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2013/2/19 18:20:57
To the community at large just commenting on some of the ideas

Perpetual fees to keep things watermark free - dont agree with that for the reason that well once its done its done basically the reasons behind removing a watermark revolve around ownsership issues. There is a point at which although the engine is used there is only so far one can push that watermark Basicaly you do the work and distribute the content removal of the watermark is twofold - If you go to the trouble of making productions writing it and perhaps even paying for models and stuff an original work remains such and so once its created you move in. Asking someone to perpetually pay to keep something they made as theirs is well unfair. Basically your forcing them to remove it from the internet if that is your focus and if they decided to give out copies on dvd even if they didnt charge they would have to run around and ask for them all back so they could give out a watermarked copy or just destroy them. In Any event one has to consider cost

the idea of paying 20 per video is a bit high as well there is an online service that offers such services and they charge by the size not the video. Anyhow I think at this point really muvizu has to consider who is going to pay for this type of software and why. It will never be a big time corporation or someone with bucket loads of money at their disposal as they would take another route most likely. At the same time if you go to the trouble and time and effort to make something that you actually want to remove the watermark from then its theirs once you let them have it so slapping a watermark on after the fact is well.. I dont even know if its legal. Anyhow for the most part we need different tiers of access

free is well free and should remain as such but the gap between free and enterprise version is well a lot of us are writing to muvizu to try to create something "not free" and are just getting silence or agreements are being made and then muvizu changes its mind (well digimania) leaving the creator with a project they put a lot of work into sort of hanging.

So we need a pro version for the single user - in 99.9% of cases a pro user is not going to ever roll in bucket loads of money but at the present time what muvizu is doing is limiting the use of its software and in a case where they could be making money right now they are in my opinion just throwing it away as we spend it on other companies. I am just a hobbyist but even then hobbyist do pay money to feed their hobbies. Last year I spent about $1000.00 on iclone software alone. Lets ignore the hardware I purchased to feed the hobby. I am not rich, but I dont smoke and i dont drink so I need one vice and my vice is pixels. I would be more then happy to funnel some of that money to muvizu for my hobby in exchange for the lack of a watermark which complicates my life to no end even as a hobbyist.
2013/2/18 18:52:08
Cat??? there is some cats i think that ziggy made in this set you can look at them and make your own or use his by saving to favourites

2013/2/17 19:56:47
Help, Error Message The File is Locked happy607 wrote:
I also am getting this error message after several months of no trouble at all.
After updating a couple weeks ago and working on a new video getting everything just perfect I can no longer make a video!
I re-downloaded and installed Muvizu and still the error message.
Using the 32 bit version on XP.

did you unintsall the old version and clean your registry? muvizu is leaving some tracks I am finding and going to the wrong locations. If you use say cc cleaner (its free) to clean the registry listing and do a seach for any muvizu file folders and delete them all. Then reboot and reinstall muvizu under a totally different directory name it usually works. Hopefully they will fix muvizu to clean its registry better in the next versions.

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2013/2/17 19:54:03
Download tutorials The software is internet based so anything you do its going to use bandwidth I would suggest watching the videos on lowest resolution. If you downloaded them it would be far more then 1.5 gig as there is tons of tutorials really you are streaming the same amount as the tutorial size is in the video. So unfortunately there is no other way to get the videos I dont think.

1.5 gig is tiny these days it sounds like your using a mobile device perhaps? That sounds like a limit that I would have on an iphone or something? If you have a desktop pc which is hard wired to the internet you can probably get a package fairly cheap with a ton more bandwidth allowance.

Anyhow sorry
2013/2/17 2:39:40
help on starting with this program hi you can start here

hope that helps
2013/2/16 19:09:34
Harlem shake ghost house edition I have to look up the origin of this particular fad this is about the 3rd person i have seen using this clip like this. I guess its the next gangnam style ^^

Anyhow was very cute to watch
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2013/2/16 19:08:38
2013/2/16 19:08:02
object hello if your saying you can't get your character to sit on the horse?

You need to uncheck the box that says "can be stood on"
then the object will not have any collision to the character and he can pass through it. Then you need to use a cube under the character some small flat object to stand him on I use the cubes inside muvizu and set the character to a seated position and then move the cube with the character on it to where he needs to sit. Then I set the image on the cube to no image to make the cube invisible.
2013/2/14 20:18:03
To the community at large EEFilmz wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
It might be simplistic, but my requirements would be this :

No watermark.

Clear fixed 'cut' percentage to give to Muvizu on money generated (because there's no watermark), or a higher one-off payment which entitles you to sell your creations without any further Muvizu involvement.

Everything else is secondary, really. Be nice to have higher resolutions, extra bits (like what Zubox obviously has), and the like, but the watermark/cut thing is the bit that myself (and I imagine most people) care about.

