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2012/12/31 21:53:21
Recommendations for a laptop please rofl thanks I actually think I am a horrible writer.. i cant *speel* and my grammer ^^ is not so great and I forget to use punctuation (too many years on the internet).

Of course I think most anything I do sucks .. including my animation such is the plight of "the artiste" I am told Big Grin
2012/12/31 21:09:44
Recommendations for a laptop please yes juicy I think you got a lot of good input to be honest no one is going to tell you what to purchase

the link to the pc i gave you will run muvizu and anything else.. it will do the job I would not purchase it though because I likely would need to upgrade it

here is the scoop on cpu's
i3- and i5 are like i7 knockoffs they were created for those who wanted to spend less money. They are okay for office work but I would not play mmorpg's on them or pc games in the newest generation. Anything posted here will of course run muvizu and more. If price is an issue then why a laptop? is there a reason? because right off you can get a pc of the same power posted for half the price of a laptop because of the way they are built.

AMD is likely a better option then i3 or i5 for graphical work these two processors were made for offices where people use wordprocessing software and accounting software.

You have gotten a lot of great input and I dont think anyone is going to be a bit clearer. NO one here is trying to advise just post what they use and had no issue with. In reality the more you can afford to spend the better an investment you will make. Its really up to you at this point. All the solutions posted will work it really is up to you to put together a pc/laptop configuration that you feel you will be happy with.

The best option that is not bleeding edge is i7 with as much ram as you can stuff in it and a brand new graphics card by nvidia probably a 660 or 680 geoforce. Laptops are always going to be more expensive then desktops and always one step behind because of the need to miniaturize things.

There is nothing wrong with the i3 or i5 but they are less powerful then an i7 but they are cheaper
2012/12/31 19:50:42
Recommendations for a laptop please hehe juicyfruits I think you will find that your getting opinions from people of all different levels of muvizu usage. I myself am like ziggy and its still a hobby for me but I want the best possible videos i can make. And as stated when I said "you get what you pay for" if you go cheap your going to get cheap. There are the i3 and i5 but then your compromising its really up to you.

for me when I run muvizu I also have blender running, photoshop running am probably surfing the internet as I wait for my next 'brain fart' and am always multi tasking so I buy a pc that wont have a meltdown. Its actually getting obsolette but I build it now close to 4 years ago and it cost me about 2k to build. There are many things to consider when getting a pc.

myself I look at pc's that they define as "gaming" pc's whenever I consider a pc to get an idea of what is out there because these are pc's that are built for good graphics performance. I will tell you now that I dont agree with getting a laptop for anything like muvizu ever because I know what putting it on max settings will do , but your set on a laptop so right there your taking a huge hit in performance. You are going to get all gammit of answers depending on what people do with their pc's. I am in ziggy's group I push my pc's until they start to swear at me and have had to drop everything and run out and drop a wad of money on new cards.

I can only out of experience myself tell you what brands to not touch with a ten foot pole with gateway being at the very top of that list lol I went to purchase a cheap pc for a file server so graphics were not a huge issue i saw this pc on sale I purchased it took it home it would not work i returned it they gave me another one I took it home the hard drive was faulty i brought it back grumbled and tried the last one on the shelf IN the store and it was faulty as well. Asus is sort of okay.. I would not touch dell .. mind you I would not touch any prebuilt pc because I dont know what they put in it.

You say others are going to use the pc as well. So its not just for muvizu I would assume what are they doing with it? just using it as a word processor ? or are they going to purchase skyrim and expect to play the game on max settings?

In any event at this point your posts reflect that you want people to tell you what a cheap pc is you want opinions on what is good and what is not good and are confused with the input.

Here is reality. i7 cpu's are on the way out, i3 and i5 are low performing cheap alternatives but you can still build a 64bit pc with it. 4 gigs of ram means everything is going to be slow and your going to run out of ram if you want to do more then one or two things and get lots of messages and pop ups. Laptops are soo not recommended for gaming or graphical work it stresses them out and if you want to upgrade the card you cant .

So really its up to you if you want cheap there is a lot of cheap stuff out there that will run most things its not the best and its going to leave you wanting to upgrade it as you hit performance walls with it. In the end I believe in spending for a good solid product that I wont have to replace for years then spending a few hundred dollars every 6 months or more on garbage. It really is up to you but really pick anything if price is your issue this is a cheap gaming pc its better then anything else posted its also an amd processor but it will probably be okay.. maybe.. dunno I would not purchase it because its build cheaply and i am gonna be spending money on it constantly but its cheap


amd is a cheaper processor. I have owned one it was not bad however its also slower processor but it is a solid processor . I would never purchase a radeon card myself and you listed that there but this cheap pc has a radeon card in it.. there is a reason for that.. they are cheap

