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2013/6/4 1:07:40
3D object with my own texture I can post the video link i had given you before about exporting objects from blender to muvizu it includes exporting textures. Otherwise you might want to read the sketchup thread on such things I seem to remember this mentioned in there. Basically put all the textures into the same folder as the object. They need to be square and 512x512 or 1024x1024 or 256x256 or you will get errors around mip map. They should be either in tga form or png form. The muvizu tutorial revolves around id texture which is similar but may be confusing.

Same video as this thread


this is the sketchup info


if you read the threads especially on this forum you will get the info you need it just takes some reading and time to research it.

Just adding this after I had someone come to me with a request who uses sketchup. I seem to remember basic sketchup not being able to do uv mapping and this is why I was asked to create some items for him. So basically if you want to add textures to objects your pretty much confined to blender unless you want to purchase some addons for skethcup but if you read the forums posts trimble has now made it not possible to use these addons in the free version.

Anyhow I hope this helps. I did create a basic tutorial on how to get textures and objects into muvizu using blender as a result of realizing that sketchup had issues doing that.
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2013/6/3 22:31:20
New objects and 3D assets in Muvizu To be honest if your making a video just release all the objects for that video. People want just about everything more vehicles, animals, houses. A big request is food I have made some already over time I am adding to it.
2013/6/3 17:32:04
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d I want all the systems all of them including the teddybear system!
2013/6/3 4:35:03
Graphics Card Reccomendations Its gonna lag a lot on a dual core as well but that error is due to your graphics card. Any card I can think of would not work as dual cores are now very very old technology basically any card that you can find that will fit in the pc that has a shader 3.0 ability but quite honestly i have issues telling anyone to spend money on such old tech because basically its worthless anyhow.

I kinda would recommend getting a new pc myself
2013/6/3 0:08:12
Sketchup to Muvizu well.... i hope they improve the product as well cause sketchup has never seemed worth the money to me.

I anticipate some more people learning blender I guess.

Also dont spend money on maya. Blender works just as well and some 3d developers actually prefer it. :/

*raises hand*
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2013/6/3 0:00:50
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d feel free to be a squeeky wheel unfortunately when that is all you post about its something else. As for the digimania stuff I think its better to be an informed squeeky wheel. They have had a a couple of live broad casts and some mergers have taken place and they have a new ceo and and and. I am not going to do your research for you I will leave that to you.

Not gonna say anymore .....

As an aside - just so your aware I use iclone as well for anything that is commercial but I enjoy muvizu and get tired of the same platform for everything. I have also been rather squeeky as of late. Still I realize that after hearing them speak and knowing their present position they have other issues as well. I personally think that hand held props should have been added long ago but I also think they should completely open their back end (muviclone I guess is what I call it..) However I have gotten the distinct impression as a result to reading and dealing with them that they are well.. rather over worked. At the moment with the present design hand held props would be a terrible idea as it would make their already clunky ui even worse. and since i am still using a beta release I have come to the realization that they need to solve other issues before they can further accessorise this software. Do I know what they are doing behind the scenes? nope not exactly but I have a pretty good idea. I can only hope that they will make the right decisions in the end for their product. Meanwhile they are aware of the lack of hand held props and I dont think posting about it on this forum is going to really further the plight of something they know they have to add. We can only hope they do it one day.. meanwhile I wait .. and keep giving my money to reallusion
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2013/6/2 16:37:22
My Last 3 have still not appeared on Gallery ! yeah i like dailymotion a lot but I guess they use youtube because its like got the largest viewing audience and most common soo.. we are stuck with that and all the problems that go with the largest video sharing site on the interwebs hehe.
2013/5/31 20:27:51
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d at this time i dont want to see them add a single new feature until they fix the ui issue in muvizu play.

