini for the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS). Set bStripVideoAlpha to false. Restart Muvizu. If Windows will not let you edit the file (with an "access denied" message because it is in Program Files) then just copy it and paste it in notes, edit it there and then copy it back on top of the original file, just override it to replace it, and then restart Muvizu
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2021/3/27 2:26:51
Animating with Muvizu
2021/3/27 1:40:42
Animating with Muvizu
2021/3/27 1:38:40
Animating with Muvizu
2021/2/8 12:24:41
New Saloon set now on my Gumroad site

My Gumroad
2021/1/15 13:33:11
A new Trailer for a future video Just practicing ship fleet animation for my up coming project, Space Wars!

2021/1/14 10:12:58
A new Trailer for a future video Thanks,I’m glad you liked it, Im taking this project and spending more time and putting more effort in its production.

Theres also a fleet test video on my channel of more ships that I will be using
2021/1/2 23:45:30
A new Trailer for a future video
2020/10/22 22:23:39
Reducing bust size on Mandy? CloudNinja wrote:
I'd like to make my Mandy character flat chested - the way the "woman" character is - how is that possible to do?
appreciation in advance,

I'm sorry to say that all of muvizu characters can only have attachments added, and editing the actual character structure is not possible, but maybe you can create some sort of an attachment to add to her chest, but that would make look bigger!
2020/10/22 22:13:45
Digi Factor = dl.ready.com Adware Pop Up! (Busted! Napoleon wrote:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPFBLmEQMeYyIFk0qV-aig You got a virus on your link Mediafire called dl.ready.com

Unhackme is the only one who can deal with this problem... So, when I got infected through his link I searched and reinstalled my paid for version Unhackme, however when I attempted to delete this code it took me to their website claiming I had a pirate version of the software I just download from the link they give me when I bought it 6years ago -- demanding that I buy a legal version or face legal consequences -- yes, the old school fear tactic of a Security Software Company creating a virus/adware and infecting you. Somewhat like ransomware
(The popup appeared right when buying content on Muvizu claiming paypal is giving me $1000 dollars click on link)
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edited by Napoleon on 2020/10/22
edited by Napoleon on 2020/10/22
edited by Napoleon on 2020/10/22
edited by Napoleon on 2020/10/22
edited by Napoleon on 2020/10/22

I don't seem to have any virus on my computer, I did a complete virus scan and nothing came up, I removed that file from my MediaFire just to be safe, sorry if it caused you trouble!
2020/9/28 21:45:28
Website Add Plus I always loved dragons ever since I was a kid!
2020/9/28 21:41:46
Website Add drewi wrote:
Impressive....Why did you choose a dragon as your logo/site symbol?

I love Dragons, when I decided to do a website I couldn’t think up a name, so I Took two of my favorite things to make up the name, the first was the Digimon cartoon which I loved the Dragon character, and I used the first part of the name Digi, the second part of the name is from my favorit game makers Factor 5 which made all of the star wars rouge squadron games,so I used Factor and I came up with DigiFactor!
edited by DigiFactor on 2020/9/28
2020/9/28 0:02:42
Website Add A Add video for my website, using remade template!

2020/9/23 23:57:35
3D-Modell bigwally wrote:
DigiFactor wrote:
drewi wrote:
anti spam bump.

Yea I deleted those spams, been getting way too many, but Im watching for them!

And I have been reporting them. Is reporting them a waste of time since you have to watch for them? Do my reports go down the rabbit hole?

To me I think it's a waste of time, its been hard for me to get any answer from Meshmellow, and I'm getting tired of deleting every spam that comes along, but I'll keep trying to get in touch with them, I'm starting to give up on the spam deleting, I could disable the users that post the spams, but their user names aren't showing up on my most recent post list, I manage to find a few but I realized that there are a lot more spammers then I thought there was!

So to make it short, It's a waist of time!
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