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2013/1/14 17:11:02
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar haha grats to those who won the draw I liked solving the puzzle it was fun.

I kept going to the final video to see how many views it got every couple of days
2013/1/14 6:56:53
horse needed! people can make objects for you if you post a request and they have time however the animation system in muvizu is a closed system so we cannot do any animation work for use in muvizu. There is a good public domain horse I was going to convert and put a link up on the forum but it would be an inanimate object because we can only import mesh. If you go through the gallery you will see what is available for use in muvizu for free. Myself I dont take paid anything that is custom I learned long ago that people making custom requests can get a bit unreasonable for the price they want to pay so I stopped doing any paid custom work well years and years ago. However if you post a request someone often comes along and makes it and tosses it up on the gallery. At the moment I already take a few requests but I can't take many more or I would never get me videos done .

Anyhow I would assume you want a horse/character that can actually move for the moment in muvizu this is not possible we can't rig meshes and create animations. When I remember to finish converting the horsey for muvizu use I will post it in the 3d forum as there are a few other objects I wanted to convert as part of an open sourced project that are available in other platforms already. They simply havent made their rounds here for instance the assets that were released by the creators of the game ryzome are on my todo list.

These items wont be in the gallery however as they are not "originals" but they are open sourced and its permissible to distribute the models and adapt and/or convert them.
(so many things so little time.. )
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2013/1/12 23:53:01
Electric Sheep I was messing around with this a couple of months ago now if not more and I kind of bumped into it again when I typed in a search term "stock footage" hehe anyhow it reminded me. I dont know if I am posting this just cause I think its cool or if its more that its useful.. I think its cool, but to me its something useful soo anyhow

If you have ever seen those psychaedelic tunnels and stuff that people use for video effects .. vortexes etc well they basically are this sometimes its a composite with some household object like a fan or a toy car or somesuch.. thing but I am always making wierd stuff for intros for myself or for transition screens


its kind of cool it is even more cool if you are a coder type
2013/1/12 16:29:19
The Avengers pt3 haha that was good the little commercials and the door with the key card
2013/1/12 3:23:11
Moo well my votes for episode 3 of moo's is

around the world in 80 moo's
the sound of moosic
as the moo turns
moo she wrote
sherlock holmes and the case of the missing moo's

sigh you guys have corrupted me once i got the first title out I could not stop with the moovies

2013/1/10 21:11:02
aiuto Inviagli un messaggio su youtube. Egli parla italiano

(Io non parlo Italiano)

( http://www.bing.com/translator/?ref=TThis&from=en-US&to=it-IT )
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2013/1/10 21:04:31
Moo is this the moo series? if so what's the next moo?

*sits on the edge of me seat*
2013/1/10 18:25:13
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. I dont know what it is about fart jokes but if your having a bad day there is nothing like a good fart joke to lighten the mood :/

anyhow thanks for the feedback lol
2013/1/9 17:05:00
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. rofl yeah that was a juicy one.. I have now that I am building sets and my techniques have improved after I learned all the muvizu ins and outs having to update that metropolis set which is doomed to appear somewhere in almost every video in this series.. I have to settle on a style and stick with it.. lol

anyhow onwards past the fart scene .... I just had to use those camera angles before I tossed em :0
2013/1/9 16:09:17
Sketchup Issue - Another program to use? Any software out there that I can think of has an openGL element well the only other option I know that works with muvizu is blender and it has openGL settings and it has used openGL well since i have known it to exist (very long time now). Sketchup is probably one of the most basic 3D softwares out there as it was designed with people who are not normally a part of the animation world in mind such as architects etc however openGL is pretty much commonplace and not particularly new in concept as well. I remember playing video games 10 years ago that used openGL.
2013/1/9 1:01:03
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. I get a little wierd at times and instead of actually trying to complete the task at hand small details cause me to make fart scenes like the one in this video..

