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2015/11/19 20:42:11
Market place ziggy72 wrote:

...however, in my experience, I'd rather take the hit for a high poly model because it looks good on screen (or at least better than the low poly option). It's down to the buyer to decide whether they want to blow their poly budget on just a couple of items, isn't it? As much as I'd like to have a car that only uses less than 1k and doesn't look like crap on screen, I've yet to find one.

So, what I'm saying is that you need to make the seller give this kind of detailed info because some of us are more poly conscious than others The limit for Muvizu is actually 20k in one object, so the ceiling is already fixed, it's just up to the (well informed) buyer if they want to have 10k HD doughnuts or not. Some really interesting points coming out of this thread...

I dont mind selling my 10k poly doughnuts, but I also know my 10k polygon doughnuts are easy to make and no harder to make then a 100 polygon doughnut. If you want to buy it, but value wise there probably wont be much price difference lol. So more does not necessarily mean better and in actual fact the guy who made the 100 polygon doughnut probably started making it with the 10k poly doughnut and then baked the info off so in theory it was less work to create the 10k poly doughnut so in a way it should be cheaper.

However if your scene can only handle a 10k poly doughnut and a chair and table and then its starting to grind to a halt then perhaps it would be better to shop around and get a 100 poly doughnut instead and if you will buy my 10k poly doughnut for more money then fine with me its just not very logical lol .. because it was easier to make it LOL

If we speak of the evil reallussion marketplace there are likely several 10k doughnuts out there on it, but they are often free or very cheap because most people want 100 poly doughnuts So there is a wide variety of doughnuts for sale at various prices.
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2015/11/19 20:23:26
Market place I like the idea of a virtual currency and had mentioned it before, but it does rely on muvizu looking into an entirely new system on top of transactions which it will have to deal with anyhow because people would need to cash out if they are earning and not buying etc.

As for pricing I will leave that to others because I tend to feel that there will be different tiers of quality and not all widgets will be of equal value.
2015/11/19 19:11:23
Market place artpen wrote:

Mmm, fair point, what I mean is top quality, the amount of time that person has spent on the model, most of the time they are high poly, so yes, they will need to be Poly slashed for Muvizu.

Yeah I have not found these two things to be congruous in fact I think you will find that if you really looked into it .. its the opposite. Its actually more difficult to create good looking low poly game engine ready stuff then it is to create high poly stuff, but I think your thinking about "resolution" which is different.

In this case I think that muvizu can handle to a point what are called "mid rez" stuff that is low poly or possibly medium poly objects with medium resolution textures and normal maps. This is defined as 2048x2048 texture and normal map. However I can say that we are limited by polygons a great deal in muvizu due to the engines age and the polygon count actually falls into the low poly range.

I dont think a mid poly character would even work that well in muvizu and by that I mean 55k polygons is too much

However objects should all be below 1k polygons unless its something very larger .. a full house maybe and even then I would be looking at less then 5k polygons.

Most objects we make should probably fall around the 500 polygon range. Maybe a car 2k poly .. maybe I might push it to 5k and if i want to be wasteful 10k but that would be me being lazy that day LOL. I would also probably give it away for free because its polygon heavy which is "bad form" in a game engine so anyhow. I will shut up about polygons the subject makes me cranky Big Grin

(i am very opinionated today it seems sorry ^^)
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2015/11/19 19:02:49
Market place Farscaper wrote:
I guess it also boils down to how large the market is. Judging by the number of forum posters and downloads of even the greatest free assets, I have to wonder if the finer details matter just yet.

By this stage of the game Muvizu should rely more on the "Moguls" as a screening panel for anyone wanting to sell content. They could determine quality and do a poll on a suggested price after getting access to the assets on an honour basis. (Won't ever use unless they buy it.) Or it could be something presented in a film for everyone in the forum to vote on. (Needing a set number of thumbs up.)

The current system of seeing just a few comments on the product page really don't encourage me to buy. The approval stamp of at least five out of ten experts here would.

