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2013/4/16 20:19:37
Superman Episode 4 is done
2013/4/16 20:16:41
Stapling Squirrels crazy glue dries way fast and its probably easier to get on their little feets!
2013/4/16 20:15:13
Superman Episode 4 is done yes ziggy I would never go beyond the original splits even though I find some of them unnatural as I would have to remove the narrator and do my own and that would change the entire feel of the thing so that is definately not gonna happen. What I have been doing (the series was written in about 12-15 minute bits) is to combine two of them and cut the narrator from the beginning of the second half to have the stories end in a better place but the series was originally created to last 12 minutes and aired that way and was a kids program. I pushed it to become a bit of a more adult program length
2013/4/16 18:44:11
New messages with Muvizu 0.23b you can say yes or no to the second question it doesnt matter as it actually wont install the content. The first message obviously say no to the update to muvizu play if your working in 23b until the play version is patched to your liking
2013/4/16 18:12:02
Superman Episode 4 is done I fully admit to being a supreme nerd :P

for anyone who is curious of demographics well the majority of youtube users (the platform for showing your creations) are between 13-17 and their average attention span is 5 minutes. ^^

My videos actually hold watches attention for a decent amount of time but I refuse to bend to the teen demographic just to conform seeing as I have never been much for doing what everyone else does.. anyhow I will think on the 15 minute vs 30 minutes again.

Dreeko wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I think most people look at superman as an american he wasn't

That's right. He was Kryptonian

I always found it ironic that superman is the model american yet the template to create him was basically canadian. I guess the artists chose what they knew. It quickly morphed and you have to go back to the origin of the first comic created to find this info. Anyhow expect to see a glimps of the CN tower in my metropolis one day I just have to get round to rebuilding one of the two sets I use for this :/
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2013/4/16 17:50:53
saving set error Well I might download tonight and give this a whirl as I made a short dialogue for something but decided to scrap the idea (too overdone) but its good enough for a short short (bit scared hehe) but I will venture into the unknown.

*crossing fingers*
2013/4/16 0:55:41
Do you have a publicity for me ! you can check the muvizu youtube channel? for something? you can share/embed if you need it offline maybe contact muvizu?


or you want to create news ? Then you must do yourself inside muvizu and make a video.
2013/4/16 0:32:21
Superman Episode 4 is done hehe thanks fazz yeah myself i am like you and always have 20 million ideas but I sort of tell myself not to do that and give myself a lecture about focus and finish. Its very hard not to rush near the end I think everyone has this issue. I tend to walk away if I find myself wanting to do that until that feeling goes away. I will probably end up sticking to the 30 minute format for most of it unless the story says otherwise like when this yellow mask dude appeared hehe.

As you can see from my dancing and singling fluffballs and all the other stuff I make my brain is exploding with ideas I just made a conscious decision to stick to this superman series for a good while and its becoming a bit more shall we say repetitive as I have worked out a lot of issues so the time I spend problem solving is going down.

I do want to make a good year or two of this superman stuff (i'm not well I think hehe) because I enjoy the recordings and superman was actually a canadian invention and metropolis was actually toronto and the daily planet building was the southem press newpaper building (well it was called something else at the time) so its got a sort of signifance to me although I think most people look at superman as an american he wasn't

2013/4/15 23:21:27
Superman Episode 4 is done This is a shorter one because its an ending. I am actually not sure if I will continue with half hour episodes as the internet is filled with people with short attention spans .. at the same time I enjoy doing it that way even though I can fill up my hard drive with footage.