I didnt post this to the video gallery because well I dont like it.. (well the fart scene isnt bad I suppose..) I had to put together some footage to try to get some cape action that looks okay.. well I will get back to that so far its just sticking to him some more lol

2013/1/8 19:58:46
Really good text to speech ! hehe i was actually looking at text to speech advances in the last couple of months there is another really awesome one that I am seriously considering from yamaha for music

I spent a good couple of hours researching this one trying to find a weakness that would scream "synthetic" to me I could find none


I wanted a synthetic male voice or two because well i can't even do a "fake" one haha I can do chipmunks, elves, squirrels, kids, midgets but not "man voices".. Big Grin
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2013/1/7 18:25:58
My video does not play Yes your pc wont play anything over 2 gb its a windows thing. If you want it to play you have to encode it outside of muvizu so its recognizable. Myself I use 1 minute clips because I use an uncompressed format so anything over 1 minute is larger then 2 gb.
2013/1/5 17:35:47
Help, Error Message The File is Locked GRIZ wrote:
Thank you for your help
I had K Lite Codec installed

2011-09-09 12:00:01.031 Log opened. (Time zone: UTC+02:00)
2011-09-09 12:00:01.046 Setup version: Inno Setup version 5.4.2 (u)
2011-09-09 12:00:01.046 Original Setup EXE: F:\K-Lite_Codec_Pack_770_Full.exe
2011-09-09 12:00:01.046 Setup command line: /SL5="$210296,16086715,279040,F:\K-Lite_Codec_Pack_770_Full.exe"
2011-09-09 12:00:01.046 Windows version: 5.1.2600 SP3 (NT platform: Yes)
2011-09-09 12:00:01.046 64-bit Windows: No

I am still facing the same problem

your going to need to completely remove muvizu from your pc and clean the registry of it and then reboot and reinstall and then install the codecs because right now muvizu is all locked up. just dont touch that microsoft codec anymore afterwards and make sure to delete all the videos created, but before you do that move the set files you made outside of the muvizu folder and rename them. Its a bit of a problem getting this to unlock but once you move to a codec installed outside of muvizu it should work. I have this problem 100% of the time when using the microsoft codec and each time I solve the issue the same way. Hope that helps its a nuisance issue that is actually pretty common I encountered it long ago and as a result never actually used muvizu haha but decided to try it again a few months later I also dont know if your using it on a 32 bit of 64 bit pc. I personaly dont use the klite package I use a codec that installs with my webcam its almost identical to uncompressed microsoft hehe .

Anyhow good luck assuming your installing the codecs correctly and have done a fresh install of muvizu it should work. Big Grin
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2013/1/4 20:55:44
Help, Error Message The File is Locked GRIZ wrote:
Tried but failed again...very sad :-((((((((((((((((

Hi i have this problem with the native microsoft codec that is in muvizu there is something up with the coding there so I switched to a commercial codec and the problem stopped. I am unsure how they can't find this problem it seems very consistent hehe

anyhow its related to the microsoft codecs on your machine something stays open that should not. Once it starts its hard to fix but if you download the ffdshow codec pack ( i think that is what everyone uses here) and use on of the configurations the problem will stop once you get a new video overwritten save the set under a new name and throw out the old one. I think I even uninstalled and cleaned my registry and re-installed to get the muvizu working again.

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2013/1/4 3:55:39
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing

just thought I would add this it gets worse in some areas the desk is so bad I had to try other light settings I dont know how to fix this I tried the commands provided and its still happening
2013/1/3 18:44:11
Happy New Year Happy New years Berty .

2013 is one year of bad luck for those who are are superstitious I suppose.. Big Grin
2012/12/31 23:51:01
Recommendations for a laptop please All laptops have integrated cards with a very few exceptions and nothing cheap so any laptop you see online is probably with an integrated card you can't get away from that unless you look at an alienware or custom built laptop . A dual core will run muvizu but if someone is selling one dont buy it well maybe if they sold it for less then a dollar.. its a museum piece pretty much and you can probably pick one up in a junk yard for free. If you offer to carry the dual core to the garbage for them for a charge THEM 5 dollar fee its a better deal
2012/12/31 23:23:09
Recommendations for a laptop please I dont use laptops I gave a link to a pc that was pretty decent. Like ziggy I have no clue about laptops.
2012/12/31 23:17:19
Recommendations for a laptop please he didnt tell you he preferred an overlocked i3

he said that i7 is more powerful then you need
and an i5 is good enough and preferabble to an overlocked i3

he also didnt provide a link to a laptop as he doesnt use any he gave you a list of good graphics cards to look at on a site that benchmarks them for performance.

You need to slow down and read a bit better

in all cases overlocking is not the best idea its what you do as a last resort out of the two processors other then an i7 he said an i5 is better and as a last resort an overlocked i3
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