There is no point to it and since their team is tiny and they had to reposition themselves financially (see news on merger rebranding of digimania) I want to see them devote resources to fixing the present issues which already exist instead of them adding more features. My two cents however I will refer you to their news section dwino you need to catch up. I dont consider it constructive to breeze into a forum every couple of months to post the same request over again especially since its been answered and they have actually released a bunch of info onto their new direction.

Do I want hand help props? absolutely but considering the larger picture and the fact that they need to fix present issues as a result of a launch from beta and a rebranding of their entire business I think the props can wait.

waits for the day when I can move forward and use their official release product Big Grin
2013/5/31 3:29:27
Muvizu will not record my animations hi there did you upgrade the muvizu (are you using muvizu play or old muvizu or?). You should not need any codecs to render the codecs with muvizu do work fine its just that people want hd quality and longer then 1 minute and that means the videos wont play because its using an old old microsoft constraint.

Anyhow maybe what version of muvizu your using (looks like muvizu play)
if your having trouble remove everything from your pc that is muvizu and redownload and do a fresh install and not use their patcher. If that doesn't work post your pc specs and hopefully someone can help from the staff in the morning (morning uk time ^^)
2013/5/31 1:43:49
Muvizu Play make my pc LAGING a LOT ! check to make sure only one instance of muvizu is running there is a bug and I am not sure if its fixed yet (using 23b right now instead) that sometimes old instances dont shut down so you might need to manually shut them down. If the set is a new and empty set this might be the reason.

Although as you add to the favourites etc the program gets less and less efficient so sometimes if you delete all the favourites there is more room. Muvizu also relies more on the memory of your graphics card for a lot of things .. rather then regular ram
2013/5/31 1:17:15
Muvizu Play make my pc LAGING a LOT ! Is the project large?

and are you using lots of home made assets?

as the project gets larger the lag will get larger
also if you have more then one camera and the camera window open it will lag

close the camera window and reduce the amount of items out

animations also increase lag lol well just about everything increases lag. The largest culprit is usually home made assets as stuff made is sketchup can be polygon heavy and all that info causes lags
2013/5/30 22:00:27
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) lol could have sworn I left comments in this thread

anyhow fun video as always.. *tries to remember what I said last time*
2013/5/30 18:17:47
Does Muvizu accept audio jack? you might want to try recording in audacity and saving it as an .wav file and importing it. If muvizu is giving you trouble. Audacity is free and well everyone uses it

2013/5/29 17:22:56
Pie in the sky suggestion #1 haha this was an old post thanks for replying hehe.

I see my images are gone as i cleaned out my photobucket account awhile back
2013/5/28 1:29:32
Cat Model kweimer99 wrote:

It is possible but some
People are too lazy or if your like me you don't
Know how to

kweimer99 wrote:
And if you don't know how to do it then you didn't
Hell me and shouldn't have replied

Yeah a bit rude your on your own kid!

ask anyone how many tons of models I have poured into this site for free :/ (guess he just wanted a mesh model) and not a fully rigged and animated character.

well maybe someone with more time can help you but it wont be me *gets back to my models and sets*
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2013/5/27 23:43:46
Cat Model i dont have time right now but are you wanting it to act like an actual character? (your post is in the characters forum). If so this is not possible we are limited to the characters inside muvizu. Maybe someone who has time can make you an inanimate cat, but no one can help with an animated cat character this is not possible (yet) unfortunately.
2013/5/27 23:36:35
add new actions no we can only add inanimate objects right now. They are working on stuff but it wont be done anytime soon to be able to add more things.
2013/5/26 23:10:51
Coming Soon... rofl yes definately scared now .. wonder how bizarre this one is going to be .. your head evil dude is looking like a cross between a klingon and an orc so I will call him a Klorc Big Grin
2013/5/26 17:28:53
Hello Community are you getting a blue screen?

your brave if your pc is overheating to shut down but yes its likely the graphics card. In these applications that is what works the hardest and most likely to overheat
2013/5/26 17:13:40
Coming Soon... rofl they look angry. looking forward to the newest muvi
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