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2012/11/22 18:46:58
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing I haven't tried my card yet to see if this artifact still exists (sorry my photos are gone I cleaned out my photobucket account forgetting that I had things posted here from there ...) anyhow when I get to making a scene that requires this type of lighting again I will test it out so far i have not noticed anything but I have not been doing any actual animation yet with the new version just set building it was very bad on the geoforce 560ti every item in it had a huge white line around it to the point I was double checking if i had turned on cartoon or something.

Thanks for the command option I dont have to work around that bug then
2012/11/21 21:35:48
comment/feedback re: expo infos lol i guess my post was so long winded and boring it made muvizu staff run for the hills.. I dont blame you though I would run away from me too Big Grin
2012/11/21 21:33:47
Caption Me! too tired to think of captions right now but for some reason your reindeer and santa gave me a chuckle more because it looks more like jesus or god or maybe moses in a red suit..) not sure which and the devil (the reindeer) then santa and rudolph
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2012/11/20 23:07:51
Character movement when walking did you try to just click on the wheel? if you click on the arrows on the wheel you will see as you mouseover they light up you can get him to move one step at a time so if you click 3-4 times in succession he will walk that many steps (this is for short distances of course)
2012/11/20 21:36:24
cell phone and sitting position ziggy72 wrote:
ekessler wrote:
Thanks for all the answers.
How was the head set done?

The headset in the Zubox video is a feature available only to them, at the moment

hrm wonder if muvizu made the set or if they have been doing some work on making it possible to add wearable item objects and they made it themselves?
2012/11/20 21:32:09
Asset changes? or am i going senile? okay thanks hrm I dont have any other fences then that one I will see if something is missing.. I have no "city park" anything i have buildings, roof, stuff and construction hehe

Its possible with the original install i had that but when the antialias issue popped up I tried a fresh install

*goes to find this other pack*
2012/11/20 18:30:30
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Jamie wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
is the antialias fixed in this version?

Yes, the antialiasing is fixed Big Grin

haha thanks I will remove that added command to the target line and cross my fingers then. I didnt get to actually do anything new with it yet but did download last night.
2012/11/20 1:40:31
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) also seeing as we are asking for a splitter above a nice set of levers for beside the tracks you know to switch tracks around etc so that we can do evil properly
2012/11/20 0:33:56
Asset changes? or am i going senile? hello I was building something a couple nights ago and though possibly I was loosing my marbles as a fence asset seems to have changed (a few other things as well). I loaded an old set today to retrieve something and decided to see if indeed I was loosing my marbles. Anyhow this is just one example but it appears some of your stock assets have been redesigned in this case the fence in the spooky set... unless its somewhere else now..

anyhow if i save the old fence to favourites or take "precautions" to try to keep this fence lest i have to rebuild a set that actually took forever to build a couple months ago will the old version remain? or am I going to eventually load this set and find that my fences are gone or something..

here is exhibit A "the fences"... also i am sorry i am so long winded .. *breathes in* *gasps for air*

2012/11/20 0:01:51
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) hello love the content although your trains clash with my trains so I need to find another movie to put them in hehe.

Anyhow so I wanted to know because I can't seem to find the bug list which used to exist but I have lost it again.. is the antialias fixed in this version? I like to know if I should complain or not err or post bugs or not err ?
2012/11/19 18:31:48
muvizu logo out fullmetall wrote:
WozToons wrote:
fullmetall wrote:
waiting for the new version,

See News and Download pages. 23b has arrived.
bowFlog dead topic
merde je ne l'ai pas vue

s*** I did not seeWhaaaaa?

hu, where?
v0.21b 32-bit is here and v0.21b 64-bit is here.
v0.20b 32-bit is here and v0.20b 64-bit is here.
v0.19b 32-bit is here and v0.19b 64-bit is here.
v0.18b 32-bit is here and v0.18b 64-bit is here.
v0.17b 32-bit is here and v0.17b 64-bit is here.
v0.16b 32-bit is here and v0.16b 64-bit is here.
no 23b
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not that/pas ca

the big pink button

le gros bouton rose

32bit MUVIZU free
64bit MUVIZU free

2012/11/19 16:59:49
edit character attributes I am pretty sure what your asking for there falls under the term 'hack' so if you want to do that I think your on your own for that. The editable features that are reachable for the normal user for things like hats are inside muvizu itself in this case they have not left their back end open for us to add things like hats or hand held props.
2012/11/19 5:20:31
edit character attributes hi there no for body proportion you can't alter that you can change positions of the features or make him taller or shorters, or customize the skin uv map if you like the uv maps for the skins are on the site here along with uv maps for clothing if you want to make your own.

