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2016/1/18 19:53:41
Found this resource for textures.... Ah twinity this brings back mad memories. http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2012/06/troubled-twinity-bought-by-exit-reality/
Their stuff is ultra low res because its a virtual world and be careful of copyrights but its a good way to learn.
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2016/1/13 3:04:04
Coming Soon 2016 he looks "pensive"
2016/1/5 21:21:37
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Yeah they now convert his stuff regularly

You dont need to convert it now.
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2016/1/5 21:13:25
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... ziggy72 wrote:
I think Wabby used iclone for that one.

yeah that is iclone with characters from 3duniverse.

2016/1/3 15:58:07
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... lol those are great and hilarious nice work. The walking around isn't that jarring either
2016/1/1 18:54:57
Coming Soon 2016 ukBerty wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Will it be in cinemas?

Unbelievably I do have a couple of cinemas who have said they will show it - one in the UK and one in the USA - so hopefully there will be a very, very limited release. I will keep everyone informed should it come to it.

We have one in ottawa called the mayfair that shows indie stuff. It was originally owned by a relative of mine in the early times of movies and always showed odd things, but when they died off it was sold to a group who kept it as it was sort of .. and now they show indie films in it. It was still standing the last time I checked but that is ottawa's cinema for showing films that are not made by the "big guys". Originally it was a mainstream cinema, but they had a habit of in off hours of showing stuff that was well not mainstream (we shall leave it at that cause the times were different then lol)

so its quite old fashioned .. I think its still standing at this point it probably would be considered a "heritage building" I would think (our way of calling old stuff 'historically significant' and the government says you can't tear it down)

You can ask them I bet they would show it. I checked the info and yes amazingly it still exists so i bet its a heritage site by now
here is the infos. http://mayfairtheatre.ca/

here is the history http://mayfairtheatre.ca/history/

this is a blast from the past when they died i inherited 30,000 bucks lol (i went out and bought a new car i needed one badly lol ) I have no clue how they managed to make money off the sale of it, but my great aunt and her husband were the original owners.

well that is a bit off tangent but anyhow I am fairly certain you can get this shown at least once anyhow there
*slinks back into the shadows*
also remembering all that made me feel quite old ^^
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2016/1/1 0:34:19
Coming Soon 2016 Yes one should start a low lag thread once and awhile I think. I thought about it for people who use tablets etc I bet the lag is kind of bad after a few pages of photos. Drink

anyhow happy new year.. another year bites the dust bring on the next year Party
2015/12/31 14:56:50
Is this possible...? When doing things in animation anywhere really. Its good to be an "outside of the box" thinker to solve problems.
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2015/12/31 1:13:12
Is this possible...? yes or that

just build the set around the character to compensate for whatever wierdness you are creating
2015/12/31 0:49:02
Is this possible...? you could build a scene taking the fact that the blob is x inches/metres whatever over the ground and move your collission up and compensate that way when you make objects you can put the colission wherever you want if you know how

so if you wanted him to be 6 feet off the ground and walk through a street like that you could build the streets and whatever other props so they lie on the ground but move the colission up for the object to the level the guy is walking on. This is not difficult if you understand how to build collission in muvizu but it would look strange I am sure lol because any props on the blob would move the way the blob does so would be pretty unnatural looking but that is how I would do it if I were trying to do this in muvizu.

The problems come when your trying to get them to move vertically and horizontally at the same time in the air.. it doesn't work so well but if the height is fairly constant and predictable you could use this trick with collission basically all your props would have to have floating enabled or you can make the collission at the ends of the props hit the ground plane so that they rest on the ground and raise the rest of the collission up above that
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2015/12/25 23:36:22
SKETCH-UV The ASE is quite "roundy" no matter what you do with fbx mark sharp edges and make edge creases and use smooth and flat shading and it should keep this information inside muvizu.

The ase plugin should still work just make sure to label the files correctly according to the naming convention
you might need to triangulate before exporting as well.
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2015/12/25 19:46:14
SKETCH-UV the video I linked has the link to the plugin and the tutorial on how to install it (that is why I Linked it just read the description on youtube all the info is there )
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2015/12/25 15:21:09
SKETCH-UV PatMarrNC wrote:
Wabby wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
... And it's free - what more could you want?!

