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2015/2/2 12:10:30
Download the beta assets? TheBankser wrote:
Unzipping it?

extracting the file from the folder. all 3d assets had to be placed in a zipped folder when uploaded. it compresses the file inside and makes the folder smaller in size for easier uploading and to save space on the servers.

when you download a zip file, you have to open it normally. then extract the contents. windows will do this for you.
just an example...

click on extract all files.

windows will then make a new folder for you with the contents inside for you to use.
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2015/1/22 1:09:52
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? its also very handy if you want to make a mirror.

just remember to reverse the camera image Big Grin
2015/1/21 22:44:25
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? yes you can. in the backdrop texture box you can set the texture as a camera view. anything you can add a texture to will take a camera view as a texture.
2015/1/14 10:22:42
Question About Beefy template theotherguy wrote:
I wish I knew too! I see all these textures for these characters, and I can make some myself. But there is no way of activating them!

each separate part of the new characters (beefy,heroine,sinister and rosie) has its own texture. every different set of legs,hands,tops etc. if you use a beefy top, you have to use the corresponding texture map for that part. they are all there and are all named correctly in the downloadable zip file on the assets page. so just match the correct texture map to the correct body part and you will have no problems.
2015/1/12 23:58:56
Coming Soon... Awesome
2015/1/5 16:22:19
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:

he reminds me of a younger Terry Wogan in that pic Big Grin

looking good mate

especially them trees, i do like a good looking tree
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2015/1/2 3:32:46
Dialogue - Lipsync to individual mp3 files you can only assign one audio track per character.

so you could do the first two parts of the conversation but not the third because of the lack of tracks.
so either join them all together into a single track (wav works better than mp3 in muvizu) using audacity (free and very good) or what ever audio editor you have and use the talk/shush method. or at least have all the speaking parts for one character on a single track. that would mean a bit more editing so you can get the timing right for the conversation. the shush/talk using a single track for both characters is by far the easiest way to go.
2014/12/26 19:14:46
character does not walk ziggy72 wrote:
One more time...


im pretty sure there will be some more times on this subject mate Big Grin
2014/12/26 16:56:09
Muvizu and Sketchup question - surfaces whatever texture you add to a sketchup model you have to have a copy of that texture in the folder where you have that model. you only need the toto.bmp file because muvizu wont import .ase files without it.

so in the folder for that model you will have...
(whatever model).ase
and the texture files
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ok i just noticed you are using the low collision ziggy exporter. if memory serves me right wharever textures you add to a model using it should give you the texture boxes when you import into muvizu.

also when you are in sketchup try and explode the model as much as possible so there are are no groups or components. that might do the trick. i dont think you need components using that exporter. im sure when ziggy is around he'll give you more accurate help. i dont use that exporter so im not 100% sure on how it handles textures.
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2014/12/25 7:58:41
How do I use an imported head attachment? http://www.muvizu.com/Get-Muvizu
2014/12/24 12:20:28
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas muvizuer's

Eat drink and be merry
2014/12/11 10:26:09
Problem importing objects just download them from the asset page.


you will always have a copy of that object/set to use whenever you want it.
2014/12/5 12:20:06
New Star Trek video... bigwally wrote:
As if there aren't enough of them, here's a new one.

there can never be enough star trek video's Big Grin

very entertaining
2014/11/21 2:32:30
Toccata in D minor

its not my usual type of animation. just a bit of messing around with a set that i built for the upcoming epic Big Grin Old lady 3. agents of S.H.I.T.E.
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2014/11/20 15:34:56
New characters and animations yep.
2014/11/17 9:36:11
Hello! I was just wondering... nope
2014/11/8 2:44:16
Coming Soon... coz they died with their helmets on of course
2014/11/8 1:02:51
Coming Soon... space zombies, mutants and aliens.....

see ya in a couple of months fellow muvizuers
2014/11/4 22:46:20
Star trek. the halloween incident. thanks all, mental, deranged and Disturbing.... just what i was aiming for my job here is now done Big Grin

it was a bit rushed and with more time and effort i think a proper horror movie could be achieved using muvizu...... hmmmm let me see now, time to get me brain into psychotic mode for my next project.................
2014/11/3 15:24:42
Star trek. the halloween incident.

better late than never Big Grin

kirk has another bad day.....
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