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2012/11/19 0:04:48
Falling objects are you using the 'prepare objects' menu first if you dont initially prepare it and then move to direct it often does not respond.

Usually you go into the prepare menu set it up initially and then move to direct if you set gravity to 100 usually just a nudge gets it to fall down sometimes you have to move the rotation point depending on the object.
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2012/11/18 19:44:03
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I haven't decided if this is a "group" coming soon thread but I will post here anyhow haha

It was me that created the topic, but it was for everyone to show their stuff

haha thanks ziggy for clarifying..

that picture makes me frozen I hate winter but.. green christmas is just .. wrong

I am trying to make 3D clouds I did it once for another project but so far I cant make them look fluffy enough ^^

edit: here is an updated photo but alas I am now frozen and can't continue onto the next frigid scene so I am going to work on superman to thaw out

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2012/11/18 4:21:18
Coming Soon... I haven't decided if this is a "group" coming soon thread but I will post here anyhow haha

I started working on a christmas video I decided to do something musical instead of write a story about killer snowmen or something haha. It was supposed to be short but alas I dont think I know what short is so its going to be about 6 minutes long.

anyhow I started building another set for it..
so here is my progress.. its half done

2012/11/18 0:25:55
YouTube annotations Dreeko wrote:

Thank you that's the point I'm trying to make.

Your welcome. At the end of the day its about "choices" right now people are having the choice made for them I can understand some people don't like them and turn them off, but really I dont think its fair to make that choice for everyone no matter how much you hate a feature. That is what off buttons are for ....anyhow lets see what the muvizu gods say on this matter.

I dont think its a huge deal to have them on by default I think a lot of this stuff is left over from youtube past and was never addressed in youtube present because annotations were not a youtube feature those years ago so I would assume that is why no one has thought about it much in the muvizu offices .
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2012/11/17 23:22:48
YouTube annotations lol I think the point of them being on by default is for those that dont even know they exist. Once the setting is saved it stays that way until your cookies get deleted. Anyhow i dont care really but as you can see a great many people dont even know they exist and so can't make that choice hence the confusion over dreeko's subscription duck which was made to take advantage of that feature when its turned on
2012/11/17 8:10:14
comment/feedback re: expo infos insomniac here ..

yes they will be posting all the videos from the expo after its over i believe on their livestream feed if its not there already. They archive the stuff from the expo for people to watch later video on demand I think is what its called there

2012/11/17 3:44:45
YouTube annotations Jamie wrote:
You guys know that the annotation / link system from youtube only allows you to link to other youtube videos, subscription pages, channels and playlists?

It's not as bad as the points UrbanLamb has highlighted with the twitter feed, for example.

Though, you can already put any link in the description of a video, and that would show up on Muvizu without anyone knowing (as it can also be updated any time in the future as well). Thats what the Report Abuse link is for.

I think the general point for discussion here is not where the links in annotations point to but rather should they be on by default? Personally I'd say no. They can be annoying and, looking at my own youtube channel (you can see this info from the Video Manager > Analytics > Annotations option) I get about 1.3% click through on annotations and around 6% close rate for annotations. The other 92.7% they are just ignored. So I don't think they really do all that much.
edited by Jamie on 16/11/2012

*cough* as for the youtube annotations yeah i would like them on by default but I can see how they would annoy many people and so am assuming that is why they are off by default. I myself turn them off quite often it depends on how much someone has littered up their video with annotations. Some people are very heavy handed with them and I hate that. Myself i want to see them on by default hehe but I can see how that would annoy many people..

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