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2013/4/11 18:21:08
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ok, Here is the updated list of problems, in no particular order, bold things have not been fixed yet:

Timeline to have all options closed at start and opened by user individually -fixed enough for us!

  • the timeline needs to be redone its not right it just doesnt need tweeking its unusable its also the reason why muvizu is completely unusuable right now so unless they fix this as in completely redesign it for someone who is using more then 2 talking heads and a table and a chair then the entire thing is pointless. Its the cause of the massive lag I am experiencing the filter is only for visibility its not physically removing the data from the timeline. The timeline needs to stard out with no data none. We need to pick and choose exactly what goes into it and it needs to be stored that way. There need to be seperate menus on the timeline which open up into the timeline not this toggle stuff it simply wont work for this its far to complex.
    Within the menus need to be sub menues so we can choose what properties of each invidividual object, character, asset are going to appear in the timeline. I wish that moguls had been consulted on these issues because they would have known from the get go that this particular design was not going to work.
  • 2013/4/11 18:10:50
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback mcmillan-ra wrote:
    urbanlamb wrote:

    found another bug.. this render took me like 8 hours of work due to the timeline issues

    Hi Urbanlamb,

    Do you have a way of getting the dots on the floor like that? We've had this a few times and we thought we'd ironed out the instances of it - but obviously one has slipped through - or re-appeared. Are they still there if you reload the set - and if so, could you send it to us to look at?


    I think those are rosie's dots. I did not see them until I hit the make video button. Its possible that at one point after making the motion path I repositioned her a step back (this is something I commonly do once the path is layed its a more precise way of actually getting them to stop where you need them to) . Anyhow I am pretty sure those are rosie's motion path dots.
    2013/4/10 23:49:43
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback WozToons wrote:

    I would never "moan" about Muvizu, it's just the crushing disappointment of hopes shattered that is so hard to bear. Big Grin

    haha trying to get something done here but that made me laugh out loud werd They will fix it and um "time heals all wounds" or something like that..

    anyhow .... i am now going to retire to my muvizu 23b to finish or hopefully finish the final scenes (minus rosie *sobs a little bit*) of my next not so blockbuster

    hugs, puppy dogs and lollipops for all (or something like that)Buddies
    2013/4/10 23:19:27
    Watermark: new terms of use piquet wrote:

    By your own comment "At present muvizu has the highest prices in the industry by miles....." Yes, its called greed.
    Ripoff, in case you don't know the word, is a company charging highly inflated prices that exceed the actual value.
    Nasty because not only is it mean to users it also shows lack of consideration for them or any understanding of the market value of their own product.
    Controlling because they don't want to sell the software.

    Calling names? I don't think so, it's just stating the obvious....without being subtle.

    I actually have to suffer some sort of financial impact before I would start to be so "direct" anyhow basicaly what muvizu has done is maintain their status quo by not releasing a pro version and by placing such a price tag on renders. They have not changed anything (yet). I am still creating the same series I was last week and its still not costing me a dime. The price is up front and its outrageously high but they are not putting me in a position of being unable to continue on my path by withdrawing their free use package *cough* even though the new release is well unusable at present lol. So if you feel that your being fair so be it. Someone has to burn me in some way before I resort to showing my temper I dont even feel slightly toasted. Hence the "name calling" but if it makes you feel better feel free . I only know what I would do (as a person who has had to earn a living and is about to retire) if you rake me over the coals in a situation like this I would dismiss you as being something of a flamer who likely is never satisfied. I could be wrong but I do know that I am producing the same video I was last week and its not costing me a dime. What the issue is though is that for commercial use their prices are unrealistic but since I am not in a position to have to pay them money to continue I dont really have the right to be so "honest" because no money has exchanged hands nor will it be exchanging hands anytime in the near future with said plan. Yet I am still happily sitting here using their software like i was last week
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    2013/4/10 22:22:05
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Dreeko wrote:
    MrDrWho13 wrote:
    Dreeko wrote:
    You've certainly been putting the hours in for the greater good Urban!

    Yeah, why are you not an official tester? Just ask the people at Muvizu and I'm sure they'll put that shiny badge on your profile!

    I've a feeling there may be more field testing after this experience!

    I would be glad to test its just they never asked for testers or seemed to be testing anything at the time that I started using muvizu beyond downloading it and playing with it for 5 minutes. I guess in a way its good there is no pro pay up front version hehe meanwhile if they need testers who will adhere to an N.D.A. I would be pleased to help out if it means that software is released in a relatively useable form.

    Dreeko wrote:
    You've certainly been putting the hours in for the greater good Urban!

