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2014/8/24 13:33:48
how to save a character for use it in another set? you can copy your character and then load up the set you want to use and paste the character there or save it in your favourites. click on the edit character and click on favourites and in the bottom right corner is the save button.
2014/8/18 10:07:46
prelude to axanar as you may guess i do love a bit of star trek Big Grin

sorry its not another muvizu animation by me but its a short independent movie thats been made and hopefully a feature length movie will follow.



looks good to me and about time a decent independent star trek movie was made.

enjoy !
2014/8/14 0:07:42
what are those twitter feeds
2014/8/13 21:08:50
what are those twitter feeds ziggy72 wrote:
I wouldn't have clicked that - the URL has 'dodgy as f*ck' written all over it Big Grin

i know mate, i should have known better but my curiosity got the better of me Big Grin
we need a twitter user to get rid of the last offending link from the feed...... urbanlamb we need your twitter skills banish the nasty link from here
2014/8/13 13:09:17
DreamWorks competition well i just had a look at the wiki list and im afraid to say ive only seen shrek and the excellent chicken run...... chicken run...now then, how can that be done in muvizu? better get me thinking cap on Big Grin
2014/8/13 12:54:52
what are those twitter feeds at the bottom of the page right now. whats that all about? updates? and it sets my anti virus off good and proper....

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2014/8/12 16:20:18
Muvizu in a TV show me old mum loves sea patrol, infact she watches anything from australia lol. water rats being another favourite and all the aussie soaps. i am a big fan of the "underbelly" series. i would say they are some of the best tv ive watched. just how true to life they really are i dunno but i do love a bit of gangster violence lol.
anyways... excellent composing skills you have there, im very impressed
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2014/8/12 16:00:41
Where to find appropriate models size for import import the models into a modelling program of your choice. as you are wanting fbx models then blender is the way i would go as it has a fbx exporter (and its only one of two that ive ever used, sketchup being the other ). you will have to rescale them yourself. i doubt you will find many models that are scaled to fit into muvizu that are not here on the asset pages. im pretty sure there's laptop there somewhere. rescaling a model isnt to difficult if you are familiar with the modelling program you choose to use. at the end of the day its all trial and error on how big or small you need to rescale. i cant give you a size to work to because i have no idea how big your models are. the other alternative is to custom make them yourself . the sketchup 3d warehouse will have the models you want but again you will probably have to rescale them.
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2014/8/8 21:22:39
Coming Soon... looking good mr hamster
2014/8/8 21:20:16
How to install..v.40? when you installed you should have the option to install any other bits and pieces needed to run muvizu.
uninstall and try again but tick the boxes when you see the options come up.
2014/8/1 14:30:26
the man who lived twice muvizu_chap wrote:
You are now officially part of the gang!

thanks muvizu_chap i am now complete
2014/8/1 10:58:40
Shiny new xbox 360 controller Clam wrote:
Fazz68, are you aware of the xpadder software that allows you to map every control to any Muvizu command? Works great for me.

excellent bit of software, been playing about with it for a few days and it does the job brilliantly. cheers mate
2014/7/31 22:27:58
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set no your mb size is correct mate. it does download ok, i downloaded it a few weeks ago. failed the first time but went through ok the second time. but my broadband does have a habit of suddenly switching off when it feels like it. so i put the failed download down to that.
2014/7/31 21:19:55
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set urbanlamb has a one horse town set that could probably be adapted for your needs.
its not on this site but is still a muvizu set. be warned its a huge set.
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2014/7/31 21:15:24
the man who lived twice thanks all
2014/7/30 1:48:49
the man who lived twice thanks muvizu dudes, can i have one of those tester thingys too so i look like the rest of the moguls. i feel naked without one Big Grin @ urbanlamb cheers mate
2014/7/28 5:24:19
Unable to replay movements yes it is a bug. the only way around it ive found is to not move anything in your movement timeline once you have recorded something. as soon as you adjust any of the blocks the bug kicks in. so unfortunately you will have to get your timing spot on for now until its fixed. whenever that maybe. sorry.
2014/7/25 19:25:11
Crawling and climbing ignore what ive just said. just use the pitch slider in camera direct. its not greyed out if you're not recording. sorry about that. a lack of sleep and a blinding headache does things to my brain Big Grin
use the bracket keys when recording for camera roll. but for just positioning the camera the slider works.
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2014/7/25 19:15:50
Crawling and climbing try recording the camera movement then. it should work using the bracket keys. there is a pitch slider but for some reason its always greyed out click on the question mark in the corner of muvizu and click on keyboard shortcuts. its all in there.
2014/7/25 18:49:29
Crawling and climbing rotate the camera pitch in camera direct using the bracket keys. you dont need to be recording when you do this.
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