Okay gonna say something about this as well. Not all moguls are good at all things. So in the end I think it should be digimania that screens content for their store. I can also say that likely there are content providers out there who would refuse to take part in a store with peer control.

At the moment I appear to be picking things apart, but I want to ensure that if people are spending money they get their money's worth and what they purchase is appropriate for use in a real time engine and more specifically muvizu's engine.

For price I honestly think this should be up to the seller in part keeping in mind that there is likely a minimum price that would make sense due to the various costs involved with moving money around.
2015/11/19 18:37:59
Market place artpen wrote:
PCollimonster wrote:
Hi All

What would you expect a single object to be priced at?

All depends on quality, detail or polygon count, and obviously how popular it is.

I'd say 1 pound - Basic model no textures.

2 pound - medium quality, simple paint textures.

2.99 - Max price for top quality, high poly, good textures.

Why do you feel a hi-polygon model is better quality then a low poly model? I dont understand this LOL.

Hi poly models are usualy base sculpts not meant for use. Places like daz sell them but the end user has to decimate them down because they are not suitable for use in real time engines. For instance their characters are not even suited for use in cpu based renders without heavy modification. They create them that way for morphing reasons, but at the end of the day its the low poly model that is the better model.

They certainly are not suitable for use inside muvizu and you would be hurting yourself by purchasing them.
2015/11/19 18:07:14
Market place ziggy72 wrote:
How about Polygons = Price? A simple object, less than a 1k polygons, could be capped to a max of £1. More complexity would justify the higher price.

Yeah i would not agree with that more polygons can be exploited.
If I make a tin can out of 10k polygons it is definately not better then a tin can made out of 12 polygons. Since everything we make should be in fact low on polygons this is a very bad idea especially since models with less polygons are in fact usually better quality then models where people just dont know how to model and so use way too many polygons.

Detail is brought out with textures , normal maps etc polygons just hold the info

In summary a model made out of a lot of polygons may in fact be not as good as one where the creator took care to create an resource economical model and put a ton of work into baking out proper maps etc etc.
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2015/11/18 18:25:00
update failure . muvizu wont run you probably need a download manager. As its probably your internet that is the cause. If your connection is slow its probably timing out and things and would corrupt the file or maybe your download is incomplete.

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2015/11/17 20:07:00
Collision on an FBX file here is the info in the wiki if you can make the right version of fbx file and stuff then you should be able to use any software you have lying around

2015/11/17 17:55:58
Market place I would make original content not repurpose. I think going down the repurposing thing is asking people to purchase assets more then once so if it was repurposed it would need to be significantly changed. Any muvizu assets I do not think are appropriate for "repurposing" because we cannot alter them significantly so this feel like it would be a rip off to me.

With them "other softwares" the rules are usually quite strict about what assets they allow people to repurpose and require that the assets be significantly changed in some way. At the moment the only "repurposing" which i see as appropriate is the uvmaps muvizu has released for its characters so that people can make entirely new textures etc so this is a significant change. Any furniture created by muvizu really can't be appropriately repurposed as you can only change the size, rotation and colour.

I also would like to see some sort of minimum standard of quality go into assets and some guidelines published by muvizu central and a cert program of some sort that people need to go through to meet the minimum standards. After that occurs and people pass the litmus test they probably will be safe to be self governed unless there is a complaint or digimania/muvizu gets a takedown notice or something

So that is my 2 cents. I dont want to see people buying stuff taking it out of the package building something out of it and not having done anything except what amounts to "rearranging the furniture" in the living room and calling it "new" If your going to give my living room a face lift I expect you to at least repaint it, change the upholstery on my chairs at least and maybe sand down the coffee table and refinish it

I also would like the ability to sell a content package not just a set. If I were to make content I would assemble it into a set but also give the bits and pieces seperately.