    I really wanted to add that rosie scene to my next superman video seeing as i needed a security guard. I am actually a pretty patient person and when i am watching tv at night i dont mind playing with software to see what is wrong with it. Anyhow as Woz says "lets see how long it will take". My email gets rather lost in transit at times to the UK (internet I guess) anyhow if they fix that lot maybe we can make something with the new characters
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    2013/4/10 22:04:53
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Dreeko wrote:
    urbanlamb wrote:
    oh also the cameras are not compatible i forgot that one as well (seemed minor in comparison i guess because its only 4 cameras).

    In what way?

    They were actually invisible I am assuming that since they now work on a percentage and are a new model that this changed it. This is likely what is going on with characters although the lighting seemed okay.. but i stopped looking at that point.. they all work on a percentage now. So they were there but I could not actually see them I had to move to them using the scene selector and they weren't there

    I found the lighting and quickly fiddling with it .. it appeared to work.
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    2013/4/10 21:56:44
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback oh also the cameras are not compatible i forgot that one as well (seemed minor in comparison i guess because its only 4 cameras).
    2013/4/10 21:46:58
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback ukBerty wrote:
    urbanlamb wrote:
    In comparison to the timeline lol that was easy to work around *cough* hehe.

    But deleting everything you've done is hardly a "work around", that's just starting again.

    That would be my sarcasm but even if i were to built a set now in the present muvizu would not be usable because of what its doing with the objects. I actually couldn't do any animation. Because of the massive lag that I experienced in unlit mode on my set. But I did go to the trouble of trying to set the characters up .... once I tried to work with new characters I still hit a road block. I was actually close to throwing my pc out the window after struggling to do some dialogue.
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    2013/4/10 21:42:33
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
    Dreeko wrote:
    Ok. Now I have tried a few different sets ( a batman one, one from my apple iDea movie and a couple of others) and I can not add any further character actions to any of them using the existing characters....

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    This seems to be the worst problem that everyone has.

    I think the order of problems from worst to ok is:

    • V0.23b compatibility issues
    • Timeline to have all options closed at start and opened by user individually
    • Weird movement line glitch
    • Price - lower so that us average users can remove the watermark - therefore Muvizu makes more money off it.
    • Other issues related to the timeline

    Do you guys agree?

    If they dont fix the timeline i can't use it ever this be a call for massive rollback. Well if they dont fix any of that stuff I cant use it ever .. so anyhow.. They are all bad issues and should have been caught in internal testing because they were apparent within 20 minutes of use and everyone is experiencing them so I am not sure how it was not noticed ^^
    2013/4/10 21:34:18
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Dreeko wrote:
    Ok. Now I have tried a few different sets ( a batman one, one from my apple iDea movie and a couple of others) and I can not add any further character actions to any of them using the existing characters....

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    This was okay after I deleted the character and replaced with a new copy from my favourites but anything sitting out from 23b had this problem. In comparison to the timeline lol that was easy to work around *cough* hehe.
    2013/4/10 21:28:31
    Muvizu 23b link Here is a copy of muvizu 64bit 23b build clicky this here linky!
    2013/4/10 21:23:30
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:

    PS: are those the movement dots in the video?!
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    yes they are
    2013/4/10 20:38:31
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback okay cough ignoring the fact that I have to mortgage my house to render out a video here is the "what's wrong" with the timeline stuff with a ?? beside it

    I would have gladly have signed an nda and tested this on a weekend for you and sent you this information. I am good at keeping my mouth shut despite outwards appearances ask ziggy and a couple of others re: NDA stuff.

    okay so here is the problem

    your timeline loads everything into it upon start up. What it needs to do is start out empty and we pick and choose from a menu what to add. Not subtract it afterwards. ...At present this timeline is hogging memory even if I uncheck the objects. I have 12 gigs of ram and a 1 gig graphics card and was able to create epics muvizuzu movies last week.

    Having said that after spending far too much time last night (all evening actually ) unchecking boxes on a set that I use a lot without paring it down (metropolis set) even after doing that. I could record animations and walks that seemed to work well, but I was fighting with this timeline and all the open menus that kept flipping open even after paring it down to find the stuff I needed. We need to be able to select what we want to see in the timeline this includes the submenues of the characters otherwise it gets horribly gangly. So if i am working on dialogue and head movement I need to see only that in my character not anything else.

    Now as for actually getting dialogue to work well. Unfortunately with the massive lag and delay I was experiencing there was no way to sync the voices up (timeline issue again)

    It took me about 1 hour last night to realize that I could not use muvizu play but I wanted to persist to see what all was going on.

    So in conclusion I have had to uninstall muvizu play and roll back to 23b to finish my current project lets hope I can do this.

