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2016/1/1 1:22:36
Coming Soon 2016
2015/12/31 0:54:22
Is this possible...? or.... lol.... build him a walkway of invisible ground planes to walk/blob on.
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2015/12/31 0:38:10
Is this possible...? unless you had a really small ground plane under the character to lift him off the ground. but animating the ground plane to move with the character might be a bit difficult but not impossible. although with keyframes it could possibly be easier? dunno never tried lol
2015/12/31 0:32:18
Is this possible...? no. as soon as you add attachments they lose all collision with the ground. for instance if you made a set of stilts for a character the stilts would attach to the body at the foot but the character would still walk as normal with the stilts under the ground.
2015/12/27 23:40:15
I'm going crazy you probably wont see any life from muvizu till the new year. they normally close up shop over the christmas hols. so dont hold your breath.
2015/12/20 21:24:15
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... so what is happening?
no textures on imported models? which exporter are you using? the muvizu one or the ukberty low collision one?
2015/12/20 19:59:32
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... urbanlamb wrote:
Can you import files from the gallery? try a freebie just download it and try.

If that works just take their models out and stuff yours in all of it all the bits and pieces.

sounds like a plan to me

any of my old models always have the toto.bmp file included in the model folder.
2015/12/6 0:18:11
Danimal R.I.P mate
2015/11/19 22:16:35
Market place MMmmmm doughnuts.... nice
2015/11/19 0:19:28
CHILD CHARACTERS Tangledbliss wrote:
We have a fair range of adults in muvizu, and boy and girl teenagers. It would be really useful to have a pair of young children. I have been asked to make a road safety animation with primary school kids. I can maybe get away with the boy - but not the girl.

just use the boy as a female character. he still has a skirt. i use him a lot as a female character.
2015/11/15 23:44:28
Lying down before rising from grave use the fall into grave. it takes about ten seconds to get to the lying down pose but they do stay there.
2015/10/30 1:34:22
Psycho killer
2015/10/26 18:32:50
The Users content output store......errm promised? yep and at this moment in time i still dont give a toss.

laugh your arse off at that as much as you like
2015/10/12 20:41:33
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... EEFilmz wrote:

"sod" Movie files? What's sod? Not too familiar w depth pass, tried lookin it up but...is that a depth perception render? I agree I should/will try it! Lol

sod is just a term we like to use over here in our neck of the woods... basically it means F**K em just a more polite way of saying it Big Grin
edited by fazz68 on 12/10/2015
2015/10/11 3:14:25
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
Though i suppose for myself and others who have received muvizu promotions on the subject and dont find it trivial it would be nice to hear some detail about how it is likely to proceed as long as thats ok with fazz68.Cool

dude i couldnt give a toss.
2015/10/9 18:29:26
The Users content output store......errm promised? wow people are so impatient... it will get here when it gets here. we waited years for hand held attachments and they got here in the end. we waited while muvizu looked dead and buried and its just come back to life. good things come to those that wait apparently so ive heard. so this month, next month, next year, who cares as long as it happens. lifes to short to be worrying about such trivial things..................
2015/10/6 13:37:22
Coming Soon...

i can feel a kirk fight brewing..... Big Grin

@Farscaper thanks one day it will get made.... if i can stop starting things before other things are finished....
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2015/10/2 23:09:53
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ primaveranz wrote:
I have 2013.10.28.01R (64 Bit) and got that "new version" message this morning. Tried installing, but as usual got a message saying it failed. Now when I open Muvizu I don't get the message. Do I have the latest version? I wish they would post the info online at the time and give us a "Check for update" button inside the program.

my version says MZASS - v 1.5 - build - 2015.10.01.01.R
edited by fazz68 on 02/10/2015
2015/10/2 19:21:41
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ yep the movement bug has gone. so this is a new update but im not getting the update message after updating the update for todays update which fixes yesterdays update....
2015/10/2 18:55:47
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ have they released an update today? they were working on a patch for the movement bug.
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