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2014/1/9 15:04:51
Change clothes colors crop your png image around the edges to remove whats around the heart image. it looks like stuff thats been left over from when you removed the background.

no box should show.

if you want a png pic of a heart just type heart png into google or whatever you use and theres probably tons of them already done. you can tell the ones with a transparent background because it will show up as a checker pattern.
2014/1/9 5:47:26
Change clothes colors just turn the image into a png file. using your coral draw you should be able to cut round the image you are using so there is only the part you want then copy and paste it onto a transparent background and save as a png file. then when you add it to the t shirt only the bit you copied will show.

mind you after watching them tutorials they make it look a lot more difficult than it actually is lol.
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2014/1/9 4:23:14
Change clothes colors
click here.
2014/1/8 5:12:17
Add a graphic to a t-shirt two ways to do it.
1, create a custom texture for your character using one of the uv maps found on the asset page and a photoshop type editor.
2, or the easiest way. click on edit character.. click on decals... there you have a choice to add a graphic to the chest or the back, or both if you want to.
2014/1/7 4:01:00
Coming Soon... lol ive worked out his part but i think he needs a bit of stubble round his gob.
2014/1/7 0:59:35
Coming Soon...

not quite sure how to bring fat wolverine into the story but i'll give it a go Big Grin
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2014/1/6 16:19:30
Christmas Competition winners announced! well done artpen and enjoy
and well done the blob winners
2014/1/5 22:59:38
9 seconds of old joke... you dont need the brackets, just the url as if you are posting a normal link.
2014/1/5 21:38:32
9 seconds of old joke... copy the entire url for the video and paste here.
2014/1/5 21:28:21
9 seconds of old joke...

works ok. what are you copying when you post here?
you have to just link like any other link. copy the entire url for the video and paste here.
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2014/1/5 5:17:13
Coming Soon... lol. the ears look better with textures on. and a cannon... cool. im intrigued with what the dude on the left is holding. the dog reminds me of an old cartoon we used to have called danger mouse Big Grin are they catapults ?
2014/1/4 13:25:22
Coming Soon... LOL
2014/1/3 23:05:17
Coming Soon...
tooled up and ready for action Big Grin
2014/1/3 21:32:01
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
fazz68 wrote:

creepy doll head dude mk2. i think hes ready for some evil dead action now Big Grin

rofl cross eyes baby okay yeah that just about does it I assume he will be holding a chain saw or something
edited by urbanlamb on 03/01/2014

maybe a baby rattle with massive spikes......
2014/1/3 21:16:05
Coming Soon... octo-crab wrote:

Anyone else notice the user picture hidden there?

my avatar picture is nearly always somewhere in my videos. i havnt changed my avatar in donkeys years and dick van dyke grinning shall continue to grace my videos as my tribute to the greatness that is Dick Van Dyke
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2014/1/3 14:32:41
Coming Soon...
creepy doll head dude mk2. i think hes ready for some evil dead action now Big Grin
2014/1/3 5:11:32
Coming Soon... looking good mate, loving the fancy shoes the trouble with muvizu ears and noses now is we cant put textures on them so they look out of place when they just have the one colour. ive made a few nose's but not tried any ears. everything ive done lately ends up looking creepy, i think its because ive been doing this video for so long and my brain is in permanent evil stuff mode. Big Grin
edited by fazz68 on 03/01/2014
2014/1/3 4:15:25
Coming Soon... yeah i think you're right about the eyes and maybe a little kiss curl for the hair. those creepy doll heads have weird plastic hairdo's lol
cheers mate
2014/1/3 3:12:38
Charactere Not Moving the 64bit is the same as 32bit content wise. im not sure what the difference is but ive used both on a 64bit pc and seen no difference between the two.
edited by fazz68 on 03/01/2014
2014/1/3 3:07:16
Coming Soon...

without muvizu eyes and hair or with? im undecided...
edited by fazz68 on 03/01/2014
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