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2013/4/27 17:54:54
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Yes I was starting to get worried. I know I ramble sometimes, but I can't be that hard to understand

I am um verbose Big Grin
2013/4/27 5:02:39
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback ...and I thought i built large sets Whaaaaa?
2013/4/26 21:52:42
So much potential, so many bugs Neil wrote:
Hi Berty,

As for the timeline, we're talking about several changes we can do to make it easier. We've already agreed on a new feature for selecting objects from the timeline and highlighting objects within the timeline that you click on in the scene, much like you're asking for. We're also looking into the layout to make it less busy and generally make it easier to control.

I was seriously starting to get worried but your comments make me feel like possibly this will go in the right direction in the end. I sent another email about the timeline detailing more what was wrong, but it seems all so elementary to me to have to say these in such detail. Anyhow I will be waiting and watching and hoping. A second monitor should not be required for a timeline.

I wish I could give more feedback unfortunately its a bit hard when you cant actually work with the product. I am excited with the direction muvizu is taking in most things its the approach that makes me nervous because I want to see your great product succeed and turn lots of heads Big Grin
2013/4/26 19:54:22
Update Muvizu your welcome if it still doesnt work post your system information as a muvizu staff will have to figure out the problem but likely its just your registry giving you issues.
2013/4/26 17:50:09
Update Muvizu I would do this just uninstall the old muvizu and download muvizu play and upgrade it that way. I find that sometimes things get scrambled if you install with the upgrade button.

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2013/4/26 0:36:45
New website feedback thread meh maybe that is not what your talking about here this is my page :P

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2013/4/26 0:12:00
New website feedback thread that is what you see when you first click?

I get the full page properly framed. I am using google chrome right now and the aspect ratio is set at 100%
2013/4/25 23:26:58
the avengers radio series Yes that is a fun series hopefully you will continue it in the future and your welcome for the advice anything to help a fellow muvizu fanatic Big Grin
2013/4/25 21:12:22
Video not appearing on Muvizu gallery the gallery is moderated to remove spam and people using the site for things not muvizu so it will appear in 24 hours or so depending on the day of the week. If you post on the weekend it can take a couple of days as people at muvizu are not working on weekends for this type of thing.
2013/4/25 19:49:43
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop yay pro version good i can't get any bandwidth now seems my isp wants me to upgrade (again) but I will watch later anyhow I was hoping to see muvizu morph into something else over time. Unreal engine + open back end = way cool.

finally got to load the video presentation and i see they are trying to create a "muviclone" I was wondering the motivation to adding a pro timeline to this software. So cough sorry if i have been a little shall we say cranky? I dunno how to say it and good work so far on the timeline its a good start. It will be way cool when the work area is organized a bit better (at the moment for complex things its a no go) and I hope to see "muviclone" in the future. With the advances in pc technology its getting to the point that really using 3dsmax or cinema3d is not necessary. Graphics are decent enough now to make it possible to use real time for very nice things. I have watched some real time iclone creations which have just blown me away.
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2013/4/24 18:50:19
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Dreeko wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I just felt like i was invading the thread so i removed it anyhow nice video

Not at all! Lol!

I was only joking with the "bath me in glory" post.

Just trying to keep things light

Really though, What are the issues you are having specifically?
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I spent gosh another 3 hours the other night trying to animate rosie in an old set I had no scroll bar and I was just finding I was getting lost in the interface. I can't really describe it. I was trying to use the other characters in the scene from an old video and add her in. I gave up. I found myself flipping and clicking buttons constantly because keeping them all in the timeline made it difficult because it just well massive yet removing them is time consuming and then I found i wanted to add and arrange an action I had just created and well there was no way to scroll i was hoping from queue to queue point Yes i know supposedly there is a scroll bar, but it was not there i am thinking i was in the "other timeline" for her character when I was recording the actions. So I had a choice of two timelines to work with I guess. Whatever has been done to it i am constantly shutting it down and doing something else or using 23b and saying "Its not done yet".