Thing is, how do you decide how much money has been made by a particular clip? No idea. Does Youtube or Vimeo give you this kind of information? Does it apply to each clip, or the whole channel? Is that for the UK only or overseas too? It's a minefield of complications as soon as you bring third parties into it. If you could buy a watermark free/fixed price version, those complications pretty much disappear (hopefully!). Just my tuppence

Ziggy from what I've read on Youtube, and what others told me, is yes Youtube can monetzie the videos you choose adn thre is a tracking page so you can see which videos generate ca$h and which ones don't etc. However, I have been told that when it comes time for Youtube to choke out a check to you it's hard to collect from them..whatever little money your videos do in fact earn which I assume isn't much from Youtube. I myself haven't made videos for profit, although that would be nice, and I know very little about it. I just create animationz for fun.

Youtube is very hard on independant creators its really a headache to be one and so most independants are being forced into a content aggregation network. It would also be far too complicated to seperate which ad earned what revenue on what clicks as all the ads are run using an auction bidding system its a veritable nightmare and not something worth bothering with. Top it off with the fact that there are 3 types of ads now truestream, instream and someother stream. How you split 50 cents becomes more trouble then its worth.
2013/2/14 20:12:33
To the community at large EEFilmz wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

1) I have like many people had to at times police my own content and I can't control the great internet of doom so I am almost feeling liable when someone rips off my content and tries to sell it or use it to make money which I have had done with videos at least twice in this last year. My only remedy is to issue a dmca takedown notice which is fine but I have a giant muvizu watermark on it and so it makes it hard at times and on top of it if muvizu sees my work with ads on it that I have not given permission for them to rip off are they going to come after me for the money?

Urban how do you know when someone is trying to rip off your video for profi? I have no knowledge of this and I too would be concerned and want to monitor that IF I made $$ for vids/animationz

two ways
1) a friend sees it and mails me
2) the video comes up as recommended to me as an interest on a youtube sidebar or on google i just happen to see it. I would go through google to see how my stuff was doing search engine wise and pull up my stuff on someone elses site.

this happened to me twice last year but thankfully not over a muvizu video if it was a muvizu video I would be totally well screwed and that is why I am careful about what I do with what software package. I do not know how I could issue any sort of take down notice with that watermark there and it makes my head explode everytime I think about it. I also had a friend want to remix a muvizu video I made but when he read the terms he changed his mind. He composes music and wanted to use muvizu footage of mine and do a music edit. It would have been cool, but alas he only works commercially and not for free so oh well on that one
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2013/2/14 19:39:13
comic book effects/layout EEFilmz wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
its also about half the price of the more known adobe and vegas.

Urban I checked the price on it, it's like $400! That's pretty expensive I think.

oh yes its not cheap its a pro editor (they all range minimum 300 bucks) coupled with a lot of the things you find in adobe after affects. Its still a lot cheaper then purchasing adobe premier pro and adobe after affects by miles and miles. If you go the route of sony vegas pro that is about 400 bucks plus you still need a program like after affects. Its a pro editor but its got a very good value for the money.
2013/2/14 17:36:00
To the community at large KerryK wrote:
Hi Muvizuers,

Every day we're asked to grant commercial Muvizu licences. Some people simply ask for permission, while others request 'premium' features such as watermark removal and non-standard render sizes. We get approached by users, companies, non-profit organisations, charities, students, teachers and hobbyists.

Your feedback also tells us that you are bamboozled by our current commercial terms of use. We don't blame you; they're not helpful to inspiring Muvizu money-makers.

So, in light of all that we're thinking of changing our terms to make it easier for people to use Muvizu professionally. We're also open to the idea of spin-off products or features to complement the free version of Muvizu for commercial projects.

So, we would like to ask some questions:

  • How can we improve Muvizu's terms for commercial projects?
  • What features do you need to make money from Muvizu?
  • If there were premium products which sat alongside the free version of Muvizu - products that were interesting to commercial users - how would you feel about that? Have you got any advice for us around pricing?
Tell us about other software you like, use professionally and applaud their approach.

Yours, all ears

The Muvizu Team.

oh my goodness thanks for this post. I am between a rock and a hard place right now worrying if someone is going to sue me haha.

I am not interested in making a million bucks from it but at the same time if I do make a buck I dont want to feel as if I am doing something wrong by doing so. Recently I had to create a video on a very dry subject for a non profit organization and because of the worries of restriction and the fact they want to collect donations for community projects (eg playstructure replacement) I had to create it in a piece of software that grants me a commercial re-use licence.

I am not completely worried about watermark although removing it would make it feel like my creations are not the property of muvizu when it comes to something I have written, created most of the assets for etc gotten licensed music etc.

If there was some middle ground for this a fee for use copy with a suitable eula to go with it. I am no lawyer and I dont know where to start with this other then to point out the eula of other companies doing the same thing and how they deal with it.


I have a few issues with the present eula of muvizu

1) I have like many people had to at times police my own content and I can't control the great internet of doom so I am almost feeling liable when someone rips off my content and tries to sell it or use it to make money which I have had done with videos at least twice in this last year. My only remedy is to issue a dmca takedown notice which is fine but I have a giant muvizu watermark on it and so it makes it hard at times and on top of it if muvizu sees my work with ads on it that I have not given permission for them to rip off are they going to come after me for the money?