Also when it comes to giving out models and sets we need a system in place to allow for appropriate permissions. (copy,modfiy, redistribute) stuff. This would of course take care of any "repurposing" issues LOL.

I guess I should add one last thing regarding "repurposing" if say I make a widget and release it so that it can be repurposed eg: with uvmaps etc and in such a way that the person can change it significantly. There would need to be a system in place that would allow for the original creator to get a percentage of the earnings if his widget is repurposed and resold on the market place. Otherwise its not nice LOL. So again back to the muvizu character textures. Muvizu went to the trouble of making the characters and a pile of animations and then released the UVMAP so that people can make new clothes. In this case muvizu should get a percentage and the texture creator should get a percentage. Since its a remix basically.

The decision of whether the item can be repurposed or not should be left to the original creator though. If he doesn't want people to sell his widget again with a new texture then this should be accounted for too..

okay now I guess I am up to maybe 5 cents.
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2015/11/12 23:32:25
African Village Set Wanted My trees are fine i dont care but the birch trees were from an asset dump from a company that released them under share alike type attributes. And of course you can't resell any muvizu assets so when people build sets to resell it would all have to be stuff that is made by them.

Life is about to get a bit more complicated here as people have to start reading the fine print more. And of course muvizu has to come up with a detection system of their own for their own content. Its a big change and no small task.
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2015/11/12 22:19:54
African Village Set Wanted *cough* although I dont think rebel would be trying to resell this I thought I would take this opportunity to use it as an example of something that can't be resold

Some of the content in that set was created by muvizu and some of the content in that set was created by me and yet some more was created by a company called nevrax which only allowed for non-commerical usage and share alike type restrtictions. I used to have those items up here with the proper CC attributions, but took them down when the site started with the commercial store. (one of the trees was from a package that is only usable under a creative commons non-commercial type license so technically it can't be used in any commercial videos either if one is to split hairs)

So basically he cannot sell this set, but he can give it away LOL

Anyhow.. I just thought I would say something because these are things that muvizu is presently wrestling with as well and that are going to become issues in the future. When this site was all free stuff to give away it was not much of an issue .. it will become one soon though. I personally dont mind if you sell the trees I made although I might think it was you know profiting off my goodwill, but I would not want to see someone get in trouble because of the other stuff that is present that other companies hold rights too. The stuff I created was for use in videos that could be used for commercial purposes, but the assets were not meant to be resold themselves and that goes with the muvizu ones as well.

Better to say something before this becomes an issue then reacting afterwards. So anyone producing something read the terms of all the "ingredients" your using to create the assets including the textures.

.. okay back to the rest of the thread.
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2015/11/12 15:05:42
Hitfilm express 3 I did not mind the hitfilm I just found that I needed a good editor first and the other would be you know for compositing which.. I can do in blender if i need to lol.

I have done some composite work in blender and its quite good, but I have not done if for awhile since well I have gotten used to other ways. One day when I get round to it I may re-explore blender as I know they have upgraded the compositing abilities and of course having blender means I have any special affect I would ever want. So I may never invest in such a tool.

This is what I would most likely end up in future if i was to get more complicated. Or the red giant products.. as I love red giant's stuff. Basically I dont need a compositor I is what I am trying to say as I have one that rivals adobe in power and its free (I like free)


Exchange with other post-production programs The integrated alpha channel support of AVI files enables you to import sequences from compositing and 3D programs such as Adobe After Effects™ and Blender.

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2015/11/12 0:45:28
Hitfilm express 3 after trying hitfilm yet again I decided to purchase corel video ultimate again. I actually sat with hitfilm long enough to figure it out, but I came to the same conclusion that I always do.

