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2013/5/14 21:41:56
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall okay I had asked this before as I saw you using what appeared to be an editor in your school movie anyhow there are some options

here is one


you can also do a lot of work using the youtube editor as well but likely not green screen

here is a blog list with a few more some of which I have seen before


I saw a few more on this forum if you use the search function you will probably get more info

The first video editor I ever used was made by avs4you and i still use some of the tools in that package it was super cheap. Anyhow I hope that helps. I saw you use an editor as i have stated in a previous post and asked you then about it

anyhow good luck. If your trying to use muvizu for this your limited to small clips that you can loop
2013/5/14 16:23:46
Character picking up object? Creating a beer can? yes at the moment the only way to do it is fake it. I use stop motion a lot in muvizu (it works) but you need an external video editor to do it. There is a beer bottle I dont know if there is a can.
2013/5/13 19:58:40
Newer version? well i did not post to this thread

in any event Hi

however if you are having trouble installing muvizu play dont use "upgrade" download a new copy. I am sorry I have not spoken french for 2 years so I can't think how to say it anymore
2013/5/13 17:00:09
The Configure button when making a video hi there you will need to install some codecs most people use k-lite or you can chop the video in half and join it together in a video editor

make sure you install the codecs for your version of muvizu so if you installed 64bit muvizu install 64bit codecs or you will have some strange issues .



muvizu has no fancy codecs as they cost money for them to license.
2013/5/13 16:08:50
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Yes it should work with standard AVI no special "wrappers" as they call them. If the clip is long its hard to get it to run. Anyhow you should have success using the codecs that muvizu installs by default (microsoft standard) . I am unsure why its not working. My only guess is that your trying to use it with a wrapper encoding which is very hit and miss. I can get huge avi files to run inside muvizu but the resolution is terrible and they are washed out on the background.

I guess I am wondering (since I can tell you have used a video editor in your last video) why you dont just use chroma keying. The results are superior anyhow and you wont spend 3 weeks trying to solve the dark arts of codecs which dont mix well

Really the avi on a background is really only good for short looping videos a few seconds long anything else its very hard to get it to run. I did run a cartoon on a tv set once but the set was very small and I didnt need huge quality as a result of the usage. For anything that is HD you can only really use a few seconds of avi clip before it gets too large for muvizu to handle.
2013/5/13 4:19:21
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall did you render the video clip you used the file in? because you wont always see the moving inside muvizu or are you just trying to watch the movie inside muvizu? if the clip is long it wont move well.
2013/5/12 21:39:57
Urgent help on dialogue - talk and 'shushu' you need to prepare the audio per character
so go into audio find it and remember the name
then click prepare and dialogue and then you will have the list of characters and select each character and assign the dialogue. Usually I start with them all shushed.
then go to the direct menu and direct the dialogue and choose each character and direct for each character where you want them to pause and talk.

unless i am not getting something the reason its all talk or shush is because you haven't directed the dialogue so its at the default setting picked for a character
2013/5/12 20:28:50
Urgent help on dialogue - talk and 'shushu' hi there

you need to go into the prepare menu and prepare each character and then run the dialogue for each character using direct and shush them in the right place

here is a tutorial the interface might be slighly different but the instructions are the same and you will recognize what to do..

2013/5/12 19:44:53
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall so the answer to the question is "trial and error until you find what works for you" haha basically. I find that everyone is different on what they find to work. I got tired of litering my pc with codecs and decided on a plan of action that "works for me" but I dont think there is any single all encompassing solution for this issue and I have encountered it elsewhere rearing its magical twisted obscure head of wierdness. I have come to the conclusion that its also linked with hardware for instance i have digital camera codecs for a canon that now renders video and a webcam and find that the thing that works for me best (this year) is the codecs that came with the webcam for most things. It plays nice with the rest of my pc
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2013/5/12 18:59:06
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall is it like that when you render? because it often doesnt show real movement until the render. Myself I use plain old microsoft avi even though its huge. I never really got to be friends with the video option inside muvizu unless it was for an effect like water. I found the video output muddy for other things and turned to green screen chroma key for most things.

divx never worked for me lol.
2013/5/11 23:16:22
Crashed randomly and lost 1-2 hours work Yes always save and if you get any info from the crash screenshot it. Post your system information as well. Its good practice to save no matter what with any software anyhow and since muvizu does not have an autosave its especially important
2013/5/11 7:05:54
Do you know good .obj conventer ! invisible parts is likely flipped faces. The faces are turned inward and mesh is one sided. If you use the ase exporter make sure to check the texture before exporting on the mesh and repair any flipped faces. Also uncheck the option to recalculate normals and remove doubles. Do that work manually to avoid making more work for yourself.
2013/5/10 16:36:05
Do you know good .obj conventer ! You can convert an object file inside blender I created a tutorial to do this. Cad files are usually insanely vertex heavy as they are not designed for use in game engines only visualization work and use cpu power to process them. So I dont know how successful you will be with making objects in such software. Its similar to the issues that sketchup have only worse

This tutorial sort of breezes over optimizing objects for use in muvizu and the paramaters you should be looking for when using objects for muvizu.

2013/5/9 21:31:13
Rosie's Hands hehe i noticed the 3 finger hands on them all immediately dunno why. I remember thinking "how odd" but I am used to it now and I doubt anyone watching the videos notices such things. I have seen it in other comics/cartoons though so its a common style. Never figured out why this 3 finger trend caught on .. but if its good enough for homer I guess I can cope with it..
2013/5/9 18:00:51
Hello Everyone! Hi there

welcome to our forums. I post lots mostly to answer questions may you enjoy your time at muvizu.

-edit in afterwards (for a postaholic my post is the shortest what gives?) -

how I use muvizuzu;

I make superman videos using public domain radio recordings and some other odd things when the mood hits me. I spend I think more time building the sets -as I insist on making most of my own props etc - then I do I think working on the actual animating usually 4-8 weeks making sets and 2 weeks max animating and then another week or half a week doing the video editing and sound work.

okay now my post is a respectable length Big Grin

*waves hi*
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2013/5/8 18:47:11
Download link missing. okay maybe we have two different problems. I dont resize and just hit refresh and it pops up, of course it could also be coding here since the buttons are javascript who knows
2013/5/8 17:25:12
Download link missing. WozToons wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Maybe the Muvizu page is too big to load fully on some PCs... hmmm....

No, I don't think it's that, it used to work fine, things shouldn't disappear like that and if it was too big there would be problems with all of the page.

Yeah did it reappear after reloading?

they are using a lot of small graphics which are called up from a server I am thinking its a bit of internet lag as the graphics do appear for me if I refresh the page
2013/5/8 16:41:01
Download link missing. I had this on a few pages things were not showing up but if I hit refresh it then shows up. I dont know if others have this consistently though. I had this issue when I was going through something on my profile yesterday half the profile seemed chopped off and then I hit refresh and it all loaded properly.
2013/5/6 17:06:51
There is anyway to download food contents? Jamie wrote:
I have lots of SPAM you are welcome to, if that helps

lol okay made me laugh

anyhow if you want more food there is a bit in the gallery some people made if there is not enough there you need to go and find some in 3dwarehouse or make it yourself

*runs to make a can of spam for the gallery*
2013/5/6 2:45:32
Character Action ziggy72 wrote:
Just to clarify here - ALL the characters can use the the musical instuments EXCEPT


Blob has no arms, so no surprise there I guess

Beefy, Heroine, Sinister and Rosie are the New generation of characters, and have a more limited set of actions for the moment.

yeah what he said

this is what happens when I answer questions without access to a copy of muvizu
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