2) This is regarding youtube and it makes it very difficult again if your channel is not dedicated to one thing. Even if you do grant me license in the present system I would have to keep complicated spread sheets in order to decide how much money I made off each video unfortunately assuming I can figure out how to make the youtube system give me information that detailed so the choice is to just not bother. If I intend to use it for commercial use I will use another software to avoid the headache of it all.

3) My own IP and writing stories and producing full feature films - The muvizu watermark takes away my ownsership of it even if i created all the objects and wrote the story and the music and hired people for the voices etc. The watermark is for me a deterent to making a completely original work in muvizu

So I was hoping for a license not aimed at large enterprises but more at little one man shows like myself and about the only thing I can think of is to request a fee for use version. I am pretty sure that you will have a small stampede on your hands with me leading the way. I could be wrong though Big Grin
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2013/2/14 15:46:16
Credits Yes the one with the eyes where one pupil is larger then the other has a lazy eye and it simply doesnt move. I love that set of eyes actually and use it often
2013/2/13 18:23:29
comic book effects/layout ukBerty wrote:
InsaneHamster wrote:
I am a big fan of Hit film ultimate.

Mr Hamster - I had a good look at this when I was thinking what to go for but I found the sound editing to be very basic (no surround sound for example). Has it moved on at all ?

I looked at the newest release and it seemed to me (although i didnt actually download it and check) that the sound editing had become better. Its odd really my corel video package has really good sound editing but very basic everything else. In any event it seemed that the hit film now had true pro editing capabilities coupled with a lot of the features of adobe after effects. To me it seemed to have the best of both worlds last time I checked.
2013/2/13 2:04:22
comic book effects/layout yes hitfilm ultimate is on my want list. Presently I am using a basic editor because it was cheap and had enough features to get me by, but I have outgrown it so after looking at all the possibilities out there I decided I could get what i wanted with hitfilm ulimate and its also about half the price of the more known adobe and vegas. I intend on buying that soon to replace my present software its a pretty neat piece of sofware.
2013/2/12 18:33:52
dialogue I haven't seen a multiple track tutorial but since I found it hard to work with not to mention my project would require me to find a way to separate dialogue in a radio show I found the muvizu tutorial method okay.

In any event yes if your having trouble with the shush thing I guess separating it works. I dont have that option with the radio show. I would probably end up in a rubber room
2013/2/11 23:03:18
dialogue hello they way you add dialogue for multipe people is to merge it into one audio file in muvizu. When I first started using muvizu I thought this would be a problem for me but it turned out to not be an issue its just diferent.

So take all your audio dialogue and make one soundfile of it and then assign that to each of the characters and then that is why you need the talk and shush so you can shut one up when the other one talks and visa versa.

Anyhow I hope that helps. Its a bit odd at first but once you try it a few times you realize it works just as well as "the other way" and forget about it

here is the tutorial the interface has changed there is no longer an "all shush" button but other then that its all the same.

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2013/2/11 2:27:42
How-to Video using blender to import 3ds files InsaneHamster wrote:
Thanks Urban this is greatly appreciated bowrofl

Rolf thanks mr hamster man hopefully I made it so a novice can at least get models that are not something we can put into the gallery into muvizu. Most of those sites let you use the models for things like muvizu but your prohibited from giving them out. There are lots of useful things that take very little effort (once you figure how..) to move into muvizu.

ziggy72 wrote:
Not sure if "made me listen to it" sounds right - I was willing to help, honest!

If you want to get into blender this is a good overview of what you'll need to know to get stuff into Muvizu. I think Urban did a good job on this - if you don't believe me, try doing a tutorial, it's hard. I've been delaying doing a character texturing one for ages because I know it'll take a lot of work to make it helpful and simple enough for everyone to understand.

haha yeah my sense of humour but I knew you would honestly say to me "yeah it is nasty fix it somehow" but I was hoping you would think it was okay ^^. So many of these tutorials are so way over a beginners head. I think sometimes people teach like that to make it seem harder then it really is I honestly do.

Anyhow anyone who uses it let me know if it worked and you can get some models at least from that site which is massive into muvizu
2013/2/10 23:57:08
How-to Video using blender to import 3ds files Not sure if I should post here or in the tips forum or what haha maybe someone can move it if its misposted. Anyhow I have been doing this tutorial in spurts for about a week and a half .. the sound leaves something to be desired as recording in my office never turns out well, but I made ziggy listen to it and he says he can handle the sound so here is the video .

I used closed captioning because I felt the sound quality was so bad even I can't understand it i areas so turn on closed captions and at the end you need to turn on annotations to get to the final section as its one giant tutorial that forks.

I have been wanting to do this tutorial for awhile but am trying to solve my echo chamber office noise.. I think its partly solved I put a sock over my mic .. now I just need to find a way to stop the noise if i slap it on my desk from the vibrations ...

Anyhow here it is .. hopefully next tutorials I do I will have found a solution and not have to try to hold the mic and type and stuff....

hopefully you find it of some use..
2013/2/10 23:01:38
Birthday Videos hehe not scary in the literal sense. I was just being silly
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