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2014/3/1 21:37:17
Asset Creation lol. it is a shame they want the 3d assets closed for new stuff and call me a selfish "BLEEP" if you want but it doesn't effect me in anyway and i wont be losing out over it. i shall still trundle on doing my own thing and making my daft videos. like me old mucker urbanlamb said if anyone asks me to make anything for them i probably would. im not a complete "BLEEPER" (well not most of the time lol) and am very approachable on such things and if i have the time and the skills you never know what you may get out of me, just dont take the p**s lol
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2014/3/1 16:16:06
Head Attachments? make the most of them coz there wont be any more lol
2014/2/28 11:07:40
Asset Creation What He Said
2014/2/27 20:25:52
Asset Creation why should urbanlamb have to remove her assets? surely thats defeating the object of having an asset page. seeing as she is a major contributor to that page.
2014/2/27 19:00:58
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) your female robot's hair attachment slot does not work.

just thought you'd like to know
2014/2/26 19:16:54
Asset Creation fair enough, if you dont want my assets then i shall keep them all to myself. see ya.
2014/2/26 3:13:25
Show us your Beefy! artpen wrote:
Well done mate!

cheers mate. Big Grin
2014/2/25 19:18:51
Show us your Beefy! bonus, didnt see that coming lol. thanks kim
2014/2/25 19:16:48
Anna and the Robot, a Short Film that was really good. well done on your first muvizu video

dont know what link you are talking about, your video shows fine.
2014/2/25 2:39:24
Zombie Philosophy. cool mate good to see you back in the animating game
2014/2/25 2:35:09
Little test sample what would be really cool and make muvizuing easier would be being able to use all the character effect for all the characters. coz them superheroes have the pick of the bunch and being able to use them with the potato heads would make somethings easier to pull off. while we are at it make the all standard effects attachable too. they can be used for so much more that what they are designed for. so being able to use them as attachments would be awesome. theres only so much you can do with a fart cloud or fire breath. stick a roman candle on there and you have an awesome flash gordon raygun effect lol.
2014/2/23 4:38:35
Show us your Beefy!
more great beefy sporting moments

in his most iconic screen role.
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2014/2/23 3:31:56
importing ASE file only has one color/texture. http://muvizu.com/Forum/topic1452-sketchup-to-muvizu.aspx?Page=8
you will find the solution in this thread
2014/2/22 4:00:03
Posing when editing character. yep its a pain in the backside. going through the old "oh me hair has changed" routine everytime is just annoying. especially if you are trying to make an asset and you're trying to make fit properly bit by bit changing its position and size. after the millionth hair,nose or whatever check routine it gets a wee bit irritating.
2014/2/20 23:58:00
classic kirk fights. number 1 cheers all and thanks for watching im glad you all enjoyed it
2014/2/20 13:55:52
classic kirk fights. number 1 toonarama wrote:
as a matter of interst Fazz what was your lighting set up for that scene? The characters seem so "solid"

ambient lighting 3.6%
one directional light set at the default
sky illumination up full and shadows set to realistic around 60/65 %.
maybe its the higher resolution. its the first time ive used the 1920 1080. i keep forgetting its there.
@ all thanks for your comments. i do love a star trek monster lol.
2014/2/20 9:43:24
classic kirk fights. number 1

a bit of star trek fun
2014/2/18 21:56:06
Angel Flying into scene split your scene into two parts. one part without the angel. second part with the angel. then join them together in editing. you've answered your own question on how the angel flys in using the superhero fly away action. use the same action for flying in. if you dont want to do it in 2 parts. just set your angel to invisible for the part you dont want him seen and midway through the action of him flying in make him visible again. you will find the way to make him invisible on the character edit and animate his invisibility on the prepare/direct part.

i dont think theres a tutorial on invisibility as its a fairly new ability for characters.
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2014/2/18 3:29:19
Missing file? just copy and paste your toto.bmp file into the folder where your model is.

if you dont have one you can make one using the instructions on this video.
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2014/2/18 1:56:15
Get my character to play drums primaveranz wrote:
deedee23 wrote:

I guess there will be no air guitar either. Maybe next version?

Au contraire, I used it here


and i too used it here

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