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2012/9/11 15:27:56
somebody kill me plz - song + funny lol is that your voice? Nice first attempt
2012/9/11 15:17:59
Where the #@$% have we been? rolf gave me a giggle that did I liked your #1 fan.
2012/9/11 3:32:51
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here haha okay thanks probably will do sets and then backtrack and upload some models
2012/9/10 1:39:59
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here lol okay since no one has any input since I am finding the upload/moderate thing a bit hard to deal with if i make a mistake I can't just "take it back" and reupload at my leisure etc so I will I guess upload sets to cut down on uploads ..
2012/9/8 21:14:18
Pie in the sky suggestion #1

okay this may be over the top as a suggestion but I will post it anyhow

The ability to link set objects and have them move using the animation/move interface here is an example. In order to get this to work in muvizu I had to make this one huge mesh object and then I wanted to use parts seperately as well so i had to create well the seperate parts. I would have liked to just have been able to string these parts together on a whim and have them move as a unit ..

here is my pie in the sky photo (please ignore the parts not touching the ground it was a test to see if such a long massive import was even possible sizewise)

2012/9/7 23:26:50
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here re: assets

I am wondering if its more useful to create sets for people to use then upload the individual objects. For myself I thought objects but I am thinking possibly sets are more useful?

Anyone have any info on which is more useful for users? or are they um "equally as useful". Since I insist on making my own sets objects seem more useful to me... but I tend to always be contrary to what the largest amount of users do...

anyhow thanks for input

*goes back to building things now*
2012/9/6 0:23:47
Excruciatingly slow when editing. Muvizu and all these movie making engines are all real time deals so it holds all the info in memory. I personally would have not even thought that the software would even load let alone allow you to use it a little. I dont know the age of the games your running but i would assume any games that are more modern like say skyrim would give that pc a meltdown.

I'm sure there are people out there doing it but I would not run anything like muvizu without at least 4 gig of ram and a newer card that can process things quickly.
2012/9/5 20:11:47
Instrumentals for your videos hopefully it will be of some use. Mr Stuff as I call him is himself an animator the "live action" kind but he also loves to make music. Anyhow say hello to him and take a peak at his main channel puppet shows you will probably enjoy them. They have a definate muppet influence lol

adding his soundcloud channel the creative commons license is more clear there

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2012/9/5 14:42:32
Instrumentals for your videos Hi just posting this. This is a friend of mine he likes to um rap and does instrumentals etc. Anyhow I thought I would post his link to royalty free music.

I have seen a few people do lyrics to his music and others use it just as is lol


Alas most of his stuff never fits my needs but one day it might.
2012/9/3 15:03:17
The IDea Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!

I hope you realise that we are all waiting with baited breath for when you report that you earned something from the advertising on youtube!

Okay that made me laugh.
2012/9/2 20:42:02
A Liar's Autobiography - Official Trailer lol I like the part about why they opened a youtube channel. I probably will watch these guys a lot on youtube now.
2012/8/30 16:36:10
Disappearing Character haha no problem I totally forget about some things until someone mentions it.

thanks for replying
2012/8/29 22:23:30
Rebirth trailer haha I can't wait to see that. Finally a female Dr Who its about time!

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2012/8/28 23:51:46
question re: face/polygon count limits in muvizu haha thanks

I have encountered a few physical size limits but so far not a huge issue well i just shrunk it down really. Okay i was shooting for 15k for the locomotive. The physical size of the train wont be you know insane and like everything its like for a few minutes outside shots and then move to inside shot which is really mostly just a square box but being picky you know..

Anyhow thanks I figured I should ask before finding out the hard way you know and have to tear apart what I am doing. I always shoot for low res stuff but the train locomotive was not half bad some of their models are like 70k faces to make a doorknob lol

for physical scale i find anything over 20 times just wont import into muvizu and in the case of some of the high rise buildings i had to move down to 15 times so they are a bit out of wack if you put a character beside it lol.
2012/8/28 21:56:47
question re: face/polygon count limits in muvizu hello i am busy modelling my brains out again for my next epic superman adventure. I am making a train locomotive + passenger cars so its large ... anyhow I got a bit carried away on the locomotive and before I start lowering its detail I was wondering what average counts on for things are "okay" for muvizu

*hides* I know this is far to vertex heavy but my locomotive is about 17k faces right now what is like the outer limit of this (I still have to make a passengar car and caboose and link it all into one object so it can move as a unit) its just a really cool locomotive and would be fine inside blender. I am not sure if medium polygon objects are okay in muvizu.

Trying to cut me workload down a bit...

edit (sorry for messy posting) anyhow i got this originally off blenderswap it was animated and well 30k faces ... want to avoid making stuff from scratch if i can ^^
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2012/8/28 21:34:58
The IDea oh my everyone here is as looney as me (i mean that in the nicest possible way of course lol) thanks for being such a hilarious group although I must confess the software and its animations give it away.

holds up thumb close to eye and blots out the fridge
2012/8/28 17:57:03
Super 10 (seconds) Yes that was a very good one haha instant laugh from me. I like the little costume as well that is next on my muvizu to do list making my characters all cool like that! Thanks for the laugh ziggy
2012/8/27 18:08:40
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Marco_D wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
i have to report this bug because everytime i try to use the depth of field setting and click it on the camera muvizu crashes on me.. i have to remember to do this soon its 100% reproducable for me I have no clue what would cause that but its annoying ^^

Hi urban,

Can you please confirm that you are referring to the Depth of field on the Focus options and not the Field of view?

I'm investigating this issue and just need to be sure we are on the same page


hi there lol it actually took me a bit to reproduce it.. was almost instant before anyhow its depth of field not field of view it seems more common in the cameras 2-3-4 harder to do in camera 1 anhow i will post a screenshot as well of the error list long long list

to be honest I think i got these errors when I was playing with the colours/brightness and contrast i will try that as well but the depth of field i noticed a lot probably because i really wanted to use it in some shots

here is a screeny sorry i never got round to submitting a bug report i was wanting to find an error file but had not taken anytime to look for it something seems to be missing.. not sure what its a new install i got this error on the 32 bit and noticed a 64 bit so removed it and installed that and that had the error as well..

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2012/8/26 18:53:24
Super 10 (seconds) ziggy72 wrote:
Couldn't see any way to post anything on your Facebook page - no doubt because I'm not (and never will be) a member. Still, here's my tuppence worth anyway

rofl everyone is giving me sunday laughs today.

Your also making it hard for me to ignore the fact that i have not touched the uv layers yet of my little actors and have to put that on my "todo" list.
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2012/8/26 18:48:21
The IDea Dreeko wrote:
fullmetall wrote:
Applause great, its your voice ? because its clear and i can understand, it is not this condition for all vidéos

Yes, it's my voice. Im glad you could understand. Not a Scottish accent in earshot ( hopefully!)

nope you put a good accent over top hard to do

as a side note dang I wouldn't want to be on your "bad side" lolol unfortunately I can't say I disagree that and the higher price has always left me wondering "but why" however there are many hardcore users out there that are exclusive users and say its "better" I wish I knew how? its made of all the same stuff Whaaaaa?

anyhow thanks for the sunday laugh lol good american accent dreeko!
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