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2012/10/26 18:04:33
Muvizu on Windows 8 lol although everyone has to start converting their software to be compatible as an end user I will stick by my rule of "wait at least 1 year before upgrading to the new windows" rule. They are busy looking for a c++ dev and I am thinking that they are probably working on windows update and a few muvizu upgrades as well. (Maybe not could be for some other project but the timing seems right)
2012/10/26 0:56:48
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? haha actually the altering a few frames with a photo editing program is actually pretty fast but its up to you I just thought I would add that info in as well. In all cases you have to create the texture to make the effect its just a question of what your going to do with the texture but in all cases some sort of "drawing" is involved for lack of a better way to put it.

I have done ziggy's way actually in my last little movie. Anyhow just thought I would toss that alternative out there. I am not known for wanting to take the most complicated route to complete anything quite the opposite actually
2012/10/26 0:15:34
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? you can also try editing shots in something like photoshop I have done this in a few cases. Its like the old fashioned way they used to create animations but that works as well. I did a fly splat in one video well when I was farting around with muvizu to see what it did the first thing i ever did with it was to make a little video with a bug flying and going splat up against a window. I did this by taking 2 frames of the video and drawing in the splat for lack of a better way to put it using photoshop and then replacing the two frames in the video. This is where the ability to create series of still images is handy and I think I saw a codec pack wiz by on this forum that does that.. for me however I just use the snapshot feature of my video editor because it comes with a stop motion package for animating things like that.

Anyhow so there are three ways and all of them very old fashioned methods of creating such effects in animation which people still use to this day
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2012/10/25 20:51:36
Newbi lol lemme see I dont see a lot of questions on the forum I am not a "mogul" but can probably give info on these extras.

1) collision in muvizu you can create no collision objects or ad collision it depends upon the software your using in blender its the standard method of adding it where you add basic geometric shapes around the object and if your familiar with unreal engines conventions you just have to identify them with the UCX_ there are some tutorials on it one is made for sketchup and then there is a "generic" blender tutorial that works well


here is a thread with a tutorial on how to import objects with collision from blender to muvizu


3) if you save the object as a 'favourite' it will be available in the next set
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2012/10/25 18:15:29
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! congrats to winers all the pics were really cool
2012/10/24 21:11:10
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! MrDrWho13 wrote:
My video is coming soon... very soon...

I had this done last night and wanted to hold it for another day because I wanted it up for halloweeny mainly but I think the muvizuzuzu team are a bit needing it sooner so there we are. In most cases I am doing it anyhow but hey maybe they will like it enough to mail me a free tshirt well actually I collect coffee cups more (that would be a hint) lol
2012/10/24 20:15:46
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! ziggy72 wrote:
At 1:08 the gunfire wipes out the narration completely, and at exactly the wrong moment unfortunately ("now known as the ...." !?). Epic finish though, good job, and sorry if I sound pedantic about the sound, but it does bug me somewhat when it's not right. Actually everything bugs me if it isn't right - I may have Muvizu OCD. Ignore me

lol believe it or not that was intentional

you actually miss nothing there but I am wierd I know

This little movie however is not the finely honed superman stuff for sure it was a quicky and even then I spent forever on the "money shot" scene and its not good but its also not bad

edited to remove my emoticon itis
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2012/10/24 19:40:12
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! here is my cheesy halloweeny video it kind of starts off a bit slow but ends rather dramatically

Err I am no poet and my ideas are rather odd which is why its safer for me to stick to stories someone else wrote lol
2012/10/24 17:44:59
anti-aliasing CrazyDave wrote:
Hi guys.

Firstly, sorry for the slow response on this issue, I've been really busy with other tasks...

I'm working on a proper fix in time for the next release, but in the mean time it's likely that you can get your anti-aliasing to work by starting Muvizu with the command line parameter -forceMSAA.

The easiest way to do this is to edit the properties of the shortcut with which you launch Muvizu (or make a new one) and add "-forceMSAA" (no quotes) at the end of the "Target" text field.

Cheers, Dave.

oh wow thanks.

my stuff is not that bad there are ways to hide it a bit but in some shots it was so painfully hitting me in the face obvious lol, but I dont know if the average viewer of the videos would notice it
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2012/10/23 22:59:46
Help With Sony Vegas yes just chop your movie up into 1 minute bits with a little lag time in strategic areas and in your sony vegas edit it together. The other solution is to make your clips lower quality but your first post your looking to make something HD so your back to large files
2012/10/23 22:20:08
Help With Sony Vegas haha you can make your 20 minute long movie in muvizu the problem is the uncompressed clips are so huge that anything longer then 1 minute your pc will not want to play it that is why I say 1 minute. Its a "windows pc thing" lol. You can in fact render the entire 20 minute clip from muvizu but your pc will choke on it and says its not recognizable. So the cure is to limit the clip to 1 minute (2 gigs) so i make my clips all 1.99 gigs which is about 1 minute
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2012/10/23 20:51:12
Help With Sony Vegas Hehe looks like this is what everyone does

The uncompressed is really easy to work with then use a codec from your sony package at the end (this really applies to any video editing software you use .. in my case its corel hehe)

Just remember that if your going for uncompressed that your clips are limited to 1 minute long.
2012/10/23 18:27:28
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2!
Sounds good, can't wait to see it!

lol well lets hope you dont make faces hehe
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2012/10/23 18:26:03
Help With Sony Vegas This is kinda outside of muvizu realm but from experience I can tell you that xvid is not a good codec to use.

I export in an uncompressed format from muvizu I find that any codecs I install really messes up the clips I am working with. Then I tend to only use h264. I have had horrible experience with xvid it just simply is not a good codec unless you pay for their commercial grade package. Just my two cents but since your using sony vegas do they have "blu ray" format? as that uses the h264 codec and it works well
2012/10/23 16:43:55
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! okay thanks I was unsure I was positive it said "at least" but then sometimes I am reading too fast and not paying full attention because I am doing more then one thing. Anyhow it was just a little story I created and not anything epic lol I had just wanted to make something for halloween. Anyhow its almost done
2012/10/23 7:17:19
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! when i first read this thread i read "it has to be at least 60 seconds long" hehe mine is about 6 minutes I was going to make it anyhow but is that too long for this contest? I dont have time to make two so hopefully its okay for longer then 60 seconds. If not oh well
2012/10/22 20:18:34
Learning blender I am not jamie but yes it can do whatever sketchup can do but more efficiently. I dont know how hard it is to do in sketchup so I can't say its easier but to me blender is easier period so in my biased opinion yes its likely waay easier

I dont want to add to much but this is the site that I used and well at times still use for learning blender.


Its pretty thorough and I took some tutotials on boolean operations on this site about well a year ago .. the 10 dollar fee for all the tutorials is well worth it!
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2012/10/22 16:51:06
website woes suggestion Oh thank you so much you will be my hero forever!
2012/10/22 16:48:31
Learning blender truly its not that hard I think people get all worried because of all the buttons. I was going to create a couple of tutorials as well on using things other then sketchup starting with one on making terrain. Its on par with 3dsmax only rearranged and the newer versions of blender are not crashtastic. Original blender was crashtastic but its much improved since it first went open source.

If your going to spend time learning something in my opinion blender is a better choice but that is just me. You can still use stuff off of google 3D but usually when you start using blender you will realize just how messed up a lot of the google models are lol
2012/10/22 3:01:55
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! ziggy72 wrote:
<emerges blinking into the light >

Nearly done...

<shuffles back into the dark>

lol very cute mine will be may a day or two more .. i am working on 'the money shot' otherwise known as "the punch line"
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