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2016/3/2 14:31:27
ASE plugin PatMarrNC wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

ASE is not used anymore its quite old, but there is a blender ase exporter and it likely still works

I downloaded and installed the ASE exporter for Blender, but never could get it to work.

I just tested it and it still works.

pardon the asset i am working on something and just picked any old thing ...

here is the link make sure to download the most recent one 2.51


uncheck use submaterials and leave in allow multiple materials. you can triangulate before or ask it to do it for you. I used to triangulate before and uncheck that box. Works perfectly make sure to add a material to the collission box you add but no texture.
2016/3/1 18:49:53
ASE plugin PatMarrNC wrote:
braj wrote:
I wish there were an ASE exporter for Blender that worked with the latest builds. Muvizu gives more options on import for ASE than FBX, like forcing double-sided normals, which is incredibly handy. It is bewildering how to get it to work consistently with FBX, there seems some magic faeries live inside Blender that decide when it will work or not.

what Blender build stopped supporting their ASE exporter? And I wonder if that build can still be found anywhere?

ASE is not used anymore its quite old, but there is a blender ase exporter and it likely still works but unreal switched to fbx a long time ago (mid way into unreal 3 they started switching over) so its no longer used because its well not supported by 99.999% of engines out there. That is why muvizu now has fbx
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2016/2/16 21:48:19
W4 Error Please help!! there were some recent windows 7 patches that addressed a security issue uninstall them and see if that helps they were bad patches check out microsoft they probably have published the problem patches.

I think they are these two patches this is like second hand info at this point but if w4 is a security thing then this is probably the problem
KB3126587 and KB3126593, cause some packages to stop functioning properly on Windows 7. This is due to a change in the way Windows handles DLLs.
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2016/2/7 18:12:58
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? I dont really want to give product advice but moviestorm ......its very old and if you were going that route iclone is the better choice.....especially if your a blender user which looking at your little tutorials it seems your getting your head around it rather rapidly. (but you will need to pro version of both iclone and 3dexchange to be able to unlock its potential)
2016/2/7 0:34:16
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? braj wrote:
Haha, you guys make it sound like I am asking for too much. What I am asking for are the very basic move and view tools that really should be there, and access to what tech is possible le to the power level user that is willing to use other tools to create and rig new characters, it is in their interest IMO to give some sdk for developing content. You guys have low expectations. I know hey can do it if they have the will and budget, if either is lacking then maybe not.

The sdk they are using is from unreal engine they can't share that only unreal can share that. Muvizu runs on unreal 3. Anyhow without recoding muvizu which when speaking with them its likely something that at the moment they are not intending to do. The bells and whistles they can add will be limited to the coding of muvizu and how they encorporated the unreal sdk into muvizu. Now haveing seen the performance issues I dont think it would be a wise thing to overburden muvizu with many more features. Not unless they completely recode it... and if they do that they might as well upgrade to unreal 4.

They are just a tiny company and have gotten smaller as of late. Everyone enjoys muvizu but if they make it too complicated they will sacrifice one client base for another. (not to mention the keyframing package is not working properly right now even no sense asking them to break it further)
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2016/2/6 0:46:43
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Yes as patmar says there is on one singular tool to rule them all. Muvizu is good for some things and other tools are good for other things. You learn to not try to get a tool to do something it shouldn't be used for less you go batty and use it for "the good stuff" . Muvizu was created for ease of use and even digimania if you speak to them realize that muvizu is good for learning and doing small things, but there comes a time when users want it to do things its not really built for and at that point its time to find the tool to achieve the goal you seak.

Its okay to use more then one software and one realtime engine.
2016/2/5 21:20:23
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? They have access to things we do not just like they have a cape that is soft cloth. We cant make any soft bodied anything. Likewise they haven't as of yet made it possible for us to put in animations at the material level or create blend shapes for expressions or anything else
2016/2/5 20:58:50
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? in muvizu you would need to generate the file as an avi file and play the avi file on an object. In other softwares you might do it differently but in the case of muvizu the solution is to create an avi file of the animated textures and import that in the image slot instead of a still image.
2016/1/28 23:36:47
Transparent Windows? The FBX for muvizu is version 2012 or 2011 I think.. one of those two you will need to check the wiki. If they put in fbx for like 2015 version it wont be working with muvizu
2016/1/28 18:26:06
graphics software haha your welcome.
2016/1/28 15:41:11
graphics software Krita is almost identical to photoshop actually & gimp is actually an older version of krita. Its also way easier to use then gimp lol. Anyhow up to you I never got along with gimp they had a major issue with their usability and it had an issue with "blocking" the designers didnt know how to build software so krita was born after a UI designer had words with a gimp coder over it and they refused to make it more usable. (blocking in this sense means that you do an action and can't stop doing the action and get stuck in the application unable to progress further trying to unstick the function from your key so you can get moving again)

