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2016/12/23 17:41:15
Bump Mapping... lol like i said bump map... normal map... all does the same thing
2016/12/23 14:48:58
Bump Mapping... primaveranz wrote:
I have never seen any option (when editing a .FBX imported into Muvizu) which allows me to change anything other than the Diffuse image and colour and also the Specular and Emissive colours only. No Bump map image or colour and no Emissive or Specular images either. I guess it depends on what software you use to create the FBX.

yes mate you have to have it all set up properly on the model when you are making/exporting it or it wont show up in the edit properties menu on a model. same with the specular maps. you can get some really good looking stuff into muvizu if its done well. ive used blender to do it and it works just fine (once you get past the trillion buttons in blender that is lol)
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2016/12/22 18:56:01
Bump Mapping... yes you can. bump maps... normal maps... all does the same thing....

its all been in the wiki for years...

2016/11/18 4:34:58
Apologize yeah you dont have to bother going. its pretty plain to see that this place is now full of people that have qualms about stealing crap. so enjoy your den of thievery.

so toodle pip and all that ****... its been fun... but the fun is over...

oh and @clayster... nice touch with the letter... really ripped at me heart strings lol drama queen...

2016/11/18 1:23:43
Apologize Rodrisilva wrote:

Surprinsingly I'm starting to see some preachers in this forum. Perfect people without sin. This kind of people never forgive. Reaction: nobody forgive them when they fall in temptation. They have to be perfect ... not humans....

Sorry my friend is time to leave this forum for good. It's starting to get boring and very distant of muvizu spirit.

It's a pity

lol so you see us as preachers without sin... what? because we dont agree with ripping someone off...
2016/11/17 23:51:51
Apologize hey pat i see you've been busy making assets for the muvizu community. Mmmm very nice models. i see you've put a lot of time and care into making them. im very impressed, nice one mate ohh and you're giving them away free too.... bonus... very generous of you. i know how long these things take to make... cool

yeah i err downloaded all the sets, extracted all the models.... ran them through 3dxchange to convert them into iclone assets... yeah i put them up for sale on the realusion market place £4 each.... ive sold loads... made a nice tidy pile...

yeah cheers mate thanks...

so i take it from most of the replies on this thread that that is an acceptable scenario....

total BS

ps... i havnt done any of that by the way.
2016/11/17 22:12:39
Apologize urbanlamb wrote:

I just have to add I am having trouble fathoming why someone would think its okay to just download a car or a house from a site where anyone else can get it for 0.00 if they had the url slap a cube in it for collision and hit export and then put a 3 dollar price tag on it.

Doesn't this bother anyone?

It sure bothers me.

exactly !!!! do you all think this is reasonable behavior from anyone. selling people stuff you got for FREE.... im glad i dont live in your bubble....
2016/11/17 15:59:49
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES yep every forum ive ever post a pic in uses the img inside the square brackets at the start and /img in the square brackets at the end. even if you are hotlinking a picture from the interwebs (which i dont do coz 9 times out of 10 whatever pic you are hotlinking usually shows up as a do not hotlink our pic image) so uploading to imgur is easier for me.
2016/11/17 14:45:06
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES how to get a photo/picture into the forum.. upload it to imgur or photobucket or whatever host you use. copy the url or whatever code they provide for that pic and paste it in your post.

in the case of imgur it would be this one...

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2016/11/13 19:15:08
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store urbanlamb wrote:
in fbx you simply seperate the parts you want to be transparency by putting them on a different material.

models meshs are just the framework.. you then add materials and the materials hold the properties of the object if you have parts of the object that require different properties then others (such as a light or window) you add a second material layer

you then uvmap all the material layers and texture accordingly place the parts of your uvmap requiring one set of properties on one material layer and the other parts of your uvmap onto the other material layer having the other properties)

The only place FBX is not practical (inside muvizu only) is with trees (although I have made other objects in ASE that are not trees, but you run into something called an alpha sorting bug which is characteristic of using alpha masks which is one reason why fbx was invented in the way it was to avoid the alpha sort issues). Anyhow in muvizu you really have no choice but to make trees using ase because for whatever reason -which I never bothered to decide if it was native to unreal 3 or something that muvizu just decided on- alpha masking is not recognized which is kinda wierd, but luckily they allow ase still for trees.

Anyhow the long and the short of it is yes you can put alpha into an fbx object without resorting to trickery and more mesh and flipping it inside out (mesh is one sided) by adding more material layers.
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^^^what she said...
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2016/11/10 22:04:49
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Creeped out
2016/10/6 16:59:18
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy its from an american tv series funny enough called Andromeda. Big Grin
2016/10/6 16:01:56
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy very nice mate. very trippy

was that the andromeda ascendant blasting him out the sky?
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2016/9/23 18:04:14
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? mate, just the thought of a plate of those swimming in dodgy gravy makes me feel a bit queasy Big Grin

and as a kid i really thought they were made from brains which probably didnt help.
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2016/9/23 14:44:58
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? i thought faggotry was a tree that produces faggots.... those nasty offal meat products ya mum made you eat as a kid...
2016/9/20 22:16:59
muvizu pro............. lol

its nothing to do with the price of "muvizu PRO" its the fact that its being called muvizu pro.... its not. its muvizu Play + with contents packs.

if it was muvizu pro it would have all the features that people on this forum have been after for a long time and that product is renderdigimania... add your own characters... use your own character actions... etc etc etc. its all there in that product. but that boat has sailed as urban has just said.
2016/9/20 16:00:41
muvizu pro............. link from a tweet below.


not the muvizu pro we are looking for though me thinks....

we want your renderdigimania thingamebob to play with....
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2016/9/8 21:35:40
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 ikes wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Loaded a previously made set and one of the characters had their glasses on the wrong way round and something has gone missing...

I don't get it how you fix one bug and then screw up something else that was working before...

welcome to the world of muvizu Big Grin
2016/7/26 15:46:44
1st person view techniques mr dr who i quite right all effects are muvizu effects bar one. the only one that isnt is the phaser hit which is a crudely draw GIF done in gimp and overlayed in editing and keyframed to stay with the body of our psycho killer. as i was going for the cheapo original star trek look it works quite well lol
2016/7/26 12:26:42
1st person view techniques i do have to say that any first person perspective is just a camera that would be used from height of a characters eyes. there would be no eye shapes on the screen. if a persons eyes were shut the screen would just be black and when open just the camera view. so the opening of the eyes would only have to be the black screen transitioning to a camera view. could be done with a combination of lighting and blurring the screen with depth of field.

what i mean is this....

at about 7mins 20 secs in. warning this vid does contain a horror element Big Grin
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