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2013/3/18 2:14:23
Coming Soon... This is what I spent the weekend on.. lots of trees wierd ones ,ordinary ones, trees made with tropical plant leaves, shrubs as trees and trees as shrubs. Oh and the town too lol but I went outa my tree this weekend playing with tree ideas.. :/
2013/3/18 1:15:04
Help please - you only live once

As long as the thing was manufactured you know recently and is in a good pc store and you ask the guy in the store "does the graphic cards meet x requirements" your probably safe.
2013/3/17 18:33:06
Muvizu Play Launch! okay I did see a fat lady in there ...she looked like "matilda" in iclone and I thought "ooo look new character"

anyhow I will be holding out for the version where you pay for it lock stock and barrel as they mentioned two versions

It looked good anyhow and hopefully their new version that you can get a full license to is a decent price because that is what I want cause I love to make muvies and more muvies .. and since I am approaching retiring (yes I am that old..) I will be doing stuff like this full time
2013/3/16 23:22:04
google hangout?? They didnt say when its coming "soon" is all that they could say. I would imagine it will be compatible with anything done now. I am still working on my next up and coming "not so blockbuster". They are redoing the website as well I would imagine they are trying to launch this new version and the website all at once.

2013/3/16 21:13:48
google hangout?? nonono your animating days are not over lol

they have always strived to have a free version and this will continue even with the new version. They are just busy upgrading their software like mad and have apparently been working months on coding for hand held props.

There are some things that dont work well in this version so they are just redoing it. They added an entirely new ui etc so it means a rerelease. And I dont know if I heard this or not but there will be 1080p resolution I am pretty sure he said that, but I didnt hear if that will be in the free or paid version. So no your animation days are not over
2013/3/16 21:05:43
Help please - Maybe someone from the uk will come along soon sorry. Haha I'm "old" to but I am a hardcore nerd from well my childhood so all this stuff I learn easily because of the fact that I have always been a very curious person and just must learn what makes things go.

Anyhow good luck hopefully someone can come by with a link to a store in the UK you can get to
2013/3/16 21:03:36
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? oh gee see i learn something new everyday I thought "wow they give like some sexy model to do the work in sketchup or something"
2013/3/16 21:01:01
google hangout?? Sound was a bit low I found well for me but I think I got most of it.

The spoke of the new version of muvizu and how they started which was actually as a virtual reality type game which gave me a chuckle. That part I didnt know but it all sounded very promising and I thought I saw an avatar in there that was new actually it almost looked like one of the ones from iclone lol but the picture was to low rez to tell for sure but it almost looked like the avatar model "matilda" in the iclone G5 package but again the stream was not high enough definition for me to tell for sure.

Anyhow okay im ready for this new muvizu *holds out credit card*

Big Grin
2013/3/16 20:48:06
Help please - The only thing you want to avoid is a pc with a video card that is wired onto the motherboard most of them really dont support muvizu well even if they are brand new and video cards are one of the most common components to wear out. Anything that is new quad core with a decent graphics card and some decent ram to not get bogged down. Muvizu runs mostly off its graphics card so for instance I build sets that really a card with low ram wont even load because its doing the bulk of the work so for cards the bigger the better really but just avoid those "deals" on places like amazon and ebay
2013/3/16 19:59:35
Help please - yes be careful what you purchase and never purchase a used pc from a private person unless you know them well
2013/3/16 19:46:11
Help please - hi i would not buy that its only a pentium 4 honestly the last time we had such a discussion it was difficult to recommend to people. That is pure garbage and so old its not worth even 1 cent. Dont shop for things like this on amazon

this is a cheap pc this is in canadian dollars and the british pound sterling is worth about 2.5 canadian dollars. so that costs about 300 pound sterling (I am not using a converter just dividing by 2.5 and rounding things off). I would not go much below those specs because your simply taking a match to your money and setting it on fire. This is not the greatest pc in the world and I would not purchase it because I get my own custom built but it will run muvizu and keep you happy for awhile unlike that pc which the person should be given a stern talking to about selling museum pieces as viable options for running todays software.

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2013/3/16 19:10:33
Help please - I wouldnlt run muvizu on any cheap laptop hehe it will burn it out, but even then you take your chances if you purchase a laptop it may or may not have a card that can run muvizu you will have to get a newer one. I personally dont recommend laptops for any graphical work its far to stressful on them. A desktop pc is my hardware of choice and it will cost half the price of a laptop
2013/3/16 18:34:39
Help please - Unfortunately this means that your card is not compatible with muvizu you will need to upgrade it to meet the specs on the site. Many laptops have cards which can't run such things. Also to be honest it has to be a very powerful laptop or you will burn it out on such things but if you want to run muvizu your going to need to upgrade the card. (and possibly other things )

Shader model 3 graphics card (or equivalent APU)

Direct X 9, June 2010 version or later, available
2013/3/16 18:16:09
google hangout?? It aired online they said a few interesting things hope you got to see it

Now we must patiently await the actual release which is "soon" (tm)
2013/3/16 16:04:02
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? There is a lady in scketchup? cool

sorry I dont know what this means
2013/3/16 15:46:55
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu This is my favourite one right now http://archive3d.net/
I even made a tutorial how to use blender to get these models into muvizu although you do have to know a bit about modelling in order to add texture.

(i didnt post the tutorial to the muvizu site only the forums because it was a catch all tutorial for more then one platform)
2013/3/15 22:12:19
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? to big make the entire thing smaller if it was too many faces it would say it was over the 65k face limit so size the buiding down (shrink it) and you need to be up in the air near the center of the dome it can be tricky so many of us have adopted the habit of making low collision objects

err there is a script you can use to remove all collision from your object
and this thread has the code you can add to your asf files to make them import easily. There is another thread somewhere as well with the importer with that code built in I think but I can't find it now. When I first started I was unsure how collision worked in muvizu and I used the code in this thread until I figured it out when I ran into import issues.

and there is a set created to show you where the "sweet spot" for importing is.


The physical size limit I think is 30 meters but I am not positive about that one

hehe ziggy typed faster
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2013/3/15 21:52:06
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? 65k is about the limit something like 65,360 or something I forget the exact number so if you can build an entire town with 65k faces and scale it down enough to import and use no collision then theoretically it can be done. I have toyed with the idea of making rooms in as a single object to import but never tried to see what I can come up with.

I have never known sketchup to be able to make low poly models everything I have seen made has been excessively high in polygons with a few rare exceptions but I suppose you can make one if you have the means and will to do so :0

I can make a building 500-1k polygons or if i want to get fancy 4k so not sure how much of a town you could create I think you would need to limit everything to 200-500 max to make anything townlike

you would have to use the "almost no collision" trick of building a tiny collision cube into it because you would have a very hard time importing something that size with full collision.
2013/3/15 20:30:44
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu I have created 2 muvizu city sets unfortunately they didnt fit on the site but they are listed on the forum and that is an awefully huge price tag for what amounts to a bunch of low polygon fancy squares hehe. (unless I am missing something somewhere maybe there is something else included in the package I dont know) I have looked at these guys for sound effects etc but man that 3d Stuff is a wee bit expensive.
2013/3/15 11:14:27
Hello =) Introducing Myself greetings/welcome

happy muvizuing will be interesting to see what you come up with
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