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2014/4/19 19:49:00
Coming Soon... oh yeah mate lets bring on the old time radio extravaganza Big Grin
2014/4/19 13:12:16
Coming Soon...
Too many steeds pt2..... long overdue methinks....
2014/4/18 11:23:25
Almost human thank you all
@65Radius nice mate, i enjoyed that video, great minds think alike now if we could have the ability to add actions in muvizu like eating soup and picking up glasses and drinking i would be a happy bunny. these things are desperately needed for our animations, theres a limit to how to cheat things on screen.
2014/4/17 13:30:37
Almost human InsaneHamster wrote:
Brilliant work Fazz!

cheers mate
2014/4/17 2:42:15
Almost human

another radio show adaptation. a tale of a mobster, a robot and murder......
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2014/4/15 23:55:12
My Muvizu video! if you have used the red upload button at the top of the page, then your video should appear in the gallery sometime tomorrow after being checked by the muvizu dudes. it will still be uploaded to you tube as they host muvizu's gallery vids.
2014/4/10 13:56:31
Asset Creation MrDrWho13 wrote:
Sounds like a pretty good concept.

Now they need to give us the ability to import characters/actions

well with error messages like these id say its not to far away lol

2014/4/9 13:21:06
Just One Piece Competition can my character give the litter bugs a good kicking on the way to the airport and when he spots the litter on the beach, hunt down the perp and fill him full of bullets? i am partial to a bit of muvizu violence........ only joking lol. it sounds like a good idea and if i had the time id give it a whirl but you never know lol
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2014/4/5 14:54:02
get the character to hold something its all in the character edit

wherever you see that box thing, you can add an attachment. they are all over the body. you might have to download the superheroes and rosie again to get their attachments working.
2014/4/5 14:36:54
Ok, another question please... well.. the whole body of a character is one big texture so you can use it to import video but i very much doubt you could do what you want without making some really complex video than only covers the head part of the texture. you could try green screen on the head or use one of the spotlights as a projector. dunno how it would come out though and whether it would be worth the aggro trying to do it. but you never know. experimenting with things is all part of the muvizu experience Big Grin
2014/4/5 14:27:40
crashing? MrDrWho13 wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
its wherever you save your sets to. do you have a folder that you use for projects? save another set and see what the destination folder is. or in search box when you open a window on your computer, type in the name of your set to see where it is

Well la di dah Mr windows 8

lol. cant say im a fan of the windows 8 though. it all seems a bit pointless unless you have a touch screen to take advantage of it and i aint got one of those lol.
2014/4/5 0:54:00
crashing? no worries
2014/4/5 0:39:40
crashing? its wherever you save your sets to. do you have a folder that you use for projects? save another set and see what the destination folder is. or in search box when you open a window on your computer, type in the name of your set to see where it is
2014/4/4 22:27:30
crashing? as long as you have saved your set theres no reason why you should lose anything.
2014/4/2 19:34:03
thumbnails MrDrWho13 wrote:
That is odd...
You've probably already thought about this, but did you install anything before shutting down your PC before?

no nothing at all mate. last thing i was doing before shutting down the pc was messing about in sketchup. every thumbnail has vanished somewhere. ive rebooted, done a virus scan, had a mess about in the properties but i dont really know what makes them. it just seems strange i can still get image file thumbnails and nothing else. oh well another mystery in my life i'll never solve lol.
2014/4/2 13:28:22
thumbnails my pc has suddenly lost the ability to make thumbnail pics on my muvizu sets and any video clips. any ideas?

i still get them on jpegs and other pictures but nothing else. i havent done anything today to produce this phenomena apart from turn on my pc. i would like them back coz its a pain in the arse without them.
ive tried in the file properties bit but no joy.
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2014/4/1 23:06:03
content packs problem
lighting sets

costumes pack
2014/4/1 3:52:20
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! lol
2014/4/1 3:42:17
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! lol this thread has turned into a pissing contest on the fastest render times Big Grin...
well my computer is used by NASA and it can render a 9 hour video in 4 seconds.... honest Big Grin
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2014/3/31 19:57:50
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! primaveranz wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
6 hrs is pretty long but understandable..

Lol, I have obviously led a very sheltered Muvizu life.
My longest render has probably been around 2 minutes, but then I never try to render more than 20 secs at a time and I am very careful only to include stuff that will be visible in the final shot and to use green screens where possible. Also my PC is not too much of a dog

i think my pc has just about reached its muvizu end, but it has given me hundreds of hours muvizu rendering and been pushed to its limit for a few years. so it aint done to bad a job Big Grin
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