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2013/4/10 1:26:20
Outside Of My Bar! bars just click assets and type bar into the search engine box it pulled up 4 not sure which one you saw before

2013/4/10 0:18:12
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback The timeline is a bit hard to work with at the moment I am unchecking all the objects in my set one by one (i can see no other way) it seems to upon loading the set load eveything into the timeline each time even if you uncheck everything and save it that way the next time you load the set you have to sit there and uncheck all the boxes again (time consuming it is)

I am redoing one scene with the handcuffs as I found that animation.

Unfortunately as I said above and as ziggy said. If you make videos as a "small timer" we are not huge enterprises here the price tag for me to produce a 20-30 minute video in canadian dollars is (at the sale price) 300 - 450 pounds sterling which is about 750-1125 canadian dollars and maybe 20 dollars less in USD. At regular price its 1,500 - 2250 canadian dollars this is assuming there are no outtakes and I am able to do camera cuts precisely inside muvizu which is entirely unrealistic. I tend to export several camera cuts per take so i am looking at something like 5k to produce my 20-30 minute videos which might possibly make me a couple hundred bucks total :/

I know muvizu is way cool but these are not realistic prices
This is a tad disaapointing but I suppose for a one time pixar special that is going to be sold at the box office its a great deal :/

re: website i dont know if this is a typo or true (havent tried it yet)
- Max set file size: 25MB
- Max 3D asset size: 25MB
however 25mb for a set file is well way small :/
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2013/4/9 23:52:48
Watermark: new terms of use you publish inside muvizu and it will calculate how much to charge you. If you go into the video publish section you choose from the menu watermark free and size and then it calculates price and you press a button and it takes you to a payment page
2013/4/9 23:09:40
join music and sound? it sounds like you need a video editor programe. There is one with windows that is native to it. You will need to trim the videos to match the sound up. I myself never use anything inside muvizu unless its to lip sync dialogue. Otherwise you will need to inside muvizu match the start and end markers of the clips exactly for each segment if your using the video joiner.
2013/4/9 22:51:06
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback fazz68 wrote:
An unexpected surprise when i got home today, thank you muvizu had a bit of a play with it. looking good so far but just one gripe...... why have you changed the watermark? this new one looks a bit pants Big Grin
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pants eh?
well actually even though its a bit pants in its defense if your like me and put the footage into a video editor and want to use pan and crop its easier to duplicate now so that its not all over the place

other then that yeah I agree i liked the old one
2013/4/9 22:07:22
Batman.. Where are you? Dreeko wrote:
There's just no predicting how they will perform on youtube it appears. Best just to enjoy making them and see what happens after....

Yes make it because its fun. Since the average youtuber well the bulk is apparently between 13-17 unless you want to deal with tween blogging issues like your latest hot date, justin bieber or the harlem shake its better just to have fun hehe.
2013/4/9 21:14:44
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback just finished quickly playing with it and I wont be redoing my present video but was playing with the new stuff

the little textures for the regular original characters are kinda nice. Rosie is nice she has so many different 'sits' something I had missed on the other characters and liked her moving hair and um small jiggle in the chest area *cough* and the tie on her uniform is also way nice.

I liked the timeline, but when I loaded a set in it had all the objects on the entire set on the timeline so I spent about half an hour unchecking all the boxes as there was no way that I could see to simply clear all object or all characters with a single click. Liking what i see so far with the exception of what happened when I loaded a set I was working with the other night. When I hit filter it has everything on the timeline I dont know if that is because it was an old set or not.

Rosie is way fun for sure!

I downloaded the costumes afterwards I didnt see it install but once I found them I found them fun saves me some texture work!

Not really seeing the price structure as working it set up with the assumption that everyone is going to be making a lot of money or very few videos I guess I found it rather high in price which saddens me so I had another project planed which I had hoped to move into muvizu unfortunately it will be staying with iclone because my pockets are simply not that deep
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2013/4/9 20:24:24
Is it ready yet? ooo it *IS* ready!

just got home downloading now

thanks the gods of readyness and digimania of course perhaps today is also the day I should go buy a lotto ticket!

tonight I play with muvizu play! perhaps reanimate my superman video that I had almost finished ^^
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2013/4/9 14:39:12
Is it ready yet? well i don't know, but...

I got a t-shirt in my mail box today it even had my username on the back

its like this if i finish this video you will release it. If i wait and not finish it you wont release it.

otherwise I dont know either, but i do know that you know that I dont know .. you know?

thanks for the tshirt!

