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2013/10/22 22:03:01
Imported Props imported props show as one of the table end icons (i think they are table ends anyway) only original muvizu things appear as they are in the show scene window .
2013/10/21 14:26:03
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer tom baker is most definitely the ultimate in time lords but im old and prefer the classic who's. Big Grin
2013/10/21 14:19:24
FBX excellent
2013/10/20 11:56:28
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer excellent mate
2013/10/20 11:52:04
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:

*cough* blender exporter is a wee bit buggy ...

as you know, i know next to nothing about blender but i will say.. i updated to the latest version and it messed all my FBX experiments up and i couldnt export anything the right size and all the textures vanished and i kept getting error messages about scale. so i promptly reverted back to the version i had originally which is version 2.62 and everything is hunky dory again. everything the size it should be, exports models with textures intact etc i know this is because of my lack of knowledge about blender and settings and such. so until i have mastered model making and maps and stuff (which still boggles my mind Big Grin) with blender, version 2.62 is the one for me Big Grin

and loving the new cutlery and look forward to playing with it
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2013/10/15 15:10:52
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? i think the trouble with using blender after you have been using sketchup forever is the fact you cant do everything with just your right hand on the mouse very rarely touching the keyboard. blender is very keyboard orientated, shift this and hold that and such. i have watched blender tutorials over and over and still find myself forgetting which key does what and going back and watching again. but i wont be beaten and eventually that knowledge might finally sink into my sketchup brain
2013/10/15 14:25:40
A Sticky End

monster fun and stuff
2013/10/15 0:21:38
A Sticky End i usually get between 2 and 3 likes on my videos, so this one is in the bag for me LOL
2013/10/14 0:18:36
Coming Soon... i dont think i'll be ready for a Halloween release, so i might do a silly short of some description. jason vorhees could be a contender now he can have a massive machete Big Grin or some lovely long knife fingers for freddy kreuger.....
*opens up skechup for the billionth time this weekend........ Mmmm....lovely long finger knifes*
2013/10/13 23:59:38
Coming Soon...
the long dusty road to doom
2013/10/13 13:33:28
Sketchup to Muvizu cheers mate Toast
would you be able to add the post above as well about the colour wheel and eyedropper
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2013/10/13 13:10:13
Sketchup to Muvizu MrDrWho13 wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Fazz, you should put that on the Wiki!

im not sure how you make a wiki page mate. i still have to make one for the shadow removal technique on sketchup models.

If you give me the link to the post about the shadow thing, I'll try to make pages for both of them.

thanks mate
ziggys tip for curved surfaces is in there too which is a better solution than my curved surface tip. but to save confusion i'll delete my curved surface post.
2013/10/13 12:44:34
Sketchup to Muvizu MrDrWho13 wrote:
Fazz, you should put that on the Wiki!

im not sure how you make a wiki page mate. i still have to make one for the shadow removal technique on sketchup models.
2013/10/13 12:42:13
Sketchup to Muvizu there are other ways to add a colour texture. you can use the colour wheel to create a texture

it works the same as the previous instructions but you need to make it a unique texture, which can be found in the right click menu. it will make that texture to the shape and size of the face you have applied it to. again you will have to have a copy of that texture in your model folder. this wont work on curved surfaces for some reason though.

and you can use the eyedropper on a texture to get the texture you have re sized to use again in that model.
i should have put this last night but my brain wasnt functioning at its best Big Grin
2013/10/13 12:16:45
latest posts? yes click on recent topics instead. whatever recent posts have been made will push that topic to the top of the page.
2013/10/13 1:47:52
Sketchup to Muvizu Clam wrote:
Awesome faze68! Thanks very much. Er...interesting image. (shudder).


yeah i could probably have picked a better image to use lol but i like my davina zombie pic lol. anyway i hope it helps you out and feel free to ask if there are any problems
2013/10/13 1:19:03
Sketchup to Muvizu if you are using the colours in sketchup they wont save on your exported model. you need to add textures.

click the little box with the plus sign

which brings up this.
click that lttle folder and chose a texture from your computer. (could be anything you want as long as its a image file) if you have a file of the colour you want to use then thats the one you want to use.

ive used this image because it was the first one i found. now click ok

now depending on how big your original texture is, when you add it to where you want the texture you might see this.

so you need to resize the texture. with your little paintpot cursor Right click to bring up the menu, go down to texture which opens a sub menu and you want position. click on that. you will see 4 little boxes,click and hold on one of the little colured pins and they adjust the texture on your model when you move the cursor. green will expand the texture,red will move the texture about,yellow will change the angle of the texture and blue will stretch the texture up and down and left and right. get you texture to how you want it to look and then Right click... done. you now have a texture to that part of the model.
now im very lazy when it comes to adding textures to models and unless its a specific texture i want i usually stick with the textures already in sketchup

and repeat the in instructions above

make your texture fit etc

like so. now when you export your model you have to have the same textures you used on the model in the same folder as the model or you will get an error message. to grab textures off of a model Right click on the texture you want to grab, go to texture, go to edit texture image... click, copy and paste the image into your model folder.
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2013/10/11 17:37:25
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) now we have the ability to hold things can we have a few animations for pick things up to complete the awesomeness
2013/10/9 19:53:56
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Jamie wrote:
thanks ukBerty and Ziggy. I'll have a look through those files and see where the problem is.

im convinced this is the same bug as this or at least related to because the results are the same...
and you get the same error message.
and this bug is about changing textures on an imported object and then saving that object in a set. a tiny experiment for you muvizu. (because this is where i have come across this bug in this version)
create a character, doesnt matter who....
import my c-4 model into a hand....
change the orange texture on a wire to a yellow one.
save the set.

now close muvizu

start muvizu..

reload set
everything is as it should be except the yellow wire and this message

the more textures you change on a model the more white parts you will get.
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2013/10/9 16:13:10
The Importance of Eyebrows excellent additions and the visible/invisible for the entire body at the same time can now be animated to.
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