Anyhow if anyone has any opinion on 15 minute vs 30 minute let me know.. I enjoy 30 minute stuff myself but then a lot of people dont have time for that.. and then on the other hand some of these episodes end in horrible places so this was my motivation for creating 30 minute episodes because they ended in a better place
2013/4/15 23:08:47
Coming Soon... Looks good ziggy and yes that Emissive setting is rather handy I have made some interesting neon signs with it. Your prison definately looks like a prison

woz there are two ways I have used both
you define areas as alpha on a texture same way as if you make a tree or something and need a transparent background and import as setting alpha to the emissive layer then only the alpha layers on your texture will glow .. for this you need a proper uv map

or you can just import an entire object and set to emissive and then the entire thing lights up if you are not needing specific parts to glow
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2013/4/15 17:42:53
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion myself i am not looking to add anything else to the timeline..

what i want to see because quite frankly its unusuable with more then a couple of selections is those menus with the arrows that expand to a 20 mile long list that i have to somehow sort through and the ability to add and remove things easily without going insane in a single click and not have the choices made for me because this is causing a huge issue.

anyhow there is really only a few ways this can be done

the view scene window is an example of a usable menu that can be pretty much duplicated and used as a menu for the timeline but this menu needs to be seperate so we can see it and use it and pick and choose from it. Then we need a way to easily remove stuff we are done with in the timeline this usually is done not with unclicking boxes but by using links as its much easier to use and faster .

anyhow my fears are to be honest that well firstly the community is having to give such heavy input into what a functional design is and that its becoming a sort of battle between different user types. Anyhow lets hope that what gets produced is something we ALL can use. Having worked with so many types of software I have seen most companies settle on the same basic layout each and everytime for a "complicated timeline" so really there isnt a whole heck of a lot of choice. The only thing i dont want to see happen is muvizu make the choices for me. This is okay at a beginner level but once you get used to something and want to make it do your bidding having stuff done automatically is actually pretty annoying and a huge waste of time as you spend time undoing all that automatic stuff before you can move forward.
2013/4/15 2:25:38
How do I put different dialogue to the same charac hi here is a tutorial i know of no other way then to put all the dialogue into one wave file but someone has mentioned another way anyhow here is the official way


I can't speak french well enough to explain complex ideas sorry
2013/4/15 0:28:46
blank preview LULU153 wrote:
Yup, you got it urbanlamb. Go to the top of the class!
I forgot about the camera position.

its been a long day....

thank you all

yeah I started thinking about it.. you didnt say "it wont run" or its crashing or something you said blank anyhow glad you figured it out
2013/4/14 23:22:15
blank preview LULU153 wrote:
I cant upload a screen shot here but the problem is the same regardless of the size of the clip. Even before I start to 'make the video' the preview screen is blank so I imagine that has some bearing on why I cant view a complete video on my pc?!

err not sure to be honest what is in the images are they white? or do they have your scene? i am thinking possibly you have more then one camera out and are creating the scene but one of the cameras is pointed at empty set (which is white by default) which would get a blank preview. I have done this made a quick test render to see what a scene looked like and had forgotten to flip to the camera actually viewing the scene in the cameras line in the timeline and this would give me a blank screen
2013/4/14 22:46:29
blank preview okay if you can see them but not import for use in muvizu this is because of the formatting or "wrapper" used to package the avi (probably h264 this is most common format) muvizu will only handle standard encoding microsoft avi type 1 or 2 and uncompressed format (i am missing one.. can't remember which.) so this is a codec issue as muvizu has no fancy codecs to use inside their software.

.mov is for use in quicktime and was basically invented by apple to compete its not very universal because most of the software is developed for a pc workhorse.

Anyhow it seems you can in fact see avi files on your pc now? you just can't import avi files on your pc for use inside muvizu? if this is the problem now its the way the avi file is packaged and you need a converter to repackage the avi. Muvizu will not handle quicktime native format at all those are .mov.
2013/4/14 19:50:05
blank preview WozToons wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Yeah, windows media player is the best free video player I know.

I use VLC myself as it plays the stuff Windows Media Player won't.

yes i have this one for things that my windows player wont see. I use the windows player for any movies etc i download or purchase on cd and want to watch on my pc but if i can't see something i revert to that media player to check if its me or simply that my windows media player wont play it.
2013/4/14 19:35:25
To the community at large theKodu wrote:
my 2p on the matter / ideas

As far as the sharing of ideas and creations. I want to see that remain free, sorry I know it sounds bad and the idea of charging for content packs and stuff sounds good with people getting cuts, but it harms everyone in the community in the end. I'm more than happy to create a character texture and have others use it free in return I get to do the same. This means as a community we all get the chance to use creations and improve our videos etc not simply those who can buy the packs.