Quite honestly 23b has a better design I can manage it. Its possible because I am used to a more steamlined management system when things get that complicated that I find it unmanageable, but the reality is for me I am starting to say "iclone is easier for this". I tend to pick the best tool for the job I dont descriminate between platforms I have quite literally everything ever made that I know of hehe. Muvizu's strenghts were in the easy fun quick timeline with this new added layer i am finding myself turning to something else to do the work in. Maybe in a month I will try again but at the moment I find myself forcing myself to use a software and its become "unfun" and I am not getting the same results i was and its taking me longer to get any result. I found myself the other day putting it away and working on something else hoping this gets fixed, but I think it is fixed haha (well except for one or two crazy sets that are slow to load) and I still am wrestling with the software. I can't really explain it its an issue of how things are spacewise and the amount of space they take up. I can probably muddle through however I dont think I will be obtaining the same results I had in the past I seemed to have less control and not more and I spent most of my time shuffling things so I could see what I was doing and its become something of a chore and a chore I dont want to do (this is after all for me a creative outlet more then anything and if it aint fun i dont wanna do it ^^)

(anyhow that is my answer but I keep saying it. I dont know how else to explain it.. its I guess 'organized chaos' when i work with it.. I wont post about it anymore if everyone else is happy I just I can't work with it lol /shrug) I suspect the scrollbar is a bug .. its just in all that chaos I can't really tell anymore..

I will add this phrase unfortunately its not going to help much more 'unusuable crowded clunky ui' if others can use it great however I cannot without getting lost in it. Its better but unfortunately its huge and clunky and crowded and there is no other way to describe it :/ . From what I am gathering no one is having a problem with it so I can't really say anymore other then its unusable crowded and clunky and really I can't use it. I am sorry if people feel that is not contructive but I have shown screenshots of things that are a bit more streamlined and given long long descriptions.
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2013/4/24 17:59:34
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! I just felt like i was invading the thread so i removed it anyhow nice video
2013/4/24 16:29:53
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! ((
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2013/4/24 16:02:04
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! ((
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2013/4/24 15:44:13
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! ((
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2013/4/24 15:33:30
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! ((
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2013/4/23 22:43:34
How do I get an image on a sphere? they do have a sphere you can use. I just never was able to create say the earth or moon without a seam in it even if i had it unwrapped. Usually its a rectangle something like 1:2 ratio or even 1:4 ratio to go on a sphere. I just found it a heck of a lot easier to make my own sphere in that case though
2013/4/23 21:41:33
How do I get an image on a sphere? To be honest I use a blender sphere and map it. YOu can probably do something similar in sketchup to ensure all the picture is in the right place.

2013/4/23 18:16:34
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Neil wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
and then when I went to shut the program down it crashed :/

Urbanlamb, would you be willing to send me the set file so I can take a look at the crash and maybe even why it's taking so long to load? If so, please send it to bugs@muvizu.com and mark it for my attention. Thanks.

okay it wont fit in an email I will upload it somewhere as the site refuses my sets now and send a mail. Its something I wanted to rebuild and its kind of in a mess but I am using it or was. Most other sets are loading now within 10 minutes. Even if i am wrestling with the timeline now for the most part it was usable. Although I have to admit so far I am finding this new muvizu play to be more of a test of my will to put up with it then an experience where I am going to be able to use it with any skill. Again its the timeline its simply huge and so far i just can't really work with it with multiple items in it. However its usable but I can't use it to the proficiency I was too gangly still. I used it last night briefly and the only way i could make it viable is to use it one character or item at a time.
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2013/4/23 1:58:29
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion hi me again
I installed the latest muvizu and saw some of the timeline changes, but my metropolis set (actually not as large as some other sets I have used) but it contains about 15 characters and a lot of lights is refusing to load.. well its loading very slowly its been half an hour and its at 79%.

I did manage to use rosie in my railroad junction set that loaded but its mostly just mesh. I was hoping I could post yay its fixed enough for me to build sets, but I dont think it is

Anyhow getting there slowly i see

err actually I changed my mind I think its usable now hehe. It finally did load and when i pressed the button to hide the rest of the stuff in the timeline that was animated it seemed to not have any lag at all so I guess even though it took 37 minutes to load that set after it loaded it was okay to use so yay for that.


*cough* third edit ..
and then when I went to shut the program down it crashed :/
no messages just stalled and gave up running. Anyhow *cough* I think I am done posting about this now ^^
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