    (edited to remove some of my typos..)

    found another bug.. this render took me like 8 hours of work due to the timeline issues

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    2013/4/10 19:24:26
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
    MrDrWho13 wrote:
    ziggy72 wrote:
    Also, I worked out that the movie I'm working on is half an hour, and I typically use at least 4 cameras per shot, each shot can't last more than a minute due to the file size issue (which is still there, I checked), and it has to be the highest quality, so to do it without the logo works out as...£1800?! Whaaaaa?

    Well, lets hope that you make lots of cash with it when you sell it to Pixar or something! ;-)

    Actually DW13, my alarmed looking smiley was in reference to the fact that my movie is not going to happen, not with this method of pricing. Flat rate, one off, or nothing. It's just the way I make movies - I generate a ton of footage and direct it though editing (like real films, funnily enough). The current pricing method is of no consequence to me, unfortunately, as I'm never going to use it. If there's not going to be a 'pro' version, then this movie's not going to happen.


    yeah I had something planned as well but as a "director" this present situation (something that I was worried was going to happen) is absolutely not the way I work or can work and never will be. This price structure (although even then its too high.. the reasonable price tag would be half a pound to a pound per minute max (even 1 pound is too high) will work for people who are into making small joke 1 minute/2 minute long videos on a whim for a friend. Anyone else is not going to be using this method its simply not practical. I just gave reallussion more of my money by the way. I had been saving it for muvizu but its a no go and I dont want to wait any longer for this project. My superman videos will remain in muvizu with hopes that something will be changing

    *tries to stop whining*
    2013/4/10 17:11:38
    Watermark: new terms of use mos6507 wrote:

    What that means, unfortunately, is that businesses need to have thick skins and tolerate being "called names". .

    lol glad I live in Canada then.

    Anyhow lets hope they fix this quickly. :/
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    2013/4/10 16:20:52
    Watermark: new terms of use piquet wrote:
    Sometimes the truth hurts!

    Actually I'm pretty sure you can now get iclone4 free and still use it for commercial uses. It's the content packs you have to pay for.

    It is pricey and I agree they need to change their thinking on it. I dont agree you have to call people names and generally do the bnet flame thing. If you were to do that in real life you likely would have had someone hang up on you if it was a phone conversation or be ignored or asked to leave.

    If you came into my office and said these things I would have you escorted away and the door slammed in your face. There is no need to bare your teeth and start brow beating people and calling them names. In this case they strike me as quite the opposite.

    Its clear they might not have done a great deal of market research before launching this price plan. They did ask for input and people were honest who were reasonable about trying to put on a price tag they didnt seem to take the input that seriously though or maybe were in a rush to launch the thing. I dont anticipate they will be making a great many sales with this structure and they will notice that and rethink things. For me its business as usual unfortunately the project i had wanted to move into muvizu that was sitting on the sidelines however will be done in iclone because although it is a commercial project there is no way that prices are cost effective and will turn any sort of profit.

    At present muvizu has the highest prices in the industry by miles and unfortunately wont be seen as viable for most things. Lets hope that changes

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    2013/4/10 9:02:51
    Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback just about to go to bed but i have this issue with the characters I had to copy them and redo the scene.

    Also with my sets unfortunately with all the objects in a mamoth set loading into the timelines and 20 bazzillion lights in some cases the entire thing grinds to a halt. I did manage to get one set usable but I can't shut muvizu down. I wanted to use rosie in one scene as I am almost done the video however it took me (must be crazy for attempting this) over 8 hours of unclicking lights objects as i did other work and sat and mindlessly clicked to remove them from the timeline. My hard drive chugged so badly at the beginning I thought it would crash but the set is now usable if i dont shut down muvizu. I consider this one a game breaker so will have to roll back to previous muvizu after this clip to complete the video (assuming I can find a copy hehe)

    hopefully they hotfix this loading of every single item, character light etc into the timeline. So now I leave my pc on to do the animation in the evening tonight with a huge sign to not shut down muvizu or restart the pc on the monitor
    2013/4/10 2:53:27
    Poster well your very welcome feel free to post questions there is always someone around who knows the answer unless its some sort of bug or tech issue which requires staff to look at error files or something.

    Happy muvizuing! Applause
    2013/4/10 2:38:05
    Poster There are probably a few other surfaces inside muvizu that will take a photo that you can use but I forget them all some tv's or consoles so there is quite a choice of items for something simple like that
    2013/4/10 2:12:02
    Poster To make a poster you can use muvizu stuff already inside there is a prison set with a poster you can change the image on ,or you can use the backgrounds and there is a picture with a frame in house items. These all take images that you just load from your desktop jpeg or png files.
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