There is logic behind haveing commercial content and its this.

I only put in the asset gallery simple assets because like with muvizu my time costs money. At the moment assets in muvizu are extremely limited. Anyone creating anything complex in muvizu is already in some cases purchasing content from places like renderosity and daz and even iclone and importing it into muvizu. So muvizu is in fact throwing away a market and giving it to those other companies. There are a couple of us that actually make money on content (but elsewhere so we are already selling our content and people purchase it for use inside muvizu or something else). So that market already exists muvizu should capitalize on it. Not to mention I would be able to release content I already create with a pricetag directly on muvizu and it would be optimized and converted and people would not have to muddle through optimizing and converting it from another format. I actually dont want to be seen as a content creator on this site I am a director, but unfortunately its happened anyhow.

Asking content creators to give all their content away for free is just as bad as asking muvizu to take the watermark and give their software away for free.
2013/4/14 19:27:44
blank preview LULU153 wrote:
The tga option just gave me 480 individual video frames! I didnt try opening them in QT. I'll see what the Muvizu gods suggest tomorrow.

many thanks!

its probably on your end your using a pc now I would suggest moving away from quicktime as this is a apples thing. You have windows media player this will view avi's etc. So if this is your issue that you can't see your avi video files in quicktime this is due to the fact that quicktime likes .mov files although some of the newer quicktimes sometimes will show avi files its not guaranteed.

Look for windows media player and watch your videos in that if the videos are larger then 2.0 gig actually 1.99gig you wont be able to view them unless you use a pro video editor. If you cant see the avi files in windows media player then something is up with your codecs, but I remember you just purchased a new pc if it runs on windows 8 you should be able to see the avi files (not in quicktime though)

You can see the tga images because your using your windows system to view it not quicktime player
2013/4/14 18:30:45
Youtube and copyright issues theKodu wrote:
On copyright.

Basically Disney have every right to copyright claim people using the Fantasia soundtrack as its their orchestral performance that's copyright. What you need to do is to find a recording of the music played that's out of copyright or was done by an orchestra that allow it for public domain use.

The system tags and can tag eroneously hence the post. This particular one is a personal experience and the reason why some people are making music themselves and getting it tagged. In my case it was a midi file I made from scratch from the sheet music in the public domain. It is quite common. So you need to dispute it. Unfortunately the claims can still be rejected. However recently youtube put in another layer in their dispute process. The other issue is youtube and video monetization which now everyone has the ability to do. Youtube will reject this and not believe that you made the music (also quite common) and it takes a lot of hoop jumping to get them to believe you made the music and often they choose to not believe you. As a result of my personal experiences I have joined up with a content aggregator to remove this problem as anything I made now I can claim as mine its cut down immensly on the false matches. Unfortunately you will still get matches even if you get the music from the public domain since in many cases they are copying something else as well so you need to dispute. There are less rejected claims now that they put in this new layer for false matches because the rejection means that you can reappeal and that they are then forced into the position of issuing a dmca take down notice. If they are wrong and it is your music you can then take legal action against them and counterfile so they are being more careful now as they have no choice.

Also be careful of fair use. This is american law and fair use is not as broad in most other countries. Fair use also doesnt mean (even in the US) that you can use a popular music piece and make a video of it. So if your going to use fair use make sure what your countries version is. In Canada the laws are a lot more strict and fair use is limited to education and news reporting. Many people do abuse it and stretch its limits so be very careful on this one if you take that path be 100% sure what your doing is really fair use or you can loose your channel and get copyright strikes. 3 strikes means your channel is gone and often its hard to start a new one
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2013/4/14 3:30:47
M&M Guy? He is there just for show they do custom work for big companies. The probably will change that video one day because everyone is asking but the M & M dude is not for our use
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