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2012/10/21 5:08:29
website woes suggestion well i hope they can fix it so replies just get filtered properly I felt like a wacko talking to myself in my latest comments feed Whaaaaa?
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2012/10/21 5:05:51
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! okay looking at a couple of these sneak peaks its possible mine is not anymore off the wall then some of the other entries (or is it? lol) Ah well putting it together gives me a chuckle anyhow hopefully i get it done in time as usual it takes longer then i expect

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2012/10/20 19:30:05
new to muvizu. Glad you figured it out. Will be waiting to see what masterpieces you produce
2012/10/20 19:23:40
website woes suggestion I dont know how easy/hard it would be to do this but its another "woe" regarding the youtube feed onto the site.

Its not huge but for a long time I was wondering why people were messaging me instead of just posting "thanks" or whatever response they had put in the private message onto the youtube comments feed instead.

Well here is why lol when I reply to people from youtube ---its only polite to reply to comments be them negative or positive as it engages users and tends to well keep them involved so as any "good youtuber" I reply to each and every message posted---- the feed on this website it looks like well I am talking to myself and its kind of wierd looking.

/whispers *I dont hear voices honest* lol

Anyhow is it too much trouble to have it so that our replies show up properly? either

a) making it so we can reply from here
b) having the replies posted on youtube appear here as well a reply


Right now I feel like I need to go clean up the channel feed and remove all my replies because it looks goofy here. If that is the only option I will do it but it would be nice to engage users properly. I am not a huge social bug but I do believe in engaging anyone who has taken the trouble to stop and watch my videos and reply to it. worship
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2012/10/19 21:40:00
Sketchup to Muvizu I am not friends with sketchup at all but for blender usually the issues with sketchup models is flipped faces you have to recalculate normals and then flip all the faces the correct way. I will honestly say that I found sketchup worse then blender but maybe that is because I was using blender first.

But to combat sketchup wonkiness I convert to and obj file and import that into blender and remove all the added extras which can be considerable and I concluded for myself it was just faster and easier to just build an entire model from scratch inside blender (that is how much time I have spent cleaning up sketchup models).

For anyone wanting to learn blender the issue is that it does just so many things. You need to look at it function by function and in the case of muvizu the only chunk you need to worry about is the model chunk.

In conclusion i have used one or two 3dwarehouse sketchup models but in about 90% of the cases my use of sketchup files has resulted in me deleting the file after about 3 hours of messing around (by then i know exactly what the model looked like) and spending maybe half an hour building a reasonable facscimile in blender and using that instead
2012/10/19 21:14:22
new to muvizu. Ah thanks yeah its 2 gig I only know that I use pretty much uncompressed and the files are huge and to be honest with all the editing one tends to do its just better to have the highest quality possible. For me the codec that came with my webcam which was meant for HD recordings so the files are naturally huge give me great results. I then once I have assembled all the little bits use the covetted h264 avi to process the final product.
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2012/10/19 19:53:38
new to muvizu. hello muvizu does not come with any fancy codecs. Most people are not aware but for companies to supply codecs they would have to charge a license fee to its users and since muvizu is free that is probably the issue with lack of codecs

I saw your post on your feed here is the answer to some of your questions

muvizu clips over 1 minute long give this message so you have 2 solutions

1) install a codec pack everyone recommends k-lite

2) record 1 minute long clips using what you have there and stitch them together. I am actually unsure if the k-lite let syou use longer clips because I use a codec I purchased with my HD webcam which only allows 1 minute long clips still

hopefully others will give more information.
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2012/10/19 4:35:40
muvizu for comercial or broadcast contact them at this email address

you need to sign a contract with them

To enquire about commercial use of Muvizu 3D animation software, email us at:commercial@muvizu.com
2012/10/19 3:30:48
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! haha some of these screenies are really good

My entries will be rather well bizarre and give people reason to wonder if I am sane or not haha
2012/10/18 22:10:59
Guns and Performance unfortunately if they want their product to look good forcing people to do odd workarounds that kinda well are not great will make the product look also not good. Finger movement is great however right now we are trying to do it without finger movement and have the items not attached and using the object motion properties to try to capture an affect as best possible. Anyone inspecting muvizu will not know exactly why it looks like it does and think that is how muvizu works and make more faces then if the fingers were not curled .. However the fingers for things like pick up the phone and put down the phone are already posed. For some reason they put pick up and hang up into one animation and had no hold loops forcing people to use things like the dj pose making it look even more messy.