Blender !


Merry Christmas !
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Blender is an amazing program, no doubt about it.. especially for the price! (free)

But I get menu claustrophobia... when I first installed Blender and opened it up, I took one look at the clutter and closed it again. The main reason why I use Silo2 is that it has a remarkably uncluttered interface, yet it is powerful enough to do everything I need to do. (Except it can't export to ASE, which is the primary reason I use Sketchup)

yup you can export in ASE with blender there is a plugin.

However as wabby has stated now that muvizu uses FBX there is no reason to use the ASE exporter. You just need to use the native FBX exporter.
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2015/12/22 21:54:23
Merry Christmas to my friends and family! I dont tend to do much critiquing I just like to cheerlead LOL, but I will lurk and read the thread.

I am like this because personally critiquing does very little for my progress I tend to do my own thing but then I am a hard core introvert and its the extroverts that want critique. I have always been that way in work and in school it would baffle teachers and then I would just saunter in and do my exams or submit my stuff and produce an A. I always got criticized because "you dont ask any question" it seems that asking questions is an in thing for many teachers.

MY response would be "i dont have any to ask" and to which they would say "well then your gonna fail" but I never did LOL.

So I just cheerlead because of my own personal habits and besides its more fun Big Grin
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2015/12/22 19:28:06
Video Salvage PatMarrNC wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
oh the sky dome lighting was a colour gradient video clip I did red,green simple gradient and rendered as an avi file and played it on the dome instead of a static texture.

in what software did you make the color gradient video? I like that idea, but I have no idea how to replicate it...

Your work is awesome! I'm so glad you are an active and value-adding member of this forum!

Haha i dont post much anymore I got posted out awhile back. Anyhow the software for the gradient I can't remember I may have done it in blender or this little piece of software.


Its just a basic gradient with a blur (very easy)

I dont know if that software is really worth the price, but that is because I am used to doing things in blender, but I have a friend who gives me free crap from corel from time-to-time and that was something i farted with that he gave me. Its okay if you want to do something quickly.
2015/12/22 0:03:07
Video Salvage oh the sky dome lighting was a colour gradient video clip I did red,green simple gradient and rendered as an avi file and played it on the dome instead of a static texture.

Anyhow everyone starts somewhere. After literally years of making models and creating videos one cant help but learn things and improve. That is why I keep everything I make its fun to see how I have progressed.
2015/12/21 22:18:14
request you can also send a message to support as they likely have an archive and maybe they can supply you with the previous copy as a rollback

2015/12/21 22:01:37
Video Salvage lol well its not that good I always had issues with muvizu cameras and at one point I ram into the rear end of a reindeer LOL but we all just do it for fun.

Some of us are not quite sane so dont just give up because some of us have insane ideas LOL. I have had some set issues when I emailed them to muvizu staff they called me crazy LOL because it was way beyond what the software was designed for.

Just have fun with it we all see something that inspires us to try to do new things although in this case i just liked carol of the bells a lot Big Grin
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2015/12/21 19:47:04
Video Salvage I did this awhile ago for xmas mainly because I love carol of the bells. So I gathered as many versions as I could find and created a medly. I spent last night trying to get this video off my archive drive it was corrupted. I removed it from youtube because it was getting litterally hundreds of content claims even though every rendition I had whitelisted and/or was distributed under creative commons. So in theory it should have had no matches..

Anyhow before I loose it forever (I have literally everything I ever made good and bad stored somewhere on the internet in case my hard drives go wonky.)

so finally I got it working after messing with sound files and rerendering it... Its lower quality then originally

so merry christmas from the past (no time for this this year ... )

here is a thumbnail

Click to Watch "millions of carols of bells"

here is a second version ..if the first one the sound is messed up this one might work

It also came with a free set to make yourown christmas video here

merry muvizu christmas

*runs away*

as an aside the "dancing faeries" were done using a movement bug which I think got fixed LOL
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2015/12/20 22:01:10
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... haha your welcome. I think this is his sketchup, but if he can get a functioning file from the freebies all he needs to is stuff his model and any files generated into the same folder as the working model and it should work.. if this is his only error, but we shall see.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to looks at stuff you know works and we know fazz's sketchup models work and are set up correctly so he can reverse engineer it so figure what is going on.
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