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2012/10/16 11:11:47
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 Here is episode 2 of the 1940 public domain superman series "meet clark kent" hopefully its not blocked i have a false copyright claim against it .. i had forgotten how bad youtube can be .. its disputed so hopefully the claim is released soon. I posted this to the gallery this time hehe hopefully it shows up

I was playing around and made a little poster even

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2012/10/13 18:14:20
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects yes when i was starting to play with muvizu all but one asset I downloaded was broken. The school bus worked. I would hazard a guess that anything made before 2010 is likely not working and can be deleted hehe.

I will start just making a few assets soon as I need a movie making break this last one is hard. I made a tree actually not a great one it was experimental so the leaves texture has some areas on it that are not quite right but I wanted to see if transparency would work as I saw a post on here you could not have it on an object or something. Anyhow the tree turned out well

I also found a bug but I dont know if its in the exporter or muvizu its flipping some of my uv maps always in the same location lol and its annoying anyhow I am aware of this bug now and am attempting to um compensate for it but in some cases I just ignore it lol

(edited typed to fast again and my first sentance didnt make sense!)
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2012/10/10 6:44:47
Guns and Performance *cough* well if they added hand props and a decent way to animate with them and maybe did a bit of work on the cameras I would be contacting them about commercial works most likely *hides again*
2012/10/10 6:40:50
Spikes appearing should i pour the nitrogen on before or after I remove my hands from the keyboard Pat on the head
2012/10/9 21:11:21
Spikes appearing Everytime i see that artifact I wince because when it happens to me its because my card is starting to go from getting overheated too many times.
2012/10/9 3:56:15
SH%T YOU'LL NEVER HEAR AGAIN EP 2 OUT NOW!!!!!! lol scared to hit play now

*carefully hits play*
2012/10/7 20:04:00
How do i personalize superhero costumes? Yes what ziggy said. I have to slow down when I type I am always going a million miles an hour. There is also "torso" maps for the upper body.
2012/10/7 16:45:51
How do i personalize superhero costumes? The new characters have more complex uv maps. They each have a zip file and there are uv maps for several different clothing types but you can customize that you need to find the appropriate uv map to match. IN this case its a downloadable zip file and there is one for legs spandex. That is what you need for the superhero costume. There is a seperate map for gloves as well

These maps are better and have more detail then the original characters
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2012/10/5 23:47:41
Shadow Problem hehe my usualy problem is i leave shadows on all my lights (i use lots ..) and have like 20 shadows and have to go around clicking them all off. Anyhow glad you solved it
2012/10/5 23:42:43
Guns and Performance I would love to have the ability to hold more props but usually that comes with a need for more animation or some type of limited puppeteering to make it actually useful hehe hopefully you guys can come up with something cool
2012/10/5 23:41:06
Shadow Problem oh are you using directional lighting etc? you might have to change the tilt and/or turn shadows off on one of the lights your using
2012/10/5 22:43:50
Shadow Problem If the windows are seperate you just uncheck the box cast shadows on the objects and then you only have the ones you want.

All objects and characters etc have a box to toggle shadowing off so you can remove unwanted ones
2012/10/4 22:00:35
Fantastic "realistic" machinima series I saw this as a result of being in a group that is having a machinima expo anyhow its fantastic really. I have a few series I wanted to do and one was based on real world looks. Anyhow this is awesome and it proves to me that all my hairbrained ideas are possible if i simply take time and care to execute them. I am definately inspired by this guy. It shows me there is a real future for machinima as an entertainment and even news delivery medium if people just put aside their bias and can wrap their heads around the fact that machinima uses game engines hehe

2012/10/4 18:54:09
dress texture problem :) lol okay thanks i was hoping it was "new" and it was fixable. Anyhow its a night scene (foggy nightime so it looks like that unfortunately)

I will just keep continuing since i like her little knitted suit

I am actually only seeing all these problems in this low light scene so I can pretty much say at this point that if you use coloured ambient light and low light and tri directional light and realistic shadows your going to experience all the little muvizu idiosyncracies hehe
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2012/10/4 4:14:43
dress texture problem :) Hi i was making a little um knitted suit for one of my characters and came across this issue tonight lol

The highlighting used on the skirts is well odd it appears to be an attempt at building wrinkles or something into the skirt. I tried everything its almost behaving like there is some texture underneath and not just mesh anyhow

here is her skirt my secretary is having a fashion issue

basically the uv map only lets her wear pants so i put the skirt on and just made a well a square texture and slapped it on no highlighting or anything and I got this result not sure what is going on to be honest to me it looks like an attempt at building in wrinkles onto the skirt but it kind of failed

2012/10/2 19:57:07
Instrumentals for your videos I am adding another source i found yesterday. (I guess I will just keep updating this thread as the sources i find are not pinned on the other pages) anyhow I went through them depending on what your doing the beats will work (busy looking for something for myself I think I am going to have to make it from scratch nothing I have found yet works)

Anyhow here is a funky place http://beatbulletin.com/

I found it as a result of hearing someone do a rather strange song as an intro and outro to their machinima masterpiece. A lot of these beats are good if you can come up with a spoken song and need to make a theme song. I have seen several very good ones now made by people who cannot sing a note hehe
2012/10/2 17:55:24
my latest adventure oh i saw the first one where they defeated the daleks enjoyed that one and this one too hehe

keep it up
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2012/10/2 17:27:18
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing yes i posted my info in the other thread it was nvidia GTX 560ti that i am using
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2012/10/1 19:20:57
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing uh I have those white edges too lol I guess its all related (I hope) and not hard to fix nevertheless i am making my video and trying to ignore those problems and hope not many people notice

so I will add my two cents into this pile as well you can see that issue before you hit that render screen my little avatars look like they are cut outs with the line around the outside and it can be limited by the lighting you use

here is me making it deliberately bad but when i first saw it I thought i had toon turned on and it does carry over into the video if you have the lighting effects to cause it unfortunately i am big on shadows and ambient lighting.

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2012/10/1 15:44:45
anti-aliasing hi unfortunately once i decided to mess with options the problem came up and has not gone away here is a photo of something I was working on last night.

and yes the card i am using for this stuff is the gtx 560ti nvidia and it looks like this in dx9 and dx11.
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