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2012/11/17 3:41:49
YouTube annotations KerryK wrote:
Hey urbanlamb! You're totally right - we've been trying to figure out a way to block these spammers without compromising the whole twitter stream. Sadly, the spamming is getting worse - especially at the weekends when we're not as over the twitter feed as during the week. We may have come up with a work around but sadly, it means some changes to the rules. Hopefully this will stem the tide of spammers getting on our feed.

It really annoys and frustrates me - we block and report as spam as often as they come up but - that's the internet for you sometimes. And sometimes this is why we can't have nice things. At least on the weekends.

oh yeah they are bad this is why I dont use twitter much. I dont give out my passwords but found that my twitter had been hacked a few weeks ago and it was used to spam hehe. (i have never been hacked.. to my knowledge before in my life so this was a shock..) They have clued into you guys not being around on the weekend I think. Its to bad people abuse these systems.

I wonder if you somehow can't simply disable twitter on the weekend..

sorry to derail this thread but the pron on twitter drives me batty
2012/11/17 0:22:29
comment/feedback re: expo infos Hi I am not sure exactly what particular forum to place this on so I will put it here. I actually was listening into all the little presentations even if I could not put my full attention onto it but the muvizu one took place during lunch break so I got to type because we all know I dont post enough as it is right? hehe

Anyhow there were things discussed or semi hinted at etc and I wanted to say something about "commercial reuse". Now I dont claim to be any steven spielberg or some famous person haha but I thought I would put my thoughts down here so as maybe to coax the muvizu people who do stuff like this a bit.

I would like to use muvizu commercially but .....
I live in canada and the idea of signing a contract overseas all be it with very cool people who make neat software does not thrill me because of laws and other things including the fact that you know currency has different values and all that .

Soo I am doing something that well is pretty much a public domain project on an IP that would be a nono for me to make money on.

Anyhow I do have my own ideas sometimes but there are a few issues revolving around commercial use and the muvizu watermark that I would like to avoid so I just well avoid thinking about it and dont do it. Maybe that seems picky I dunno but I feel that because I dont live near you in the same country international law and signing a contract is more headache then its worth to me so if there was a commercial version of muvizu you know with a license and eula regarding ip and ownership and commercial use I would jump at it in a heartbeat.

Anyhow just throwing that out there so as maybe to coax those who have to make these sorts of decisions a bit haha. I like muvizu a lot and can see that its a well cared for piece of software with active customer relations people and a rather large Q.A team among other things. I would like to cast my vote for a commercial license package with an up front price tag. In my case I probably will never make a dime but I like to feel that if I did make a dime I wouldn't have to worry about how to divide the dime and send muvizu their share.

I am pretty much a hobbyist in machinima but once and awhile someone asks me to do something for them and pay me money. I have one offer now from a company that is not for profit and I am sitting here biting my fingernails because I think they want me to do the work in muvizu platform. I dont want to get tied up in red tape though and I am sitting here not sure how to answer them right now.

I noticed I said I dont make a dime and now someone wants to pay me money. Anyhow they want me to make teaching videos for kids but because its time consuming they wanted to pay me a couple hundred bucks as a reward, but being wierd like I am I poised to say "I will do it in iclone if you want to pay me otherwise I have to do it for free"

edit.. omg i wrote a book sorry
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2012/11/16 20:43:04
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! this is cool dreeko your famous

2012/11/15 23:42:24
The Grudge hehe i just saw this. I am a fan of B movies as well one of my favourite being a zombie movie.. which one day i will "redo" my way. Its possible to enjoy the overdone and I am finding that there are a lot of people like me

Anyhow fazz maybe you should consider a longer project one day using your favourite overdone B movie as a template
2012/11/15 21:31:59
Walking actions: Doing the "crossack" while walk Some actions you can do this with you have to put the actions in place and then do the character move. I have no idea what it would do with the dance though I am assuming it would break the animation because the legs are involved. I would say try it to find out. Place the action first and then do character movement
2012/11/15 18:31:44
YouTube annotations we already see a lot of dodgy stuff on this site via twitter links on the weekend especially every other link I click on is pron related or leading to some scam to get money out of people (disabled clickbank accounts by the time I click) . The reality is its already happening. It really will not be much different on the videos in fact I see it of less of an issue because your moderating the videos before posting them. I no longer watermark my stuff and I often include little graphics that take advantage of the annotations on youtube for things like subscribe but they are turned off by default here. I turn them on myself when watching others videos but that is because I am aware they exist. In any event if something like that happens it would be moderated away I would think and to be honest it likely going to be less of an issue then we already have with the weekend twitter pron which I stare at for 2 days until someone comes in and moderates it away or it gets drowned out by real muvizu twitters.
2012/11/15 2:49:37
Caption Me!
I couldn't think of a caption for this one so i made it into a puzzle instead Big Grin
click for puzzle

sorry i guess that is "off topic" but for some reason I am not wanting to do anything but now I have run out of photos to play with so I guess I will go do something else
2012/11/15 0:03:18
Caption Me!

