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2013/4/15 23:59:54
Superman Episode 4 is done i prefer the 30min episodes, a 15 min is over before the story really gets going. but i think you right people generally have short attention spans for our type of animation. i find if im making something i get quite impatient with myself and want to get it published when it gets around the 15min mark, especially if im using the same sets over and over. the urge to make something new (sets, characters or whatever) is to much for me to ignore Big Grin and im easily distracted by new projects and usually start a new one before ive finished what ive already started.
2013/4/15 18:14:35
saving set error WozToons wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
Hello muvizu, ive just installed your Patch for muvzu play.

Is there a patch? Nobody told me.

it showed up when i started muvizu but it doesnt seem to be working properly and has open a new can of worms

Hmmm the 32bit version.... i might have to try that one
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2013/4/15 17:52:02
saving set error MrDrWho13 wrote:
I don't have that waveform error though.

is it a soundtrack already in the set? i had no sound on my set originally and have only just added it.
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2013/4/15 17:22:24
saving set error And in the timeline the waveform (is that the right word) doesnt show up

and if i try to change the volume using the volume control in windows ( the little speaker icon thingy on the taskbar) all sound stops. and the volume doesnt change when you are using the edit function for the volume, it only changes when you play the scene.

back to me old version muvizu methinks
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2013/4/15 17:08:21
saving set error Hello muvizu, ive just installed your Patch for muvzu play. last night i was working on a set and it saved fine. i just tried to save the same set and it keeps showing this message. i have not made any changes to the set.

however it still saves the set and the set will also load without any problems (that ive found so far)
whats that all about?
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2013/4/12 20:22:37
New textures for woman models i think you are supposed to use them on the skirt texture in the legs department
2013/4/12 14:03:51
Bugs in Muvizu:Play hello emily.

yes it does, but not the crashing thats only happened twice.

rosie ballgown

rosie housecoat

rosie viking

rosie viking top, ballgown legs. the ballgown legs only ever show as this, is this right? the other ballgown pic is the muvizu generated one that appears when you create a character.

rosie viking top ballgown legs.

ive only had the crash twice and it didnt happen when i was messing about to make these pics, so i dont know how that happened.

hope these help you
2013/4/11 18:03:47
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback id like to add a positve

this awesome scroll bar..... i can now use more than 7 textures on an imported model Toast
2013/4/11 17:08:28
Bugs in Muvizu:Play while using the rosie character, if i have changed the colours on her clothes then tried to scale the body up or down, the textures flicker on and off. sometimes they remain the same, sometimes they vanish altogether and if i scale the body up and down to fast muvizu crashes. id like to give you a screen shot but it crashed before i had the chance. i was using the viking top and the skirt.
2013/4/11 1:06:55
Watermark: new terms of use i agree
2013/4/10 21:47:45
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback if we are adding bugs to this list, can i add... the start up screen.... the watch tutorials message appears everytime i start even when ticking the box never to show it again.
any recent scenes do not show on start up, all i get is the empty set showing....
woztoons has already pointed out about the textures not showing when you go to add a texture you are already using....
doing the dialogue with 4 characters only the 1st dialogue part you do shows up in the time line

until you untick the next character and tick again in the filter

dont know if its just me this happens to.

i havent tried animating an existing set yet because i decided to continue using the older version of muvizu until id finished the projects im working on. quite glad i made that choice after reading all what you all have writen here.
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2013/4/10 1:25:27
Outside Of My Bar! http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic2569-i-need-a-mirror-please.aspx

everything you need to know about making mirrors
2013/4/9 23:07:10
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback oh yes mate pants the old one one had a bit of style to it, this one just looks rubbish Big Grin
2013/4/9 22:29:12
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback An unexpected surprise when i got home today, thank you muvizu had a bit of a play with it. looking good so far but just one gripe...... why have you changed the watermark? this new one looks a bit pants Big Grin
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2013/3/25 23:54:44
New Wardrobe new wardrobe !!! can i have a lovely pin striped suit please
2013/3/24 0:36:42
The sweeney 2075 pt1 thanks mysto i do strive to make my videos better than the one before and hopefully that shows in the finished product. i dont usually make huge sets because my poor old computer cant handle them, so i make lots of small sets and a lot of editing
2013/3/23 14:19:18
The sweeney 2075 pt1

hope you enjoy
2013/3/19 15:58:07
I need a mirror please! you could use the small picture frame (or backdrop or anything that can take a texture), for the texture for the mirror you can use one of the cameras pointed outwards from the picture frame and it should mirror what you want. i think.... i havnt actually tried it but it sounds like it should work
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2013/3/17 21:16:05
Muvizu Play Launch! i couldnt make it either (had to go to work ) but i just managed to catch the last bit of ziggys presentation online. it looks excellent mate
2013/3/16 21:21:34
google hangout?? thats good to hear
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