Big Grin
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2013/4/8 20:39:25
How to create own character? Yup only existing characters. Maybe in future they will add this
2013/4/8 20:03:02
How to create own character? Hi there unfortunately you cant make characters in muvizu only objects for set props
2013/4/7 20:37:42
HELP! I tried to join videos but it refused hi you will have to likely wait for a staff but you already posted in another thread so just wait. I dont know the answer and its sunday so


please be patient thanks
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2013/4/7 18:17:38
Is it ready yet? well I hope they release the clothes sooner then lol seems a bit of a tease to put news about new clothing coming soon and see nothing since january hehe.
2013/4/7 8:30:12
Is it ready yet? *begs*

as I sit here at 3 a.m. (i am 50 with insomnia I do my best work at 3 a.m...) working on my next epic blockbuster of doom trying to make my little dude shoot a gun in a convincing way and remembering the post on january 25th about new clothes for our characters... *breath* and thinking about the google hangout. I must ask

how close is this release now? I have been procrasitinating placing up assets, and rendering out and creating a new muvizu urbanlamb epic not so blockbuster hoping I can give you my money but alas I have decided to make my next video because people are kinda wondering what happened to me and why I am busy making dancing fluff balls instead in crazytalk.

Anyhow is it ready soon? with my luck I will finish this video and like 24 hours later the new release will be launched and I will have spent my wad of mad money on something else and have to wait a few months to purchase because I am unlucky in that way.

"is it done yet"

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2013/4/6 0:21:46
Coming Soon... oh perty is see the buildings way back there all lit up
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2013/4/3 19:56:52
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... you can make a mouse in sketchup or blender the tutorials for that are on the site read this thread for starters

if there is one in another scene I dont know but you can add it to favourites if you find one.

click on the object and select the tab favourites and then save it and open the set you were using and create object and look in the tab favourites
2013/4/3 5:01:14
Arms open wide for a "Jesus" (How to?) hi there

I guess this got burried

To have his arms open about you can stand him on a cube and make that invisible and use the animation happy -> pose -> arms out and set his expressiveness to 0 to remove the smile then raise the cube up off the ground once its in the right place you remove the texture and make the cube invisible before doing the video.

This is one way


You can use the animation under themes -> pose -> spreadeagle and you will have to use the set in a different way as he will be lying down for that but its possible you will just need to create a set to match his position.

To me the first way is easier and I have used this before myself to stand people up

I can't think of any other ways off the top of my head right now maybe someone has another way to do it but this is what I would do myself and have done in the past for such poses.

hope that helps
2013/4/3 4:05:39
What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? Video editing - changing to hitfilm but using corel video ultimate which is pretty good for the price tag


Sound - Magix and I recently purchased Mixcraft so I will probably be dropping most of the Magix stuff I used. I was limited to sound loops and some hand made midi files but once upon a time I used to be heavy into music writing and playing it so I am going back to that .



I use all those things mentioned and use freesound.org gosh for so much and also soundbible.com for a few things
if I want music and am too lazy to take the time to make my own mostly I use partners in rhyme

which is at a bunch of sites depending on how you want to purchase

and Archive.org

3D (flattered at mr hamsters recommendation hehe )
and to make those things I use Blender so I guess that is my place of choice

i also use a few 3D sites if I am not making it for others to use as well when I am lazy
one i like because I can get "authentic" things like the nasa space shuttle
the other because they have all those household items that are useful and appear in my videos


2013/3/29 18:04:57
what muvizu software should i download for window7 Hi there you will need to go by your ram and windows version 32bit or 64bit. Generally people these days if they purchase a new laptop made in the last year are all getting 64bit computers even laptops now mostly

so you will need to look up your system info on your pc

Then assuming your laptop meets the minimum requirements it should run however and this goes especially for laptops even new ones the graphics card may not be compatible. You will have to again refer to your systems info to find out. A lot of the onboard graphics cards built into motherboards have issues for many reasons unless the laptop was designed to run programs that use lots of graphics (gaming etc)

anyhow its probably a 64 bit system but that is assuming the laptop is new and someone didnt just upgrade the windows on it

p.s. looks like ziggy and me are in tandom again. Anyhow 32 bit will run on any system but 64bit lets you access more ram etc for some things. again assuming the graphics card on your pc will meet muvizu's minimum requirements.

jinx on ziggy. (back to my models)
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2013/3/29 3:24:14
How do I make a character "float" and lie down? You can use a ground plane or any object really that has proper collision built in (chairs, tables the blocks etc) and just click on the objects the box to allow character to stand on the object and click in the box on the object to float in the air

then stand the character on the object and move it upwards.

use an object that accepts a texture if you want the character to float in the air and not be seen to be standing on the object and then select the no image texture on the object after your satistfied with where he is etc to make the object invisible.

for lying down you need to search for the animations under
themes > pose >
there are some poses for lying in some different positions

hope that helps. (rather tired so my typing might not make much sense ..)
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