I am not trying to be mean but really I am seeing you post as if you want people to say "its okay to buy something cheap" I personally think its a mistake and in the end you are likely going to end up spending more money then if you just got something a bit better

sigh another book.. apologies ...
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2012/12/31 2:52:04
Recommendations for a laptop please maybe others have recommendations .. to be honest the link mysto gave was a decent price you can try amd if you want.. I myself never ever purchase anything premade I get them built so all i can do is post minimum specs. As an aside the intel xeon is now out I was looking at one the other day however they are far to expensive at the moment. Anyhow the i7 should be dropping a bit more.. however you can try the amd equivalent if you want but i would not go much cheaper then what mysto linked .. as they say "you get what you pay for"
2012/12/31 2:17:21
Recommendations for a laptop please yes pcs are cheap (even laptops are not that expensive anymore) my only concerns with laptops is causing them to overheat and ruining them hence the "do you really need a laptop" statement. There are laptops out there that will run it just fair warning my regular pc overheats and its got like a bazzillion fans and i leave the side off of it and I still see it overheating. I also tend to replace my graphics card once a year that is how hard I push them I simply wear them out and so doing that in a laptop well they are not really worth fixing so for me they are too expensive.

Its up to you the route you take I personally would never purchase a laptop for animation work but then again I make my pc do sommersaults and it never is turned off from the day its purchased to the day it gets tossed in the garbage heap it runs 24/7 as if I am not using it someone else is. So maybe my demands are higher then yours

Just dont buy anything with an older cpu for 300 bucks on sale or whatever its like taking a match and burning your money
2012/12/31 2:07:46
Coming Soon... Happy New Year.. so cold so much snow..

so warm in that photo

2012/12/31 0:09:44
Recommendations for a laptop please a desktop pc is probably cheaper do you need a laptop? Myself I am a tightwad so I use a desktop pc I also worry about overheating laptops when doing graphic heavy work for any lenght of time.

For present and future use you should really look at getting one of the newer cpus and a minimum of 6 or 8 gig of ram and a graphics card that has about 1 gig of ram and runs with the new pc set ups otherwise your just flushing your money down the toilet.

soo.. for basic innards I would look at nothing lower then an intel i7 cpu, 8 gigs of ram and a good card probably nvidia although some may argue that "other company" out there is decent now nvidia is still pretty standard again you need to look at performance but I would get nothing lower then an nvidia geoforce 460 and in fact that is considered obsolete but it has the power to work with muvizu (not well though it has perfomance issues) the 560 is a bit better and that is obsolete as well but still pretty decent. Dont invest in a 32 bit system those are for the junk heap and should be free to obtain by now
2012/12/30 20:36:32
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Renato1 wrote:
WozToons wrote:
As there is already an entry in the updates ( see right bar under post list ), I think the answer may be simpler than people think. As the cat may be out of the bag already I see no harm in posting my submission. At least those who had trouble with the cryptic stuff will get a chance in the draw then.

Thanks toonorama. Now came Muvi_Maker saying that finally figured it and that wasn't not as easy as thought before... So, with no post it now seems that he/she was wrong or trolling, but that's only a hope.

It seems that only in the week beginning 7th of January we'll know. Anywayz, we watched great animations and had fun thanks to Muvizu Treasure Hunt, what are enough reasons to be glad.

and any videos posted in this thread aren't entries and cant possibly be entries and I will leave it at that....
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2012/12/30 20:28:58
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:
The Vikings are Coming! Soon to be rampaging & pillaging across my desktop!

After having my websites hacked in the run up to Christmas, and consequently finding some of my models for sale on various former eastern block websites I'm currently revamping both websites and models and beefing up security. Why someone would want to steal a free model beats me...and hacking a site about a boat on the Norfolk Broads? I put it down to an illicit cartel of Lake District Guest House Owners hell bent on stopping the promotion of other UK holiday destinations.

So after taking a break from renovating my boat I'm starting from scratch on a new range of 3D models. The first of which all have a Scandinavian/Medieval/Fantasy Theme to them.

Here's the first model in the initial stages of texturing.

Nice house we need lots of houses and things from posts around here Big Grin

As for the hacking I have this happen periodically along with theft.. its annoying and upsetting and other things. I have lots of models I would like to give out on my website but having learned from experience I gave up lol. People will sell anything to make a buck quite literally :/

In the last year alone I have had my twitter hacked (which ran amuck for a month before i realized because I rarely use it.. ) and my pinterest account hacked. MY website was hacked as well and I had several videos downloaded from youtube with links to free models and uploaded to other accounts selling the models in the videos .. suffice it to say I no longer give away anything on youtube as a result.

Passwords are obsolete with the power that pc's have these days it takes on average 5 hours to hack a 20 character password using special characters. Nothing is safe anymore *hides*

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2012/12/28 22:42:32
urgent help asap NSIS problem hi you have a few options (cant do anything about your download speed though)

download muivu lite and use one of the download mirrors if your having issues I would also check my pc for viruses because the other cause of a corrupt download is a virus already on your pc.