looks like Herb got the Axe

Bah the speech bubble option isnt working but here is another "meme"
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2012/11/14 23:56:30
Caption Me! those little meme sites are fun (for me anyhow) trying to feed another photo in but its giving me issues
2012/11/14 23:13:19
Caption Me!

They have cream for that now you know?

I also fed it into a "meme generator" click me

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2012/11/14 23:08:56
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:

You lot already are my support group Big Grin

Should we be flattered or scared? Big Grin
2012/11/13 21:13:50
Muvizu shop in Second Life for the Machinima Expo That is cool ricky!

I have a serious second life aversion lately but really (and I keep saying it and not doing it) I need to dust off my avatar and take a gander around. I will never spend any length of time in second life anymore but I do enjoy a quick visit every once and awhile
2012/11/13 21:06:24
Coming Soon... Its a kind of "insanity" and probably we should start some sort of support group ziggy. In any event yeah I did an experimental tree and they work quite well if you take some time at it mine was not great and I did not spend enough time cleaning things up but it was after all an experiment hehe. Anyhow I love the muvizu character in the "real world" stuff I decided awhile back it was the mostest cool thing about muvizu if you have the patience to pull it off!

Anyhow see you again with another teaser/test shot

now get back in your basement and hurry up and finish
2012/11/13 20:00:39
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Harb40 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I entered a quicky movie my problem with a lot of the contests is I dont actually want to win (wierd I know) but most of the software offered I already own and feel like if I do by some offchance win I am taking it away from someone who could actually use it.

The prizes are transferrable as long as you don't install and register them first. Several previous winners have given some fo their prizes to others they know who don't have the software yet. Maybe they can be Christmas presents for a friend or family member. Or a birthday gift.

okay thanks Craig sometimes this stuff does not transfer

There is lots of video editing packages in that list and the music making/editing stuff which is of interest to anyone who makes video/movies etc.
2012/11/13 18:36:48
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition I entered a quicky movie my problem with a lot of the contests is I dont actually want to win (wierd I know) but most of the software offered I already own and feel like if I do by some offchance win I am taking it away from someone who could actually use it. Anyhow entries are low and I am worried that it would affect prizes for next year if the contest is not popular enough so if you have a muvizu movie that fits the theme please enter

p.s. anyone needing better video editing software should give this contest a whirl hitfilm is a cross between something like sony vegas and adobe after affects and that alone should motivate people because if you want to make better muvizu movies the key to doing this is to have a nice video editing program so you can learn techniques like green screen and add a little bit of pizzaz to your movie to make it all the more awesome!
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2012/11/13 17:58:30
Caption Me! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Mike_Num_5 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Should we make pictures with quotes and see how long people take to guess them?

Might be better to just have the pics without quotes Still, liking the enthusiasm!

Keep 'em coming.

I meant, have a picture with a quote, take away the quote, then see if people can guess the original quote?

its a contest to see who comes up with good captions for blank photos. Alas I suck at such things as I am getting old and "stodgy" but generally one posts photos with no caption and we come up with captions to match the scene

At least that is what I think is going on hehe
2012/11/13 2:14:33
Coming Soon... Ah very nice .. to be honest I like the contrast of the muvizu characters with "real world" it works quite well

thanks for the sneak peak
2012/11/11 5:18:35
The Mirror haha yes you sort of have to work up to it. It takes a lot of organization. Once they hit one hour your into having to take a few notes to catalogue all the clips so you dont get lost but after awhile you get used to it. Its all in the planning. Anyhow glad to see longer things being made. Its definately work but I dunno I find I always want to do another long one so I guess the trauma wears off fairly quickly
2012/11/11 5:03:02
The Mirror I really enjoyed that. Its nice to see people make longer movies
2012/11/11 0:03:31
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! EEFilmz wrote:
Urban that just doesn't sound right... lol urbanlamb wrote:
Any tshirts or coffee cups?

have fun ziggy with your booty

I dont have a serious bone in my body to be honest and the last job I got was I am pretty sure secured on the fact that I was the most hilarious person to interview and by the time I left they were laughing hysterically and thanked me for such a great interview lol.

I dont think they had ever interviewed a clown before :/
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