So the ui designer and a couple of coders got fed up and so krita was eventually born. I use it also because I can import my psd layered files into it that 3dcoat generates without issue and all my photoshop brushes work that I have collected over the years.
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2016/1/27 20:13:45
Transparent Windows? I think 7.4 works as well now but I know for a fact 6.1 works. Also there is binary and ascii and I dont remember right now because its so automatic for me which one I have used.
2016/1/27 16:37:10
Transparent Windows? I do all the trees with ASE they way to do it with ASE is to create a tga texture with and a seperate alpha channel mask and muvizu picks up the info in the mask.

I actually can't do trees with fbx in muvizu (they didnt include the mask function for some reason I guess because the unreal engine "tree maker" has that function normally lol)

I can't remember which assets I used this way but I think this one uses the alpha mask techqnique and one material.

There is one caveat with using the alpha mask method and there is an issue its a pretty common issue and not just a muvizu thing called "alpha sorting" which gave me a chuckle when I was making a door using the alpha mask technique cause this alpha sort issue is the bane of the existance of many creators using older software. It can drive you batty. Anyhow its possible but I would only use it for something like trees otherwise you will encounter the dreaded alpha sort issue which is typical of older engines.
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2016/1/27 14:41:00
Transparent Windows? I dont know then just export it. I did the demo on a ball. I know fazz tested my info and it worked. Just press the buttons it should work I also tested my info and it works. Did you assign a texture?

I really dont know what else to say because that page is just a mechanical process.
Are you using the correct version of fbx? the 6.1

At the time that was created there was only the 6.1 exporter make sure the sliders for transparency etc are not set at 1 or something just slide them down and same with emit if you want it to work move the sliders down to about half.
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2016/1/27 14:38:01
graphics software I use krita now its got a better interface then gimp and is maintained and up to date. https://krita.org/

Gimp was part of krita or krita was part of gimp at one point but there was a disagreement and the krita guys split off and developed something that was not so ackward to use. I switched when adobe started renting me their software.
2016/1/27 0:19:16
Transparent Windows? ziggy72 wrote:
Regardless of what you do in Blender or SU, you can't mix transparent and opaque textures in Muvizu in the same model.

You can actually but you need to assign a dedicated material to the model for it then assign the transparency settings only to that one material.

...so take your object and create a second material and take the mapped windows and put those onto the second material and remove them from the material containing all the other bits and pieces that are not transparent.

if you use ASE you can do this using a mask however the method to do this with fbx is to assign transparent areas to a second material.

here once upon a time they allowed us to upload models here is a window done in fbx format you can download this and import it into blender and take a look at how I did it.

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2016/1/26 22:00:49
Transparent Windows? create a cube or ball and apply a material to it, use uvunwrap to unwrap. Ifs its a cube use uvunwrap cube projection if its a sphere use uvunwrap sphere projection (note this will not work on complicated objects). To access the unwrap function have the cube selected and go into edit mode and its under mesh or just go into edit mode with the cube selected and hit U.

once you have done this go into the wiki and click the buttons I showed in the diagrams.

2016/1/25 22:10:48
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? right click on the link and select save as
2016/1/24 1:17:38
Transparent Windows? this is how its done now those tutorials are older and predate fbx

put anything you want to be like this on a seperate material layer if you need parts to be not transparent. Unless they added the ability to create a mask for fbx, but last time I checked this was not an option.
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2016/1/22 17:15:17
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? You dont "need" maya anything that will work with fbx files. The core of muvizu works on unreal 3. If you have time you can download the unreal 3 (if its still offered) and you will see the similarities right off the bat.

Modo, blender, maya, 3dsmax are the software that I can think of off the top of my head that I know will create stuff that would work inside muvizu.

However.. one has to look at their other product line. I myself might end up purchasing renderdigiwhatsit if I decide to continue with products from this company. My ideas have basically outgrown muvizu lol, but they do offer a product that would help me along the way in my endeavors.

Although I am quite happy with what I have now and will probably one day make some more small muvizu videos, but for giant projects I hit a wall awhile back where what I needed to happen simply could not happen inside muvizu and any methods I came up with were not good for me.

Anyhow I would use muvizu more if I could import characters and animations but, that would mean that they would be undermining their other software so I dont see this as viable for them and I think would require them to totally redesign muvizu and well they spent money on that already and created what I fondly call renderdigiwhatsit (renderdigimania)
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