Anyhow I want to see objects link to the hands this is what iclone does you can move around with the object in space etc of course they added puppeterring later on and I hate holding up one piece of software as a comparison but since everyone is suggesting these things and they are available in other softwares one needs to shall we say keep up. That being said muvizu is better at keeping up then other companies so for a free for non commercial use product its great. As a person who enjoys using muvizu I of course want to see it do more. I dont know why object linking is not something that is included or why they have animations to match objects which dont exist lol it would be nice to see these things in place. The head and eye movement is great and i was shocked to see it in muvizu however it begs why is that the only puppeteering available in muvizu? It seems to me that moving the arms in the same manner is within grasp (maybe I am wrong lol I am not a coder just an end user who has been around this type of software for more time then I would like to admit hehe)
2012/10/18 17:50:09
D and C Return well now I see all my questions of how D & C came to be are answered. "very informative" hehe was very cute indeed I enjoy your videos because they are just insanity somehow organized to be just logical enough to make me laugh
2012/10/18 6:24:07
I want my Character to begin scene laying on a bed i have had my character lie on a bed you just can't have an animation of them getting into bed all fancy like but what I did was make it so the bed can be stood on (click on the box can be stood on in the edit menu) and then place the character standing up on the bed and use one of the lying down poses. If he is not in the right spot keep moving him in the stand up position until he lies in the bed in the right spot. This means though that none of the other animations work.

The other option is to make the bed so that the character does not stand on it (uncheck the box above) and there is a "bed topper" in the 3d gallery or make your own bed topper to make it appear as if your character is in bed under the covers and then he can use all the standing animations or sitting animations if you choose the sit pose
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2012/10/18 3:01:36
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects ziggy72 wrote:
Jamie wrote:
I can't see any problems with the Medieval tent, the texture works fine for me, do you have a screen shot of the problem? Did you import it with id texture enabled?

D'oh! Forgot to turn on id textures, tent's fine, thanks Jamie. But the other models mentioned are still not selectable, id or not. Oddly though, you can still see them on the Scene Window - you can select them, edit them, you just can't move them or interact with them in any other way.

I actually had this issue with a few objects i made the exporter messed them up and I had to re-export the item I had me so its some mesh issue perhaps the objects were not well made in the first place but yes there were some buildings i tried when I first started I imported them and could see them and they were all properly coloured they simply were not selectable
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2012/10/18 2:57:34
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects Jamie wrote:
I can't see any problems with the Medieval tent, the texture works fine for me, do you have a screen shot of the problem? Did you import it with id texture enabled?

Urbanlamb could you let me know the name of some of the objects that are not working for you?

I will go back and check it was awhile ago now mostly structures I will backtrack and peak
2012/10/17 21:21:26
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I have a story/video for halloween I am trying to make I dont know how scary it will be more like wierd/warped but I will submit it for this little contest. I am still writing up the script and working on the details of "how am I gonna pull this one off?" Hopefully I figure it out in time for the deadline ^^
2012/10/17 21:13:25
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 ziggy72 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
haha your "guess" is about right.

So urbanlamb, can we expect some top cape action in the next installment?

Oh yes most definately I will do my bestest to convert his scarf into a cape haha. I forsee a good 10 gig of Raw footage to get my 20 seconds of top notch cape action lol. I spend so much time stitching together scenes and clips but visually it is definately worth it

thanks for this all i could think was "dang they need to introduce wind or animate this cape" the soft body stuff is a bit meh in muvizu obviously its a work in progress hehe. For now this works well enough and I dont care how i get there as long as its convincing in the end Big Grin
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2012/10/17 17:01:00
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 haha your "guess" is about right.
2012/10/17 1:44:05
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 lol I spend a lot of time tricking people in these types of videos and as you can see I try to pay attention to detail for me I am not satisfied otherwise. I put a lot of little extras in that little movie that no one will notice unless they watch it 20 times haha but they make me chuckle as I add my twist to this radio series. The shows move so fast you have to come up with ways of breaking them up and having it make sense visually but that is part of the fun for me. We can all chuckle at this show because really superman has evolved and come a long way from "so you want to meet men is that it?" and popping out on earth full grown in his already fully crafted tights and cape haha.

Thanks for the solution I must say I would not have come up with your idea in a million years
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2012/10/16 21:19:57
How to make a char fly and move at a same time I do both of these methods and dont have a huge issue making my superhero fly but I agree with dreeko I would of course like to have my characters drive a car or fly an airplane among other things. I figure it never hurts to ask lol
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2012/10/16 21:02:59
Guns and Performance people dont like getting flamed so forums are for those with flame retardent suits even this one hehe. In any event yes hand held props of some sort (of course i lean towards a system the likes of which I see in iclone) but anything that can be done would help. My most recent "annoyance" was around a telephone conversation which I could not leave out of the story I did not like my work arounds I had a pick up and hang up telephone animation with no loop to hold the phone and of course had to create the phone receiver and fart around and in the end my solution was sort of lack lustre lol but one does the best they can with the tools they have. Hopefully a few new tools are possible.
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