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2012/7/24 15:52:13
Hi ^^ hey, thanks a lot! i'm loving this amazing tool, easy to understand and use with very nice results, but there's a long way of practicing to use it cool. Good luck also with your videos.
2012/7/19 20:38:57
Hi ^^ Hi from a new user. Amazing program, Thanks and congratulations on that good job.

I speak spanish, so english not my mother tongue, i've just published in youtube my first video directed with Muvizu: if you wanna take a look, although is in spanish:

Just comment, i get some trouble knowing what was going to do the character-in character actions (angry, happy.. idle,subtle, etc.) But amazing in any case be able to do that, so: Thanks again!


PS: I might help translating into spanish if Muvizu staff consider it, i have translating skills
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