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2014/2/18 0:24:34
Get my character to play drums deedee23 wrote:

primaveranz - It's the boy.

fazz68 - Good to know. So, I guess there will be no air guitar either. Maybe next version?

Thanks for your help!

if your character is standing then you can have your air guitar. the guitar/bass is a standing action. drumming and keyboards are sitting actions.
2014/2/17 21:33:22
Get my character to play drums deedee23 wrote:
I'm having my character dance to music. He does every action I click on when it comes to dancing, but when I click on the actions I chose for drumming, he doesn't do any of them. Actually, the drumming actions are dim in the Direct Character Actions box. What do I need to do to make them work?


the character will only drum if it is sitting down
2014/2/16 19:47:11
Wooden Eye - my first Muvizu movie i enjoyed that. very good character movement and character animations. excellent first muvizu video
2014/2/14 22:48:03
Saving Scenes if you made the set in muvizu click save or save as.

you'll find it here.
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2014/2/14 3:08:09
3D Letter Objects. Aaaarrrggghhh! you do know that you can write words with all the letters automatically grouped together. in the create dropdown menu, use the words bit. it just type in what word you want.saves a whole lot of faffing about.

and as they are already grouped they shouldnt jump about.
2014/2/13 14:09:30
Share the love! well done woztoons
2014/2/13 4:14:13
Share the love! octo-crab wrote:
I tried to upload mine, but I can't figure out how.

you need an account with photobucket or imgur or any online site like that. they are free to use if you want a limited amount of use. then you upload your pics to there and it will give you a link that you copy and paste here in whatever thread you chose. thats my superhero deed done for today, im off now as there are cats out there that need rescuing from trees.
2014/2/12 21:59:57
Share the love!
the bride of muviinstein

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2014/2/12 16:35:51
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) chuckles wrote:
I have just bought a brand new laptop, the specifications have been recommended. I too can not install Muvizu with this error message! Windows 7 64 bit etc etc. Still not installing, and this was the reason I bought the Computer!

have you tried installing the DirectX SDK? it seems to work on the windows 8 problem. i found it on the microsoft downloads bit on their site. (sorry i dont have a link) its worth a go mate. if you have tried and got no joy just tell me to shut up Big Grin
2014/2/12 3:50:53
Function Keys not working octo-crab wrote:
Clicking on the ? opens a menu where you find the keyboard shortcuts.
Good info about the screenshots though.

yeah and it also lets you connect to the forum and connects you to the online tutorials among other things. im sure that comes under the heading of Help.
2014/2/12 3:16:10
Function Keys not working the screenshots can be found in the muvizu program folder. go to muvizu play, open the folder. then go down to muvizugame, open the folder and near the bottom you will find the screenshot folder.
i dunno what F1 does but i imagine the help that it says it opens would be the same as clicking on the question mark in the corner.
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2014/2/8 16:58:39
Share the love! excellent
2014/2/8 16:58:10
Muvizu MAJOR Flaw http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic3385-make-my-character-move.aspx
its a bug but there are ways around it and until it gets fixed try the solution in the above thread.
2014/2/5 15:58:35
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"i've had the time of my life, no i've never felt this way before"
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2014/2/5 5:28:40
Share the love! primaveranz wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
im gonna take a guess at Gregory's girl.
im trying to think up something romantic and love related but ive got nothing. Big Grin
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How about something "massacre-ish" then

i suppose so, good old leatherface with chainsaw in one hand and a beating heart in the other. i dont think that would go down to well as a valentine pic..... ahhh you mean a mob slaying themed pic Big Grin
2014/2/5 3:50:36
Share the love! im gonna take a guess at Gregory's girl.
im trying to think up something romantic and love related but ive got nothing. Big Grin
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2014/2/3 14:59:10
import assets sofie9536 wrote:
Thanks Berty,
I always try to exclude errors in advance with sketchup. The models are so colored because you can not see whether the faces are wrong.

a quick test to see if any faces are reversed. select the whole object and colour it using the default colour (its the one thats half white and mauve) that should show up any reverse faces, as the mauve colour is a reversed face. then undo what you have just done and reverse any faces that need it.
2014/2/1 23:35:34
Any way I can make Sinister put his arms down? nope poor old sinister can only be a creepy man. his arms are what they are and cant be put down. there are calls for him to change his arm position but that fate is in the hands of the muvizu developers. hes not called sinister for nothing
2014/1/31 18:53:38
Coming Soon... i think he needs some spikey toed boots
2014/1/31 18:51:06
A List of 3d Animation progams.... i still dont see what the problem is. once you have worked out how fast a character walks in relation to the camera speed. keeping the character in frame isnt difficult. most of the time you are only going in a straight line and even if you are not, rotating the camera while moving is still not that hard. but im a muvizu fanboy and thats just my opinion and im sticking to it Big Grin
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