A) its way more then I would ever need and its better as a compositor not very good as an editor
b) I would prefer a full blown compositor from another company due to the plugin availability
c) Blender is a compositor so if I really wanted one .. there is one there (its also fairly decent for video editing but i like the toys that come with the corel package)
2015/11/9 23:50:09
can't buy expansion packs without buying muvizu + For this i would contact support http://muvizu.com/Support and tell them what happened.
2015/11/1 19:37:28
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... you will notice cuda tech differences with certain things and I recently found out that for certain things nvidia and adobe got together to do some underhanded stuff regarding cuda tech. For instance the cuda tech exists on the 980 & 970 cards and is identical in speed to the titans, but they have partially disabled it to try to pressure people to purchase the titans.

Anyhow it does make a noticable difference with dealing with 3dstuff the amd cards make me wanna tear my hair out when using things like 3dcoat or other types of software but really I dont think it makes a huge difference with regards to muvizu because of what it is. However it makes larger difference elsewhere and I as a result purchase cards with it but tend to stay away from companies like adobe that has worked with nvidia to try to sell the titans. Not a fan of what nvidia has done regarding that but I need a good pc and unlike software so far I am left bowing down to nvidia because of this tech.

so if you like adobe after affects for instance or hitfilm your gonna want a card with cuda tech. It also makes a huge difference with iclone6 cause of how it works, but here not so much as muvizu is not as new and so it doesn't really tap into it a huge amount. (sorry used an evil word on this board but if your looking to progress and use your card for more then just muvizu and your doing 3d and particles and using voxel tech blah blah blah.. your gonna want a card with cuda)
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2015/10/30 18:05:54
uv mapping texturing there are some links at the top of the forum but these guys have good uvmapping tutorials

the concept is the same regardless of the object unwrap is to its not stretched and lay it out flat
2015/10/26 19:15:56
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
Well i did put it in the general discussion area
trying to avoid interrupting more serious technical matters involving Muvizu problems.
i didn't start the barbs and nastiness.

We are all different if you dont like what the person says you have the choice to ignore it or respond to it. Personally I tend to take the high road and not reply.

However again if you really want only a staff answer well dont post here LOL just contact them at support. I suspect their answer would be something like "we dont have any info yet but when we do we will share it".

As adults hopefully we all have the maturity to step away from the keyboard and not do the "he started it" thing. Anyhow I will go back to lurking but lets hope they dont have to start moderating these boards cause that means they have less time to do other things like building online stores that will accomodate the peanut gallery and them

anyhow "why cant we all just get along" LOL.

that is what i get for typing slower i need to go back and quote now lol.
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2015/10/26 18:57:07
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
No!! what i really want is the info i requested in my first post without anyone generalising what my intentions may be.
i never expected non staff members to comment on the subject .was just hoping actual muvizu staff to speak.

If you want info directly from them send them a support ticket. As has been said before they will share info when *they* are ready to share it and not before. "is it done yet" wont make it come any faster. If they are not posting info its because *they* have none to share. Asking on here a community board where the peanut gallery posts wont get only staff answers.

Your encountering annoyance because your posting more then one thread asking. If you get silence you dont like that either so some of us answer. Asking repeatedly and bumping threads wont help you and that is what your doing. The thread was dead and gone you nuked it and replied to fazz one month later. Just relax if they have no info to post they wont answer and obviously they have no info to post.

26/10/2015 18:28:03Someone who couldn't give a toss about the store eh?
Then is complicit in releasing monitarised assets.


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2015/10/26 18:44:22
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
Are you now privvy to the info i sought?
at least at a technical level or do you have to be part of some clique?
more laughs
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If you really want to sell content NOW that is muvizu compatible just go make some and sell it online wherever you want and carry on. There are a lot of sites that will let you set up shop. Renderosity https://www.renderosity.com/ is one of the most common that I remember off the tip of my head

another one is CGtrader https://www.cgtrader.com . ShareCG, turbosquid.. I could go on lol.

Their store their rules. (whatever they are gonna be when we get there) .
okay my links work now.. I need to slow down when I post ..
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2015/10/24 23:18:12
Animate sky I used to use an avi file small one and basic but I would plug that into the background texture and point the camera to it and then put that onto the skydome
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