It also sounds possibly like the first time you downloaded one version of muvizu and the second time your downloading another version if one filesize is larger then the other

you can then download only assets you need if you are using muvizu lite. Its holidays so I dont know how fast staff are going to respond. As they likely wont be in the office again until january 3rd
2012/12/25 19:55:28
Merry Christmas merry christmas mr hamster man. Myself I am "old" and dont really partake in such festivities. Add to that that I am jewish .. even still if i party its not like when I partied when I was 20 it will take me 3 weeks to recover so my idea of a good time on these holidays now is sitting down with some nice sweet baked goods and watching movies all night and then going to bed. Meanwhile I am sure a great many of the muvizu staff are 2 or 3 days into partying with lots of alcohol. Nevertheless hopefully they enjoy it all despite the horrible hangovers they are going to have tomorrow and do it all again on january 1st
2012/12/25 19:51:27
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar InsaneHamster wrote:
The only drawback to this contest that i could see was that it was a first come first win type thing being that some people had to work and all makes it hard to meet that kind of dead line. But atleast they are giving away a 2nd prize which makes up for it. Congrats to who ever made it in time! and Good luck to everyone else that got entered in the 2nd drawing

yes I was not even awake when the last clue was entered and then well I didnt actually work on it till hours later by the time I actually got a chance to solve the thing entries had been made for about 10 hours according to the first comment I saw (in the right place) anyhow neither here nor there I like many seemed to have the basis of the code down but could do nothing with it for many hours. This is always going to be a problem hehe but in the end its really just fun to watch the thing unfold. I didnt enter any of the drawings as the only thing on the list I would have wanted to win and could have made use of was the laptop pc. The yeti mic is an excellent mic and from what I saw gosh at least 10 hours after the first entry was made only 20 people at most had solved it.
2012/12/25 2:40:31
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar fazz68 wrote:
surely the code is for something? i suppose it wont matter but i thought it was code for a you tube identification 11 letters and numbers long, you tube vids are 11 numbers and letters long but i couldnt get it to work for me.

Its definately a code for something (i am not submitting by the way because I already have a yeti microphone lol) but its definately a code for something
2012/12/25 0:51:07
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar ah well anyhow since I dont live in the local time zone etc its a bit hard I would hate to be an aussie because they are upside down and backwards.

Good luck to anyone who figured it out for myself the one thing I thought would not be involved in this was making a video :/

not to mention I have not found the submission instructions which were apparently precise ^^

I think many people might have thought it was an easter egg code it still might be and now I am off to work on me superman video Big Grin
2012/12/25 0:14:04
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar I am going by this information

"The precise submission instructions will be obvious at the end of the treasure hunt."

I have no submission instructions sooo I have to find them. possibly making a video is involved but I dont see any submission instructions so this would be what I have to unlock. Its possible someone has figured it out already. Since I dont even know what qualifies as christmas eve lol I have to work that out as well. However at the moment I have not figured out where to put those numbers and letters :/

Although I would end up giving away half the prize if i won it anyhow.. haha I am not going to worry much about it. I dont think simply making a video is all that is involved though

2012/12/24 23:51:12
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar yes I dont know sorry I mean the first thing i did was enter the code into that letters/words thing .. but that seemed a bit odd to make a group and then what? lol

Anyhow good luck to anyone who figures it out but I dont see any information anywhere that asks for a video entry and the instructions said the last clue would tell us what to do.. and since it was simply another letter /shrug
2012/12/24 23:28:09
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar WozToons wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
They said that final clue would be revealed on christmas eve so that's the 25th? So one more day lol. Not a huge one for puzzles or contests but I might give it a go for 5 minutes

Surely Xmas Eve is the 24th. I think we've had the final clue. I don't think the MZ team will be updating on Xmas Day.

hehe I dont know I am not Christian I simply googled christmas eve and it said the 25th. Big Grin

Anyhow for the clues since they are using youtube which has a scheduling option I dont know how much updating they have. If that is the final clue then I have no idea what its for. There is no information on where to submit the entry etc so I am going by the assumption that they are not done yet. We have a series of numbers and letters which is obviously a code/key/password but when we find the answer where do we send it? This detail is left out so I can only assume that they are not done with this yet
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2012/12/24 21:28:09
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar They said that final clue would be revealed on christmas eve so that's the 25th? So one more day lol. Not a huge one for puzzles or contests but I might give it a go for 5 minutes
2012/12/23 19:04:32
How to sync the effect to a move (repost) Hi fazz explained it correctly you animate the aura intensity in the properties using the prepare and direct. If your saying that you have done this? and its going off anyhow at the start of the scene this is a bug where all effects even if set to zero will shoot off at the very start of a scene so you need to leave space. Otherwise everything else he explained is the way its done.
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2012/12/22 20:04:03
Crash! Please help me I am not a tech expert and its holidays so i will pretend

i see you dont have .net framework installed you need this
I also would suggest you use windows 7 compatability if its not working in windows 8

also the bottom screenshot is too small to read the writing on it. Anyhow remove the muvizu completely and try again (this is what I would do) make sure your installing .net framework when it asks you just in case yours it not in the "expected place" you can always patch it later on microsoft will find it.
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